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Hi, everyone who's reading this! I'm assuming you want to learn a little about me, so here we go.

I love reading and writing. I especially love CYOAs. I am often bursting with ideas, so if you're in need of a muse, I can help.

My favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction, but I dislike horror.

I also have a large vocabulary (next time someone insults you, just call them an abecedarian) and spelling and grammatical errors make me cringe.

One of my favorite quotes (which doubles as a writing tip) is this: 

You must simultaneously believe these two things about your writing:

1. My writing is the greatest work of art this universe has ever seen.

2. My writing is a worthless heap of sludge.


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The Essucian Dragon

As Eryllis, a great and powerful being, (even if you do say so yourself,) you've lived centuries in your domain, the Essucia Woods, without bothering anyone. But what happens when life throws a powerful princess and a brave knight into the mix?

This is an entry for Bucky's Year's End contest.

Update 1.1: I gave each speaker a paragraph to make it easier to understand. 

Where's my Storygame Password?

"Oh no... where's my password! Calm down... I'm sure it's somewhere. But what if I can't find it! All my stories... lost? No... I need to find it."
Help this budding author find her password... or all will be lost. (All her storygames, I mean.)

Where's My Computer Password?

Surprise! For your 13th birthday, your parents have bought you your very own laptop! You're so excited! Now you can finally have all the time you want to play storygames! However, there's just one problem: your brothers ripped up the sticky note on which you wrote your password and hid the pieces all over the house!
Help Elle find her password (again) in this sequel.


Recent Posts

Shitty Story Task 8 on 10/23/2020 10:53:29 AM

Any time somebody laughs, spell it out like dialogue.

It's not:

She giggled.


"Hee hee hee," she giggled.

Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 1/2/2020 4:22:09 PM

Here's my entry:

The Essucian Dragon

This might turn into a series. No promises there.

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/24/2019 9:58:22 AM

I've completed the main story path and am on to the other (shorter) paths. Well, that took forever.

I know exactly where I'm going to be headed with the other paths, though I might need to simplify them slightly.

On a side note, completely unrelated to Mizal's comment in any way, I have decided to change "sack" to "rucksack".

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/22/2019 7:03:24 PM

I think I'm going to decide on iron resisting magic and it being the only material that resists magic on its own. If people can turn into animals, and necromancers can control the spirits, it doesn't make sense for leather to have much effect on magic.

So, leather would be a material more commonly used by magicians, because you could enchant it.

Thank you all for your help!

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/22/2019 6:43:58 PM

Interesting thought. But in my view, iron serves as protection, as the knight dons iron armor to protect the princess, not to control anything. It also serves as protection against magic, as magic is a powerful force. But I like the idea that iron is also a restraint, both physically, with it being unwieldy and heavy, magically, because it restrains the use of magic, and philosophically, because the knight's helmet hides who they really are.

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/22/2019 6:30:34 PM

What I mean by the question is simply, "Which material would be the best fit to resist magic?"

The suit would be magical, so if it was made out of the choice material, the magic wouldn't work. I'm trying to find a material for this suit that is commonplace (for medieval standards) but that also doesn't block magic My two thoughts were iron and leather, but I realized both of them could potentially block magic.

Pretty much any animal skin wouldn't work, as the whole leather-blocking-magic thing is based on the idea of the spirit of the dead animal interfering with the spirit of the magic.

So, to rephrase my question better, I am asking for a commonplace material to make a suit of armor from that does not resist magic. Since I couldn't think of anything other than iron and leather, I am wondering if I should make a decision between them, or if I should search for a third, magical material.

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/22/2019 5:55:07 PM

My story has magic in it, and I'm wondering about a few things.

I know it's important in stories with magic in them to properly nail down the rules of magic. One of those rules I'm playing with is what can prevent magic. In many fairy tales, iron hurts fairies or prevents them from performing magic. But I have also heard that leather can contain magic or prevent it.

I am trying to create a suit of magical armor, and I want there to be a mention of the material restrictions. 

Therefore, my question is: Iron, leather, or both?

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/20/2019 5:34:55 PM

I've made some decent progress in my story. I'm almost finished the first path.

One grammar issue:

"Well, I guess the charade is up, isn't it?" she says softly, with a sigh.

The "with a sigh" part seems a bit awkward in the sentence. Maybe I could say something like, "Well, I guess the charade is up, isn't it?" she says softly, then sighs.

Any suggestions?

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/13/2019 3:49:13 PM

I'm almost done my path with the epilogue (though I wouldn't necessarily consider it a "true" ending, given that the whole point of CYOAs are to choose) If and when I make a sequel, that will be the path the sequel leads from.

My word count is...embarassing.

I don't describe much on each page, though, so that might be part of it.

I have until January 3rd, however...

I only have until January 3rd. Oh no. Better keep writing... 

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/8/2019 7:47:10 AM

Sorry about that. I'll try to keep my updates more consistent from now on.