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Deepthroat Circus

NSFW NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18!!! FOR ANYBODY WHO ISN'T AWARE THIS IS A JOKE GAME IF YOU'RE OFFENDED GET TF OVER IT AESTHETIC WARNING!!!!! You play as a girl named Jane if you don't like it deal with it :D POV: Your a flop who's just made their way into Floptropica, and just as you get settled in, Andrew Tate sends his gang to Floptropica, however, Jiafei and Cupcakke have been fighting for control over FlopTropica for some time now, can you help them get along or will Da Boyz destroy the flops. Notes: Keep in mind the Power Variable, some objects and abilities need your Power, and a weak flop won't be able to do much. Kinda... Weh...

Deepthroat Circus 2
From the Critically acclaimed/hated game Deepthroat Circus comes a sequel nobody asked for but I'm doing it anyways since I'm bored. (IF U ARE NOT ON FLOPTOK THIS GAME ISN'T FOR YOU SO DON'T COME AT ME WITH CRITICISM IF YOU HAVE NO CLUE WTF THIS IS EVEN BASED ON) 3 Months have passed since the events of the original game. You've managed to make a lot of friends, except for Beyonce and Sia, every time you tried to approach them they acted kind of odd and shunned you. And now, Sia escaped from the Beysment again and nobody knows where she is, now you are beginning a new adventure that could cost a lot of peoples lives if you aren't careful. Updates: There is no longer a "Power" skill meter, we now have individual skill meters which affect your attacks. You start off with 3 Abilities, Bare Handed Weave Snatching, Jiafei Scream, and Telekinesis. You can level up your skills through using the respective attacks associated with them. Objects will not require skill to use, (But there are only a few items in the came) All skills max out at 5 Bare Handed Weave Snatching: You no longer have to rely on an object to snatch weaves like the other lowly flops, you are now a full fledged Flop Jiafei Scream: Jiafei taught you this move so you would be able to act in some of her commercials. Telekinesis: All flops have a unique ability, and being the bad bitch you are, you now have Telekinesis.

Deepthroat Circus: Galaxy

A Spinoff. POV: You're the creator of Deepthroat Circus. You've received many amazing reviews/reviews wanting you to get exorcised. But one kid leaves a scathing review telling you how awful the grammar is. And you're forced to fight him or else FlopTropica is destroyed

Deepthroat Circus: Xjiemomo's Revenge
You've known Jiafei for awhile, but you've never heard of Xjiemomo until recently. Xjiemomo is Jiafei's assistant who is put under immense amount of stress and is forced to work in a hostile environment. This was until she had enough, she decided to use her skills to lock you and Jiafei inside of the Office Building. Now you must find a way to escape without being killed by Xjiemomo

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