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Hi, everyone who's reading this! I'm assuming you want to learn a little about me, so here we go.

I'm only available on weekends and 

I love reading and writing. I especially love CYOAs. I am often bursting with ideas, so if you're in need of a muse, I can help.

My favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction, but I dislike horror.

I also have a large vocabulary (next time someone insults you, just call them an abecedarian) and spelling and grammatical errors make me cringe.

One of my favorite quotes (which doubles as a writing tip) is this: 

You must simultaneously believe these two things about your writing:

1. My writing is the greatest work of art this universe has ever seen.

2. My writing is a worthless heap of sludge.


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There exists a magical realm called the Dreaming. There are two parts to this realm: there is the part full of light, which most people enter when they sleep, and there is the Sea of Night, where unspeakable terrors lurk. These Terrors of the Night seek to escape from the Dreaming and invade the mortal world.
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A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/13/2019 3:49:13 PM

I'm almost done my path with the epilogue (though I wouldn't necessarily consider it a "true" ending, given that the whole point of CYOAs are to choose) If and when I make a sequel, that will be the path the sequel leads from.

My word count is...embarassing.

I don't describe much on each page, though, so that might be part of it.

I have until January 3rd, however...

I only have until January 3rd. Oh no. Better keep writing... 

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/8/2019 7:47:10 AM

Sorry about that. I'll try to keep my updates more consistent from now on.

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/1/2019 11:56:21 AM

Thanks! Once you pointed that out, I realized I do use parentheses quite a bit in my writing. I'll try to look at alternatives, though I probably won't stop using them entirely.

A knight, a princess, and a dragon. (Contest) on 12/1/2019 11:16:54 AM

I'm writing this in the perspective of the dragon. I've plotted out branching and started one of the paths. This is the first page so far:

You're soaring over the Buurdhol Wood. It's a bright summer's day, but you're not worried about being spotted. You're soaring right over the thick of the wood, where no human would ever dare to go.

Or, at least, you thought no human would ever dare to go there. You're quite surprised to see a young woman (a girl, really) standing alone in a clearing. Doesn't she know that's essentially screaming, "Monsters! Come and kill me!"  You fly over to get a closer look, and the girl notices you. Instead of running away (which is quite useless, because you could easily catch up to her) she calls out. "Dragon!" This girl is either really brave, really stupid, or a combination of both.

By the way her sack is swinging, you can tell it has something heavy in it, quite possibly gold. It might be worth seeing what this girl is calling out to you for. On the other hand, this might be a trap. It seems a little too obvious.

I'm wondering about the section where it says, "You...see a young woman (a girl, really)..." The punctuation seems a bit off there, but I don't know what else to do.

For my first contest, I feel I'm progressing well!

Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 12/1/2019 8:20:59 AM


Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 12/1/2019 8:20:43 AM

I'd like 1) Tell us a tale of a knight, a dragon, and a princess.


Poetry prompt week 17 on 6/28/2019 11:33:13 AM

Only Me

Why am I different?

From what I can see,

Are you imperfect?

No, it's only me.


These greatest minds

Have epiphanies

Are you mistaken?

No, it's only me.


The virtuosos

Do it artfully

Are you an amateur?

No, it's only me.


The architects

A world they conceive

Do you have faliures?

No, it's only me.


This advance

In technology

Are you human?

No, it's only me.

The Adventures of Hunter Kajc on 6/28/2019 11:22:39 AM

Hunter drew her bow and ended the alpha's misery. The other wolves immediately turned to see who the newcomer was. Hunter gripped her bow tighter, preparing to fight.

One crept slowly toward Hunter while the others disappeared into the forest. She cursed under her breath and drew her dagger. The two circled, waiting to see who would strike first. A flash of silver and the wolf whimpered, drawing away. Then a mass of fur slammed into Hunter, knocking her into the ground. The others had been waiting to strike. Teeth and silver tore at flesh and bone, then Hunter slashed an ugly wound across a wolf's muzzle. They retreated.

Battered and bloody, Hunter sank down into the snow. The adrenaline faded, and pain coursed through her. She gritted her teeth and commenced the long walk home.

But the wolves weren't finished.

Hunter had stopped to bandage her wounds when she thought she had left the wolves' territory. But they were already in a vicious mood, and they seized an opportunity when they saw one. They pounced and Hunter had just enough time to draw her dagger once more before they attacked.

Four wolves lay dead in the snow. The last one sensed weakness among Hunter, and despite its instincts, it tried to attack her once more. Hunter thrust her dagger out, but not before the wolf raked its claws along her throat. Six dead bodies then tinted the snow red.

And she never did get that sex change. 

50 words story thread. on 6/21/2019 5:54:26 PM

Alright, let's try another one:

I tried to ignore it.

But it became too much. I got angry. Why wouldn't they stop?

Next, I tried everything to please them. No mercy.

The cruel monsters! I buried my head under the pillow for hours.

Finally, I accepted it. The cats were meowing at 3 am. again. 

The Adventures of Hunter Kajc on 6/15/2019 4:51:53 PM

Once upon a time, there was a young maiden living in the forest by herself (because I've had enough of male protagonists). Her name was Hunter, and a hunter she was. She respected the wild, and in turn the wild respected her. If she was to be killed, she would not die a shameful death of starvation or thirst. No, she would die gloriously, in a majestic battle between beast and woman that even the gods would envy.

It was a full moon when Hunter left her abode, her trusty bow with her. She sometimes hunted during the day, but the moon was her symbol. Her eyes were keen and could spot prey that used the darkness as a cloak. Yet she blended in with the shadows of the night, her bow and arrows having no metallic luster that could give her away.

The cold kiss of snow on her face reminded Hunter that it was harder to find game when the cold drove most of the prey into hibernation, but she had always managed. Still, she had to go farther than usual, and it was not long before she heard them.

The howls.

A lesser hunter might have thought that it was the dogs of man intruding upon their domain, but Hunter knew it for what it was. It was the cries of a wolf. Even she feared the wolves, for alone they were savages, but together they were much more than that. The pack had discipline and cunning. They would use sly tricks to take down a foe much more formidable than they. Hunter and the pack had kept to their own areas of the forest, but those areas weren't like the civilized lands, with clearly defined borders. They changed with the seasons and with necessity. Even so, she knew with certainty that she was no longer the only predator. The wolves were here.

A strange, unexplainable curiosity propelled Hunter to see what was happening. She crouched down iin the shadow of a tree and saw the alpha male with his foot caught in a trap. It sickened her to see these creations of man bring down such beautiful creatures. Normally, she would immediately go to free the trapped creature or, if it was badly wounded, allow it to die with dignity. But she was not alone.

The other wolves of the pack surrounded their fallen leader. He barked and snapped fiercely, but Hunter knew it wouldn't be long before the wolves turned on their former ally. She was in a perilous situation, she knew that much. She had her weapons ready, but her bow would only be good for one shot before the wolves attacked in a flurry. Could she really hold her own against five wolves?

What should Hunter do?