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Current status: Trolling on school library computers :P

Hi! I'm BrightFire, and I love to write and draw! I'm not going to give away much about myself, but I'm a girl, and I'm twelve. I live in the UK. I like Warrior Cats and Pokemon, and on one of my Instagram accs (@dragonair_art), I'm trying to draw the Pokedex. (Wish me luck!!) Check out my main Instagram account: @brightfire_art

Oh, and my sister is on here, her user is EchoMist, say hi if u see her around! :)

My Storygames

Warrior Cats: Shadekit's destiny
Description: This is the storygame I work on the most, it was my very first, and I'm really excited to have Rosetail coauthoring this. It's based in a variation of the lake in the books, and the story is based in WaterClan. Will you be a medicine cat or a warrior? Will you become leader one day? What's this prophecy all about?? Find out!
*discontinued until further notice*

Pokemon: CYS version
Description: I'm making this for all the Pokemon fans on the site. I'm not sure how far I'll actually get before I get bored of making it and publish it in parts, which would be a bad idea anyway. Its basically Pokemon FireRed... With Hoenn region starters... In story version. I haven't seen anything like this so far on the site, so hopefully this will be a first :3

Save the Warriors!

I have joined Rosetail to help clear the reputation of Warrior cat fans.

I will give my stories 110% of commitment and effort.

I will proof read my stories before publishing.

I will not rush my stories.

Join us. Copy paste this to your profile. We have to work together to succeed!

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Pokemon CYS Version

Basically a CYS remake of Pokemon FireRed version... with the Hoenn region starters. Just cos I can.

UNFINISHED!!!! Completion: At the bit where you pick your starter, and you can now enter a full 8-digit name!