Dog Life

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Story Difficulty2/8

"walk in the park"

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"A nice jog down the driveway"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
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Today you are a dog! A 5 year old dog, actually. Will your day be fun, or will it be ordinary? Find out!

Okay I started this a long time ago and decided to finish it.

Player Comments

This story, well, it has a lot of options…that don’t really go anywhere. I can really appreciate the vast number of options. I really like that your first selection really sets the tone for the story and takes you down one of the three paths. However, beyond that, the story is so short that there’s not only not much of a story, but no real options beyond that.

There were still choices there, but often the choices simply led to one ending or another ending without any additional story in between. Indeed, because of the branching on the first page, each story ends up being shorter than a recipe. As others have pointed out, this is a neat idea. This is good concept for a story. The branching at the start is nice and takes the story in a good direction: but then suddenly there’s nothing. This could be a lot longer and more detailed and turned into quite an effective story if more time and care were taken with the story, I think.
-- Ogre11 on 7/7/2018 5:33:20 PM
Got bitten by ants. Not surprising.

7/19, story didn't really go anywhere.
-- Maiq_The_Liar on 5/16/2019 10:26:00 AM
wuish it was longer but pretty good
-- kjbvkjlqcbo/ewbfbfhh on 6/21/2018 9:53:27 PM
This was a fun story!
-- MusicalNerd7 on 6/5/2018 8:14:18 AM
It was really good, but too short.
-- HappyPaws on 5/21/2018 7:24:20 PM
It's a nice thought, but very short.

-- Neptune on 1/14/2018 3:57:52 PM
It was great! A little short...
-- SociopathicPsycopath on 9/3/2017 2:41:15 PM
It wasn't very long but it's ok and I rated it a 5 because it's good but maybe make it a bit longer next time as well as adding some more options
-- Bingers on 7/16/2017 10:45:35 PM
Aww.. This is cute
-- UnStriped_Tiger on 6/26/2017 1:38:07 PM
In my opinion I think it was fun. It was short but worth it to save my owner on option 3!
-- FF on 1/17/2017 9:44:34 AM
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