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Like most people that sign up, I lost myself in the epics and wanted to create my own. I've also been enjoying the work that others have posted here.

My name, "ninjapitka", was chosen for a few reasons:

ninja: I used to do parkour in high school and have a background in martial arts.

pitka: I have an unhealthy attraction to the movie The Love Guru. I know it's a trash movie, but I can't help myself from loving it. Also, Jessica Alba is it in. 

What I'm reading now: The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky & The Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore

Open to talk or answer any questions if you feel like PMing me.

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Best of 2019 Contest Starts Now on 2/21/2019 2:24:14 PM

Does he look like a bitch?

50 words story thread. on 2/20/2019 10:34:34 AM

Feel free to use anything I've posted. Which ones were you planning on using?

21 word story time on 2/19/2019 5:38:09 PM

And that's why you bring your own rubber. "Giddy" is such a powerful word here. It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable that she has so much pleasure and excitement poking a hole in a condom. Actually, disturbingly uncomfortable lol. Makes me think she's the type of person that fills journals writing his name over and over. Maybe on one page she writes his name with little hearts around the pages. On another, it's her name with his last name pretending they're married. There's probably a nicely decorated shoebox filled with sketches of him under her bed. Remember gentlemen: "When in doubt, pull out". 

Edit: Spelling.

21 word story time on 2/19/2019 3:27:18 PM

Thanks. It's a slow day at work lol. 

21 word story time on 2/19/2019 1:23:34 PM

Post Message. I can’t wait to read all the comments! Refresh. None yet? Refresh. Why does no one like me? Refresh.

21 word story time on 2/19/2019 12:52:58 PM

Another sleepless night lying wide awake in bed. Restless without her warmth, his fingers caress a pink ribbon. I miss you.  

Dead Chat on 2/19/2019 10:33:43 AM

Since when do glasses make a person boring?

Corgi's Unofficial Contest: The Lords of the Land on 2/18/2019 12:41:48 PM

Not super great. I was consistent with writing and world building for the first couple weeks, but haven’t really touched it since. I’d like to blame it on a busy schedule, but there are definitely “winding down” activities that I could cut out to focus on the story. I tend to not be very productive writing at home, so maybe it’d be smart to head to the local Starbucks as much as possible. I’ve created the initial main characters and brainstormed through a bunch of badass adventure scenes I’d like to include. The problem I’ve run into is introducing the conflict or heroic adventure without being cliché, bland, or illogical. Once I get passed that, it should be smooth sailing.  

The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/15/2019 12:35:36 PM

If you end up necroing, be sure to do it on Valentine's Day for the full effect. It's super good! Only a few hours deep so far. I'm too young to have lived through the Baldur's Gate era, but I'm loving the story development, characters, and gameplay that an old school CRPG format brings (I recently played through Pillars 1 and Tyranny). Pillars 2 is cool because it combines classic fantasy with the golden age of piracy. 

The Day of Love....and Sometimes Condoms on 2/15/2019 10:58:37 AM

You're in school? For some reason I imagined you being a mid thirties family man lol. 

I worked all day, played basketball during my lunch break, attended a hot yoga class, made a Costco trip, then opened a bottle of high quality ten dollar red wine and rolled a new Pillars of Eternity II character.