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Hi! In case any of you are concerned that I stole my avatar name from the book Ready Player One, it's just because it's an awesome book, and I'm dedicating it. With my storygames. Which are hopefully as awesome as that book. Anyway, I'm a young author. Not YOUNG-young, but I can't exactly specify my age. Because "stranger danger". But hopefully you'll be able to tell from my writing that I'm not twelve years old. But I'm not, like, fifty either. Or forty. Or thirty, technically. I'm, like, age range 17 to 25, okay? This is harder than I thought... Also, I'm new to this website, so any compliments or constructive criticism is much appreciated! I hope you all enjoy my storygames!!


Choose Your Love

High School Drama: Part One

You can choose to play from three perspectives: Jack, Mohamed, or the girl, Emma. Jack has been watching Emma in class because she's been behaving sort of strangely. Mohamed is Jack's best friend, who has been watching Emma for a different reason. And Emma's been trying to contain a secret about her home life, which Jack and Mohamed accidentally find out. And all three of their lives get turned upside-down.
Go back and play from multiple perspectives, because sometimes not everything is what it seems...

Love + Hate = Fire

Time to strike a match and set these two young hearts on fire! This is the tale of Audrey and Nate, who met at a soccer game because their younger siblings were playing, and BOOM! Chemistry. Nate is absolutely and completely in love, but Audrey thinks he's an annoying stuck-up brat. You play from Nate. Can you get the girl? Or will you lose her forever?

Not An Ideal Romance II

Not Exactly An Ideal Romance

Well, it's not your ideal romance (that's for sure). In fact, your choices will determine if it even IS a romance. Or if it's of your own will.

WARNING: there are some not very nice scenes...

Not-So-Cinderella's Story

Warning: This is sooooooooo not for younger kids. There's sex! A lot of it! And some of it isn't very nice — or consentual. After all, it's not-so Cinderella's story!

Unexpected Capture (in more ways than one)

Lol, this is literally the stupidest thing ever. Just a romance that I cranked out in, like, an hour. Do this if you're bored


It's NOT meant to be good. Repeat: It's NOT meant to be good. So calm down, please. Don't leave comments to criticize.

Unexpected Capture (In more ways than one...)

dont criticize, this isn't supposed to be good. thanks. bye.

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