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For those of you who remember me (probably no one) I was WrandomRiter. I think everyone hated me because I was pretty stupid back then (I still am) but now I have returned and will continue to write.

Most of my old stories were awful, but there was one I did like and I have decided to re-make it. If you see me online, I'm probably working on it.

I've come back as RiterOfWrandom because I forgot my original password.

What kind of person am I? Well, I'm not that smart, have a pretty incompetent memory, and enjoy writing. I used to be an idiot, as you who replace RiterOfRandom in the URL with WrandomRiter will be able to see, and enjoy potato salad, rain, and Choose Your Story.

I've re-modeled my Monthly Quote of Crap list. Most of these new quotes were said by me or my brother, unless otherwise specified. I started writing down one quote a month that we said starting in March, and then remembered this site and decided to be a target of ridicule again.

Monthly Quotes that will make you feel stupid if you use them in a conversation and I speak from experience:

March 2011: "I like the part where there's flames, because I like flames." - discussing a movie or video with flames in it

April 2011: "Killing people is a little bit like eating corn. One second they're there, but then POOF! They're not there anymore." - any time you watch a movie about a serial killer

May 2011: "How come when you slap yourself across the face, it hurts sometimes?" - after slapping yourself across the face

June 2011: "I like it when stupid people do stupid things, because then it makes me feel like I've accomplished something." - when discussing something stupid that someone stupid did

July 2011: "July is a day of celebration." - any day in July

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