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How to add images?

2 months ago

I don't know how to add images. I've tried the guide, but it doesn't appear when I type it in the source. Also, when I try to add a picture, it doesn't accept any size I give it, even when it's small enough.

How do I add an image?

How to add images?

2 months ago
Uploading to the site is really only intended to be used for avatars. For that it's just Picture > Upload New > Choose File, and then Upload again. You have to look at file size as well as the dimensions, they're both fairly restrictive.

If you mean adding pictures to a storygame, you're better off turning off the RTE and just using HTML. Upload the image to imgur or somewhere and just use an image tag.

[img src=""] (Replacing the brackets with <> of course.

Images with the RTE are just a matter of clicking the image icon and pasting in the URL, but there can be a glitch that eats them when you're looking back over saved pages. Plus it can cause some annoyances with scripting and such.

Your post was a little vague tbh but I'm just trying to cover the basics here. Otherwise we'll need to know more detail about what you tried and what exactly happened.