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Name: Mexican Grinch

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 I am a very big dueler and i will always accept an RPS extreme. Most of my story games will take place in the world of "Everwood". Ex: The Arena of Taran,  The Everwood Series, and more to come soon! Also one day i plan on reaching a goal of 1000 EXP. One more thing, if you have any fantasy story ideas throw them at me. I will probabbly put it in the world of Everwood and I will give you credit if I use it. Hope you enjoy my adventures!

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Script Combat Testing

This is a script combat test for The Arena of Taran. Theirs multiple monsters you could verse. They will be randomly picked for you by the scripting so keep on playing for a diffrent monster.

The Arena of Taran

"The Arena of Taran" is a fantasy game where you are trapped in a arena and you have to fight to get out. Each fight is a fight to the death. It is action packed. There will be add-ons and updates. So keep on playing, try to get a high score,and have fun!

-Please do not cheat by clicking the back button. It will ruin all the fun.

-All add-ons will be in the same game. At the beggining of each game you have a choice of  a using a add-on or do the original story.

-It is highly reccomeneded you play all the add-ons in order.

-Add-ons do contain spoilers  from previouse add-ons so make sure to play them in order!

-If it says their is an add-on in the update section below, but dont see it in game, please tell me imediatlly!

-When updates come out all your saves will be deleted. I am very sorry for those victims.


Their are no current updates for this story game.