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coauthor editor mode

10 years ago

Hi guys, does anyone know the answer to this?

I'm temporarily coauthor on a story. The story is Advanced, with scripting and stuff.

The thing is - when I went to edit the story, for me as coauthor, the editor is in Basic mode. Scripting disabled, etc. If I go and change the editor features, to enable all the advanced scripting and variables and stuff, I'm worried it might override the original author's content. Can someone tell me if I (as coauthor) change the editor features, will it simply make the scripts visible for me now, or will it override them and erase them?

Thanks for any help.

coauthor editor mode

10 years ago

Hmm... I could have sworn I responded to this already...

But anyway,

To avoid problems, you and the Author should agree to what will be enabled and both have the same. I could see a potential problem for example, if the Author has Basic Variables and you have Advanced for Example.

Also, note that if you help the Author with Item Scripting - there is a small bug that will un-pin the Author’s Item Pic whenever you go into one. This just means that the Author may want to wait until all the item scripting is done before pinning pictures to them - or he'll be doing it a lot... As you won't have direct access to the Author’s pic files and can't re-pin them via your own dropdown menu.