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The Official Jurassic Fairview Park forum!

13 days ago

I've seen a few scattered messages here and there, but there hasn't really been anything long or permanent about Jurassic Fairview Park. I toyed with the idea for a little while, then finally decided to make an official forum. It might just be the hardest game on this site, so I suggest we team up. (Oh, and be sure to post here if you beat the game.)

I have a few tips. First (and we've all heard this one before) buy the books. They really help. Second, go with the guards, and tell an extensive lie. They'll be sure to thank you.

That's all for now!

The Official Jurassic Fairview Park Forum!

10 days ago

This is the walkthrough.

The Official Jurassic Fairview Park Forum!

9 days ago

Also, logging into Binladen is pretty fun.