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let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 5:20:21 PM
I wouldn’t mind that link, a drift runner hates my guts. It seems because I’m having installation issues.

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 3:47:55 PM
I’ll pick the second one because almost everyone else is probably going to pick the first one

Red Storm Rising! on 10/1/2022 10:04:18 PM
First, I really like the Tom Clancy reference you guys put here for the topic name, assuming that was what you were going for, and second, Lyman fell just a couple hours ago. Apparently it’s an absolute fucking mess. Leadership either fled or got shot, some soldiers are fleeing, others aren’t, and Ukrainians essentially walked in uncontested and started shooting people. mad vlad’s strategy seems to be focused more on defending what’s left in the south and letting the DPR and LPR get fucked.. Institute for the study of war is publishing a daily post on their website if you want all the juicy logistical details.

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/1/2022 5:16:37 PM

let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/1/2022 3:59:55 PM
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