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Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Okay, I'm writing a new story and need a couple of users who would like their "thing" (human, animal, computer game, etc) to appear in my story. The story's about some dummy named Alabaster and he's livin' a normal day when aliens take over. He's gotta find some alliances (which will be whoever signs up) and try not to die.

So, it's kinda like a role play in a storygame...I need three people, three animals, a computer game that someone randomly made up and a made-up plant.  

Thing: Human, animal, computer game, made-up plant.

Name: Human or animal's name, name of game, name of plant.

Age: If human or animal.

Gender: If human or animal.

Appearance: If plant, human or animal.

How to play: If computer game.

Personalities: If human, animal, or if your plant is evil.

Other: Anything else.

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thing: Human #1

Name: Riley

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: short with brown hair, freckles, brown eyes, and blue glasses.

Personalities: funny and sarcastic

Other: color blind in her left eye

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thank you. Anyone else? I need two more humans, three more animals, a plant and a computer game!

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thing: Animal
Name: Species name? --> Brambledpike (Animal's name: Niko)
Age: 1002
Gender: Male
Appearance: It is a long, amphibian-like reptile. It is similar to a snake, but is completely covered in black spikes. They are all covered in poison, and can be fired over 16 yards. Its only weakness is its insides, which are fragile and very soft. You must shoot it inside its throat. 
Personality: he is plotting, mostly angry, but can be easily persuaded to the other side. No snake venom.
Other: He is so big, he could eat a baby giraffe in one snap.

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thing: Animal

Name: Shadow

Age: 2 years (in human years)

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is a large, night-black wolf with yellow eyes.

Personalities: He is brave, strong, careful, and loyal. He doesn't really like to fight, but he will if he has to.

Other: He can talk to humans and other animals, and understand what they say. 

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thing: Snortlepig 

Name: Snax

Age: About two years old, in peak condition. Usually lives till around 6 or 7 human years. 

Gender: Male. 

Appearance: Small furry mammal, with a long tail, large eyes, and a sensitive tongue which can pick up small items. About the size of a clenched fist, with small, thick legs that mean it moves quite slowly. Eats leaves that are poisonous to most other animals, and therefore makes most creatures sick when they eat it. Predators have learned to stay far away from this little guy. Also eats berries and flowers, sometimes insects. LOVES honey or nectar. Makes high pitched squeaking noises when excited or afraid. Uses scent glands that smell like flowers to attract insects, making it a popular household pet. Makes little mess and is low maintenance due to it's low speed and  low energy levels. 

Personalities: Slow moving, relaxed, sleeps a lot. 

Other: (should it be able to speak?)

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

God, thank you.

Animals: 3/3

Humans: 1/3

Game: 0/1

Plant: 0/1

Storygame Sign-Up

5 years ago

Thing: Computer game

Name: Ender's Gem

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A

Appearance: N/A

How to play: Ender's Gem is a simple 16-bit computer game. The purpose is to fight monsters and hybrids so you can capture a purple orb known as Ender's Gem. When used, the orb will refresh the appearances of the hybrids so they can return to normal people. An evil king, known as Emperor Nightsheath, uses the orb to create the monsters and to darken the lands to wreak havoc on the surrounding villages and cities. The game is played by clicking the mouse and using the WASD keys.

Personalities: N/A

Other: Let's say that Ender's Gem was created in 1991.