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"Wait, who are you?" - Everyone.


"You're like a cancer to the world if cancer was also Satan." -My Lovely Brother

"Hey kid, can you help me with my car?" -Some Guy Outside An Alley Wearing A Ski Mask

(Remember kids, say it with me now, "When in doubt, do not pout, Pepper Spray, then run away!")






Current To-Do list

  • Finish a Storygame (HA)
  • Touch grass (Task failed)
  • Finish High School without getting hate-crimed (Two more yearsss-)
  • Complete my novel (Lol good luck)


Here's some Storygames I like

  1.  A Stack of Cats (Read 9 Times)
  2.  Dead man walking (Read 13 and a half Times)
  3. Eternal (Read 3 Times)
  4. The Wal*Mart Game (Read 21 Times)
  5. Die, Zombie, Die!!! (Part 3 specifically) (Read 2 Times)
  6. The Ballad Of The Winter King (Read 4 Times)


Hey I wonder if it says something about me that I've lost 6 times the duels i've won

Ah well whatever

I gotta stop gambling


Some stuff about me: (If you care lol)

  • I use they/them 
  • I probably need therapy
  • I start more projects than I can finish
  • I've actually written like 4 Storygames, published one, and unpublished it because I didn't like it, and deleted it with the other ones
  • Chocolate is good but popcorn is better (Fight me I dare you)
  • I aspire to have motivation but I don't
  • I like to write poetry but I don't know if my edgelord emoness could fit into a cohesive story
  • I'm so very deeply sleep deprived
  • I might secretly be two goblins in a trench coat trying to become an author but I'd never tell
  • I speak one and four halfs languages (English, Half of Italian(Dad's Side), Half of French(Mom's Side), Half of German(Required Courses), ASL(My Cousin))


Thank you for reading my whole ass novel of a profile and please check out my Storygame when it's done! (Which may be in like a year but that's okay)

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I need to settle an argument on 4/10/2024 5:28:23 PM

I'm working on it, believe me

I need to settle an argument on 4/10/2024 5:26:39 PM

Well hey now maybe i am insane, and the carrots thing wasn't my idea anyway


And what sort of psychopath would mix guac and salsa together

I need to settle an argument on 4/10/2024 4:28:15 PM

Alright, you probably read the subject, but the thing is I have a very serious question for everyone. The answer to this question may be the cause of a war and or the destruction of the known universe so pay attention.



Guacamole or Salsa with tortilla chips

(Side question: Should you use guac for carrots too)