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my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 11:10:02 PM
Not as dense as your mom's asscheeks, JizzCat.

my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 11:08:33 PM
1. No, I forgot myself. 2. Number 1 explains that. 3. Kids? I'm closer to a child than an adult, but again (same as hetero_malk)- I take advantage of time, and try to make the most out of it. I'm not sitting on a $2k pc, as a 40 yr old, sh*tting in a pail, whilst yelling at my wife (if you actually can manage to get one), and catfishing 13 year old girls. Go f*ck yourself. I censored these so I can post this without trouble from the forum, you pedophile. Now go jerk off to your mother, or something.

my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 11:03:59 PM
Sorry about that. I did do some research, and overall, I couldn't find what I'm looking for. Thanks for your help

my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 11:03:01 PM
Illiterate? At least I'm not a 35 year-old unmarried disrespectful f*ck that spends my time playing fictional games. You're the unsuccessful illiterate retard. Go marry your cousin or some sh*t. F*ck outta here. Yes, I did censor cursing, so the forum can let me post this bull. By the way, "I only delete awful low effort shovelware games." Games? It clearly says "question." Talk about literacy. C'mon, kick me or something, since I don't have any use of this site. Too bad it's being run by douchebags like you.

my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 4:36:39 PM
I literally left for 2 hrs, and my coding question was deleted. Not sure who did it, but lemme guess- hetero malk? Guy deletes everything i write, and kicks me for literally no reason.