Return to Vinia

Player Rating5.60/8

"#155 overall, #18 for 2015"
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Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length6/8

"It'll be a while, better grab a Snickers®"

Maturity Level3/8

"must be at least this tall to play"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

You are the prince of the beautiful country of Vinia. After being kidnapped by assassins, you find yourself lost in the dangerous land of Niravia, the country bordering your own. You must use your skills to overcome any obstacles you may face and find your way back home.

Player Comments

Impressive, the writing and overall flow to the story was both cohesive and paced rather well. There were some moments of linearity, but the story never failed in providing interesting choices and dialogue to read.

The premise itself was something I found interesting, being a royal who's suddenly attacked and kidnapped one night and must now brave certain dangers in his journey to return to his homeland. Although it wasn't a long journey to reach that goal, it's definitely a well-written one at the end of the day.

The only thing that I felt could've been improved somewhat was the length, because I would've enjoyed reading much more. There's certainly obvious skill and a good grasp of vocabulary that's displayed here, one that I feel would shine rather well in a larger adventure.

I almost forgot, the illustrations were also quite good as well. They never felt out of place and fit well with the story that was being told, so good work on that front as well.

Overall, this is a very impressive storygame. One that I genuinely found myself enjoying as I read.
-- TharaApples on 3/6/2017 10:12:02 PM with a score of 0
I found this very well written and interspersed with a nice selection of illustrations that really helped set the mood. There were always plenty of choices (even if some of them led to the same place), except in places where it would make sense for the story to be linear, like in a fight sequence where the wrong move means death. All in all, it was an nice balance of storytelling and danger that I enjoyed playing through.

The story is not overly long, but does have a very satisfying ending. I only wish it was longer because the player character is quite a badass and it would have been fun to see what else he could accomplish.
-- the_quiller on 2/27/2016 2:50:01 PM with a score of 0
-- FATBOY13HARHA on 2/28/2018 4:57:46 PM with a score of 0
I read this to my mom and we played it together over the phone, it was super fun!!
-- Evieseriously on 12/22/2017 10:42:50 AM with a score of 0
"You decide to get even with the King of Niravia. poison wine

Despite the fact you have no royal assassins like the Niravian Crows, you know you can be deceptive if you want to be. You send a letter to Niravia inviting the royals and nobles to a large peace-making ball in Dialla under the guise that you and your parents want to improve relationships with Niravia and forget all that's happened in the past.

Luckily the bait is taken, and you have a spy poison the King of Niravia's wine at the end of the night, and he is found dead the next morning. You then banish the rest of the royal family and you personally take control of Niravia and all of its assets. With the guidance of your parents, you help make the country prosperous and peaceful, although it still has its rustic charm.
The end."

Well, if you are promoting for the least number of casualties and deaths without depleting much military men and resources from both countries then hire the crows to do the job instead! ;)
-- TestingJest on 12/1/2017 5:30:34 AM with a score of 0
to short....
-- erg on 3/14/2017 12:03:40 PM with a score of 0
I really like it. The descriptions of the locations are concise and helpful while the pictures help convey the full meaning. The actual plot is interesting but logical, smart choices are rewarded but dumb choices lead to your death. I just feel that you die very quickly after discovering a threat, so it's very easy to go back and make the right choice. Another thing that bugged me was the fact that at a crossroads, one choice is guaranteed death because you didn't know what you were doing and went the wrong way, although I went that way on purpose…

But overall it was really nice and while it was long, it was a good story and I hope to see more from you!
-- WizzyCat on 3/13/2017 8:47:43 PM with a score of 0
Wow, This was really amazing
-- Dimas15 on 10/6/2016 12:47:26 AM with a score of 0
From the very first page, it had the trademarks of a great story. Getting Prince Alexander from Niravia to Vinia was a grand adventure. If only if it was longer...
-- vom53 on 9/30/2016 10:19:31 PM with a score of 0
I liked the story, the artwork, and the photo of the country lane. Just wish this was longer.
-- crusader on 6/30/2016 2:50:33 PM with a score of 0
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