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The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
Commended by JJJ-thebanisher on 1/19/2017 9:54:49 PM
The following is an edited transcript of The Call of PikaChulu, in novel form, for your reading enjoyment (or utter revulsion). Critiques/commentary welcome (at the end).

WARNING: This will be a longish project and will not be accepting posts until complete.

All Replies/Posts in this thread will be Deleted until after the project is finished, to preserve the flow of the story.

(This will likely take a few days or weeks - please be patient - if it is something you actually care enough about to comment on...)

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

The Call of PikaChulu
Join Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu as they investigate the origins of a strangely mutated Pokemon captured by Professor Oak. A humorous adventure of cuddly madness and doom!

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

Who's Who

Ash is one of four trainers who started out from Pallet Town to fulfill his dreams of becoming a great Pokémon Master. He is determined, but his skills are lacking and he tends to get a big head easily, getting caught up in the moment and not thinking straight when going into battle, leaving him depending mostly on luck to win. His favorite Pokémon is his first, Pikachu, who he usually calls on, even when Pikachu has a disadvantage. He travels with Brock and Misty, two former Gym Leaders. Though they fight often (especially Ash and Misty), they are a close-knit group and take care of each other. Ash isn't very wise, but he has a big heart and will come through for his friends whenever there's trouble.

"That's right! I hereby declare to the Pokémon of the world, I will be the greatest Pokémon trainer, the greatest Pokémon master, of ALL TIME!"

"Pokéball, go!"

Pikachu was Ash's first Pokémon and a temperamental one at that. Pikachu wasn't too fond of Ash when they first met, but after Ash risked his life to save Pikachu from a flock of angry Spearows, Pikachu realized that Ash really cared (Ash isn't just Pikachu's trainer, but is also Pikachu's best friend). Pikachu has spent time in a Pokéball only once, and that was enough. Now Pikachu refuses to get inside a Pokéball, preferring instead to walk alongside Ash. Like most other Pokémon, Pikachu can only say its name, which can lead to funny conversations between Pikachu and Ash, who actually seems to understand! Pikachu makes friends easily with other Pokémon and helps Ash to understand them. Pikachu once gave Team Rocket a big "shock" at the Viridian City Pokémon Center, and for some reason, the terrible trio has spend almost every episode thereafter plotting to steal Pikachu from Ash. Luckily, they've never fully succeeded.

"Pii – Kaa – Chuu!” (Zap!)

Misty was formerly one of the Gym Leaders in Cerulean City, along with her three older sisters. She left home to become a Water Pokémon trainer, then met up with Ash when she fished him out of a river in Episode One. He then proceeded to: A. Steal her bike, B. Wreck her bike, and C. Refuse to pay her for her bike. Misty started following Ash around to get paid back, but they soon became friends. Misty is fond of all her Pokémon, except the lumbering Psyduck, who pops out of its Pokéball at the most inappropriate times, usually during a battle. Her most precious Pokémon, Tokepi, really belongs to Ash, but it prefers Misty instead, because she was the first thing it saw when it hatched. Oh, and Misty really, really, really, hates Bug Type Pokémon. One time Brock tried to fool her by tickling her with a piece of grass and telling her it was a bug. She kicked him – HARD.

(After Joe compliments Ash on his "Once-In-A-Lifetime Battle"): “DON'T try to copy it! It was kind of a fluke!"

Brock is the oldest of the three main characters. He used to be the Pewter City Gym Leader but quit after his father decided to come out of hiding. Now he journeys with Ash and Misty on his quest to become the world's greatest Pokémon breeder. Brock is an excellent cook and prepares all of the group's food. He learned to be a good cook because he had to take care of his 10 brothers and sisters (who, by the way, all look like mini Brocks) until his dad came back. Brock has a lot of strengths, but he does have one great weakness... he falls head over heels in love with every girl he sees (usually older girls, especially Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny), making him revert from his normally serious attitude into a blabbering idiot, until Misty drags him away, pulling on his ear. Unfortunately for him, he is always rejected, but maybe someday he will find someone… Although Brock does have some qualities about him that make him "interesting", he really cares about his Pokémon and his friends.


Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy, like Officer Jenny, has many members of her family spread through out the world operating Pokémon Centers. They are all nurses, they all look alike, and they are all named Joy. Ash and company never get it, though. Each time they meet a Nurse Joy, they have to ask her if she's related to the Nurse Joy they met previously. And of course, each time, Brock falls head over heels in love. Nurse Joy doesn't seem to mind, though. Their personalities are more or less the same, all willing and able to help. They also have Chansey assistants, whose caring attitudes make them perfect for hospital work.

"This (fill in the blank) is in really bad shape! How could you let it get like this?"

Officer Jenny
Officer Jenny has relatives all over the land, who look like her and are named Jenny as well. Depending on the Jenny they encounter, Ash and the gang can find a helpful Jenny, a hostile Jenny, an overly suspicious Jenny, or a hyper Jenny. Brock tends to fall in love with each one claiming each one is more beautiful than the others, even though they all look alike... The also all seem to have killer motorcycles.

(After Brock asks her out) "Sorry, but my next break's not until past your bedtime!"

Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth)
Jessie, James, and Meowth are members of Team Rocket, a shady organization trying to take over the world of Pokémon for its evil leader, Giovanni. In their quest to capture Pikachu, they often dress up in silly disguises and have outrageous plots that always seem to backfire, sending them "blasting off again" back to square one.

Jessie is the more hotheaded member of Team Rocket and can easily be recognized by her ridiculously long hair. She tends to be the more aggressive and brash than James, even having served a short time as the Viridian City Gym Leader.

James is the more worrisome and cautious of the infamous duo, often wanting to give up rather than getting into danger. He is also willing to dress up like a woman in order to get Pikachu... perhaps a little bit to willing...

Meowth is the mascot of Jessie and James's small team. He used to be the pet of Giovanni, but was demoted in favor of a Persian. Meowth is one of the few Pokémon that can speak; he learned to speak to impress a female Meowth but was rejected. Meowth is the real brains behind the small group, coming up with complex plans to kidnap Pikachu, but he is always the one who gets pummeled whenever things go wrong.

Though they seem to have dedicated their lives to swipe Ash's Pokémon, Jessie and James have occasionally teamed up with the twerp to battle against a greater evil, mostly their own rivals, Butch and Cassidy. Despite their constant arguing, the team always sticks together and are the best of friends.

Jessie: “My hair was my one true love.”
James: "Team Rocket always puts beauty before duty!"
Meowth: “I'm also humble and housebroken.”

Professor Oak
Professor Oak is the leading Pokémon expert in Pallet Town, and maybe the world. He gave Ash his first Pokémon, Pikachu, and takes care of the Pokémon Ash doesn't currently carry. He spends almost all day caring for a vast amount of Pokémon, but manages to take some time to perform research and to help Ash, who calls constantly.

Gary Oak
Professor Oak's grandson, and Ash's rival, Gary is snobbish and rude, and seems to always be one step ahead of Ash. Gary also has a group of cheerleaders who follow him around and cheer him on. One time, Brock tried to ask them out. He said, "hey girls how'd you like to spend some time with me?" and they said, "Yes sir! We'd like that!" Then he got all depressed because they thought he was an old man.

(To Ash) “You were the fourth to leave home, but as a trainer, you're dead last!"

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago


Ash’s Ketchum’s House, Pallet Town

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu are visiting Ash’s Mom, Ms. Ketchum, in Pallet Town, as they take a well-deserved rest from their many Pokémon adventures. All has gone well and the team is now ready to get back to their journeys, when something odd happens to one of Ash’s Pokémon.

Early this morning Ash’s Squirtle became ill and has turned dark green. It looks quite sick and is delirious, unable to even say its name.

Ms. Ketchum looks at the poor thing and asks “What have you done to your Pokémon Ash? It looks terrible.”

“Maybe you should take it to Professor Oak’s lab. I’m sure he’ll know what to do, he certainly has a way with his Pokémon.” *wry smile…

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
"Poor little guy, hope he's okay!" Misty chirped with youthful vigor and enthusiasm.

"Pika! Pika Pi~! (stop being so sick)" Pikachu said, slapping Squirtle in a misguided attempt to heal him.

"Quit it Pikachu!" Ash scolded, glaring at him. Then, with an uneasy smile, he apologized, "I know you're trying to help, but... You're not."

"Pika (but............ but...) " Pikachu replied, staring at Ash, into his very soul.


Ash merely sighed, and took off his groovy, limited edition, Pokemon Trainer-cap, placing it on Pikachu's head. Scratching his own head, he turned to Brock. "You're a breeder, do you know what has happened to Squirtle?"

In all his years, Brock had never seen a Pokemon in such bad shape. It almost looked like something had poisoned it...

"I don't know Ash, I mean, I could try, but..." Brock looked over Squirtle a bit. "It's best to see the Professor, just to be safe."

Ash Ketchum, the future Pokemon Champion, frowned slightly before responding. "Squirtle... I, I'm sure you'll be fine. With the power of friendship, we'll get through this - together!"

Hugging Squirtle close, Ash was obviously worried.

Squirtle's reply was a garbled noise somewhat akin to "BLLaarggGGGHHSHLUUuururrrr ppp .... +-+"

"MOM, WE NEED SOME WATER FOR SQUIRTLE!" Ash yelled over, demanding from his Mom more assistance than her current chiding.

Ms. Ketchum took a moment and brought Ash a glass of water.

"This gotta work, he's a water pokemon after all!" Ash declared hopefully.

Looking at Squirtle wide in the eyes, Ash took the glass hastily and tried to make Squirtle drink it.

"Pika pika pika! (take Squirtle to the professor!)" Pikachu shouted, as he began to play with the hat on his head.

"Pika pika pika... (hmm... this hat is pretty comfy...)" he continued to mutter, afterwards.

"HEY! That's limited edition, Pikachu!" Ash complained, pointing to his hat (and nearly dropping Squirtle in the process).

Reestablishing his hold on Squirtle, Ash looked at Pikachu, beginning to be amused by his antics. "'Pika Pika' to you too buddy!"

As this went on, Squirtle began to drool profusely, while smiling in a most deranged looking manner...

Outside the window meanwhile, the blaring of a siren could be heard, quickly moving past the house. It seemed that Officer Jenny was in a hurry, riding past on her motorcycle with Nurse Joy in the sidecar – and headed towards Professor Oak’s lab!

"AWW YEAH! Guys!" Brock gushed at the sight; "We totally have to go to Oak's lab! Like, right now, seriously, we HAVE to go, it's going to be awesome, I promise! Oak is going to do that healy Oak thing, and Nurse Joy is going to put Squirtle into that poke-center healer thing, it's great!"

"Then, when Nurse Joy sees how compassionate and caring I am, she'll finally kiss me!"

Brock stood with his fists somewhat pumped into the air, his eyes closed and a look of teary glee on his face (apparently unaware that he had said it out loud)


Attempting to grab Squirtle from Ash, Brock sprinted out the door and after Officer Jenny's cycle.

Over the 'Weeeehoooo weeeeehoooo weeeehoooo wrooooooooom' of the syren and motorcycle meanwhile, Nurse Joy turned to Officer Jenny. "Oh dear, I hope that the Professor knows what's causing the pokemon to have been acting so strange lately."

Her tone was worried. "It's just awful. I've never seen them act this way before...."

Officer Jenny frowned. "Yeah, you and me both. Are the reports true Joy? About these new pokemon who don't stay in their pokeballs and... d-devour other pokemon?"

Nurse Joy averted her eyes from Officer Jenny and gave a grave look. "I'm afraid so. It's dreadful, I wonder just what has happened to the pokemon to have them act in such a terrible way..."

"Where there any identifying marks on any of the pokemon that raised some suspicion about them?" Officer Jenny asked, as she gunned the throttle - eager to get to Professor Oak and find out just what was going on with the pokemon.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
As Brock was not wanting to miss any opportunity to shmooze with Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny (along with Ash holding Squirtle so closely), he inadvertantly grabbed up Ash and rushed out of the house with him - carrying Ash over his head and running down the lane in a furious cloud of dust!

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy meanwhile, rode their motorcycle to Professor Oak's Pokelab and parked it - arriving just in time to see Brock, leaning nonchalantly against the wall, smiling at them (and trying not to pant heavily from the incredibly fast run he had just made).

They couldn't help but wonder why Brock was holding Ash over his head.

As they tried to make sense of the young man's odd behavior, Misty and Pikachu finally arrived on scene - having followed after Brock's mad dash out of Ms. Ketchum's house.

"Gah, lemme go Brock!" Ash complained, struggling to get out of the man's embarrassing hold.

"Err, sorry A-" was all Brock got out, before being interupted by Misty.

"All of this crazy running over a girl! Seriously Brock?" Misty scolded, unleashing a flurry of silly slaps at his arms for making her panic.

"Ow - Ow! No wa- i'm going to dr-"

Brock lost his balance and fell to the ground, dropping Ash at the same time.

"Pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pika... Chu! (inane nonesense)" Pikachu muttered at the sorry display.

Misty laughed at the two falling over, then realized she should probably help them up.

"Sorry, I got all worked up. Here -" she said holding out her hand to Ash.

"Dang it, Brock! Squirtle is sick, and he could've been injured" Ash chided Brock in irritation, keeping a protective hold on Squirtle.

Ignoring Misty's hand, he got up himself and shook his head at Brock's hopelessness.

Brock meanwhile, stood back up with amazing speed, and practically appeared out of nowhere between Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy - hands held down and face leaning outwards towards them.

"So uh, hey, we just brought in Squirtle because he's sick..." he said, twirling his foot back and forth a bit.

Nurse Joy looked past (or maybe even right through) Brock at Squirtle.

"Oh my!" She gasped with concerned, "We should get it to Professor Oak right away."

"Come Chancy, we have work to do!" she then continued, calling Chancy from her pokeball.

The fat pink Chancy waddled over to Ash and held out its arms to take the sick Squirtle. Ash reluctanly handed it over, knowing that Nurse Joy wouldn't let anything worse happen to it.

"Noooothing to see here, move along people, nooooothing to see here," Officer Jenny then directed, obviously trying to shoo the kids away from Professor Oaks lab.

Ash stood his ground and awkwardly pointed at Squirtle, "But... it's my pokemon..."

"Check with Proffesor Oak if it is okay for you to be here now." Jenny replied.

"No way, Squirtle takes priority over whatever you're doing!" Ash shouted, as he looked over to Nurse Joy for support.

"No need to look at Nurse Joy like that," Officer Jenny replied, "of course she will do all that she can for your Squirtle. Now, please leave and come back later for your Squirtle - or find Proffesor Oak and ask for his permission to stay."

"... Right. Well, we're about to see the Professor right now anyways," Ash said, deciding to ignore the odd Officer from now on.

The commotion out front appeared to have drawn Professor Oak's attention, as he abruply opened the door to look out.

"Oh my, what is going on here?" he asked.

Then seeing Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, a look of realization dawned on his face - "Oh, I'm glad you came. I think the situation is getting serious!"

He hardly seems to notice Ash and his friends standing there too.

"Hey, Professor" Brock said loudly, in an obvious attempt to seize Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny's attention, "I brought Squirtle here because the poor little guy is sick, can you fix him?"

"Pika Pikia pika pika paika! ('sup Proffesor)" Pikachu chirped, as he climbed up the proffesor's coat, and then manually turned the old man's face towards Squirtle.

Looking at Ash's Squirtle for the first time, Professor Oak's face went paper-white with unfeigned shock.

"Oh dear... this is much more serious than I had ever imagined! Everyone - please come with me - and DO NOT touch anything!"

With that, Professor Oak lead the group into the Pokelab.

Ash stuck his tongue out at Officer Jenny and quickly followed the Professor. "Wait, what's wrong with my Pokemon?"

Officer Jenny meanwhile, just smiled honestly and shrugged before entering.

Misty picked Togapi up from where she had sat it down to scold Brock and walked inside quietly. She observed the rows of tall computers along the walls and three scientist walking backing forth between them with clipboards - appearently taking down readings of some kind.

"Oh... this really is serious," Brock observed, his attention momentarily taken off of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny (even if for only a few seconds), out of worry for Squirtle and Ash.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

Professor Oak led everyone to a secure steel door at the back of the lab. Punching a code into a keypad opened the door with a click, to reveal a stark and sterile containment cell. Held in a thick barred cage on an examination table was a frightful sight; a mutated dark green Squirtle with a vicious-looking misshapen fish-like head.  It hissed angrily at everyone through a nasty protrusion of razor sharp fangs - leaping at the bars violently!

 photo PokeThulu1.jpg

Officer Jenny was shaken at the sight, but retained her composure. Ash on the other hand, took one look at the creature in the cage and panicked - running around in circles, screaming "Not my Squirtle! Not my Squirtle! Not my Squirtle!"

Pikachu meanwhile, was stunned - and somehow realizes that whatever the Squirtles had, it was probably contagious...

Everyone else, while disturbed by the sight, managed to remain calm.

“I caught this Pokémon north of Pallet Town." Professor Oak said gravely, "I believe it was once a Squirtle, but somehow it has evolved into this monstrosity. Seeing the condition of your own Squirtle Ash, I fear this may be some kind of epidemic that will effect all Squirtles.”

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
"Pika pika pika Chu?!? (what in the name of delicious poke-snacks is that?!?)" Pikachu squeaked in utter horror - as he jumped away.

"Well, doc..." Brock asked, "what's the problem? I mean, sure, it's not as cute as it was before, but it's not like it's gone on killing sprees, using it's awesome new fangs and stuff, right?"


"Right? Doc?"

"I'm afraid not Brock," Nurse Joy answered. "I've seen pokemon afflicted like this, actually EAT other pokemon."

She then turned to Professor Oak. "Professor Oak, do you know of any way to help these poor pokemon?"

"I wish I did," Professor Oak shruged - obviously at a complete loss.

"C'mon Professor Oak!" Ash tried to inspire, "Only deep friendship can cure Squirtle... please don't... lock him up..."

Obviously saddened, Ash was unsure what he could do and looked over to Pikachu for emotional support.

"Pika pika pi... (poor Squirty...)" Pikachu replied, hugging Ash's leg.

"OH MY GOD!" Ash burst out hopelessly, "What did my poor Squirtle evolve INTO Professor?!?!"

"C'mon, Squirtle, you can get through this. I'm sure you can!"

Professor Oak tried to calm Ash - "It did take a while for the Squirtle to evolve all the way. We have a day or two before your Squirtle will look like that one, but I'm afraid you'll have to let me cage it, for its own safety (and ours...)."

Then turning to Brock, Professor Oak continued, "Nurse Joy is right, these things are very dangerous. I had to send one of my assistants to Viridian City, with his fingers in a bag of ice..."

While the group discussed the situation, Brock, notice the captured Pokémon start scratching at the bottom of its cage with its long sharp talons. Looking closer at what it was doing, Brock could see that it had actually carved out a strange word: “R’LYEH.”

"Huh, hey guys, take a look at that," Broke pointed out, "he's carved the word "R'Lyeh" into the floor... Hmmm..."

Brock searched his mind for knowledge of whatever this "R'Lyeh" was, but came back completely blank.

At the mention of the word, Officer Jenny perked up - "I've heard that word before," she said absently.

Thinking back, Officer Jenny could remember having heard 'R'Lyeh' used between two detectives back at the station, who were discussing some kind of a robbery. Perhaps she could call into the station on her motorcycle CB radio and ask the Chief about it.

Brock looked at Officer Jenny dreamily. "You're so perfect and pretty and you know everything," he gushed, blinking rapidly at the woman.

"Aw, that's sweet of you." the older woman replied, patting Brock's head.

"Well," Professor Oak broke in, after some thought, "these terrible mutations seem to be contained to a specific area for the time being. I suppose you all could team up to search the wilderness between Pallet Town and Viridian City for the cause of this crisis. Perhaps knowing the cause of the strange mutations can be of use in discovering a cure."

"Pika pi! (hell yeah!)" Pikachu shouted, raising his paw in the air and giving a 'thumbs up'.

Hearing this, Ash Ketchum perked up as well with a glint in his eye. Nodding at Pikachu, he loudly declared, "Then it's settled! We're going to search the tall grasses between Pallet Town and Viridian City, and cure Squirtle!"

Making his way to the door already, he shouted, "Let's go!"

"Awesome!" Brock replied, "No mutated monsters are going to be able to beat Onyx or Geodude! Don't worry Professor, we'll find this problem and fix it right up!"

"I suppose we should," Nurse Joy replied solemnly.

"Aye," Officer Jenny said, before walking out to her motorcycle to ask around of that strange word over the radio.

Calling it in, the Chief promised Officer Jenny to look into it - "I'll try to track down those two detectives and get back to you," he said; "In the meantime, see if you can find out anything more about what's causing this pokemon problem."

"Yes sir!" Officer Jenny replied.

"We will be right back, poor little guy." Misty said, looking at Squirtle and giving it a confident nod.

Just then Tokepi started acting weird and trying to get away from other Squirtle in the cage. "What is wrong with Tokepi guys?"

The caged Squirtle-thing meanwhile, eyed Tokapi like it wanted to 'Snap Into a Slim-Jim'...

"Well yes, time to go and save the pokemon everyone!" Professor Oak concluded, ushering everyone out of the lab. Looking at his watch, he seemed to be in some preoccupied sort of hurry.

As the team filed out of the Pokelab one-by-one, Brock (who was holding the door for the 'ladies') overheard Professor Oak mumble in the background - “I thought that kid would never leave!"

"Hellooooh Ms. Ketchum! Growl!”

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
Into The Wilderness!

The team all piled into Officer Jenny's sidecar (it was amazingly roomy) and headed out to the wilderness north of Pallet Town - not quite sure what they were in search of, but then tah had never stopped any of them before.

After a few hours driving aimlessly around in circles, a loud slashing sound was suddenly heard, eminating from a small thicket up ahead.

Brock quietly retrieved Geodude's ball.

"Geodude, I choose you!" He whispered, as the pokemon popped out of its ball. "Sneak over behind the sound, wait for the fighting to start, and then keep whatever is still with a hold, using your awesome grappling floaty rockness!"

Brock then prepared other pokeballs for capturing (if the opportunity presented itself) and a rock for throwing or fighting.

'Hmm... throw the pokeball after Geodude softens it up - or, if it appears to be uninjured, throw the rock instead...' Brock thought to himself, trying to imagine what awesome pokemon could be making all the rackit - completely forgetting that it could also be some hideoius mutated monster ready to rip their entrails out at the slightest provocation.

"Isnt it past your bedime?" Officer Jenny asked Brock, as she threw out a pokeball. "Growlithe, check out that noise!"

Growlithe waged its tail and was off toward the slashing sounds with a happy "woof."

"As long as you tuck me in," Brock replied to Officer Jenny with as much charm as heavy sandpaper scraping across gravel.

Misty cuddled Tokepi and whispersed, "Don't worry little one, it will all be okay."

She then reached to her 'deliuxe action-trainer toolbelt' and tossed out a pokeball. "Staryu I choo-" she was cut off, as Psyduck exploded from the ball and began running around in circles.

"Psy! Psy! Psy!"

"You..." Misty began, then just slapped herself in the forhead, dragging her hand down her face. "Ughhh... that stupid pokemon!"

"Pikachu, I choose you!" Ash shouted, pointing at the thicket. "Thunder shock that thicket up ahead now!"

"Pika pika pikaaaaaaaa..... CHUUUUUU! (mwhahahaha, I will beat this Pokemon up!)" Pikachu declared happily, running up and attacking the creature in the thicket.

Nurse Joy meanwhile, not really being the violent type, stood back to let the other handle things.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

 photo ScytherC.jpg

Geodude circled around the thicket while Growlithe chargesd forward.

Pikachu meanwhile, released a Thunder Shock that arced overhead and lit up the thicket! A Scyther inside, cried out as the volts surged into it.

“Scyther! Scyther!” It wailed - as electricity coursed through its body!

“Scyther! Grrr!” The pokemon then snarled, after the onslaught had ended. It turned to take off into the air, in an attempt to escape.

Unfortunately, neither Geodude, nor Growlithe were close enough to stop it…

As all this went on, Psyduck just waddled around in confusion.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
Brock knew he had to act fast, if he was to capture the fleeing Scyther. So he decided to chuck his rock at it. Hopefully, he could knock it unconscious and then use a pokeball to trap it.

Officer Jenny threw her own pokeball at the Scyther as well.

"Get that pokemon! Don't let it get away!" she yelled to Brock, who immediately took it as some sort of personal cheer - when in reality, it was meant as nothing more than a simple order.

"Good job buddy!" Ash beamed at Pikachu, as he too whipped a pokeball at the retreating Scyther - "Go Pokeball go!"

"Psyduck! Do something useful!" Misty yelled in frustration, "Use Confusion on that Scyther!"

Not to be outdone by the others, she also readied a pokeball of her own.

"Chancy!" Nurse Joy exclaimed in a serious manner, as if she was about to give some great order. "Get ready to help the injured."

Chancy nodded approvingly, and happily rocked side-to-side, saying "Chan-sey, Chan-sey."

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

With Officer Jenny 'cheering' Brock on, Brock chucked his rock at the fleeing Scyther as it rose into the air. Unfortunately, Scyther batted the incoming projectile away with its claw blade – sending it hurling back down – where it promptly slammed painfully into Misty’s kneecap!

Needless to say, Misty's pokeball went errant, as she grabbed her knee and began hopping around on one leg - "Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!"

Officer Jenny's pokeball sailed through the air and missed the Scyther by a mile. No amount of luck could have helped that embarrasing throw.

Brock, being faster on the draw than Ash, hit the Scyther with his own pokeball, shortly after the rock attack.

The Scyther was pulled in and the pokeball fell to the forest floor. After shaking back and forth a bit, the Scyther popped back out.

“Scyther!” it yelled angrily and prepared to attack.

With the pokemon no longer fleeing, Ash was able to chuck his own pokeball at it without much dificulty.

"Go Pokéball go!" he yelled dramatically, as he hits the Scyther in the face, KO’ing it, and sucking it in.

As everyone waited with baited anticipation, the pokeball bounced and jittered around – and then went still.

Ash had caught the Scyther!

“Psyduck?” Misty’s mentally challenged Pokemon asked (as Misty continued to hop around on one foot, grasping her throbbing knee in both hands) – and then more rustling was suddenly heard in the bushes.

Looking, everyone could see a large thorny bush that appeared to be what the Scyther was trying to slash up for some reason. It started to shake a bit, as something small climbed out of it.

A somewhat scratched-up Jigglypuff appeared, happy to be rescued from the Scyther, and started to sing in appreciation…

Almost everyone immediately clasp their hands to their ears – knowing what happens when a Jigglypuff sings – but Brock and Nurse Joy were not quick enough, and succumbbed to the dulcet tones.

Geodude, Growlithe, and Chansy also fell to the ground in sweet slumber; while Psyduck just stared ignorantly – “Psy?”

Those still awake watched with a knowing smirk, as the Jigglypuff got highly irritated at the sleeping audience – and popped out a permanent marker to begin vandalizing their faces…

 photo ScytherC.jpg

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
"Psyduck! Confuse that Jigglypuff!" Misty shouted, as she readies another pokeball and let it fly.

"Dang it Jigglypuff!" Ash responded angrily, glancing at Brock and Nurse Joy sleeping; "How many times do you do this to us? And your singing is annoying by the way. Get 'er Pikachu!"

"Pikachu? (Why? It's a hilarious sight when Jigglypuff draws on people.)" Pikachu replied quietioningly. "Pika pika pi~"

Ash paused and rubbed his chin, surprised at Pikachu's insubordination. "You can have her marker if we catch her. How about it Pikachu?"

"PIKA! (WOOT)" Pikachu cheered with joy, and at the promise of a shiny new marker, sent an electric shock at the poor Jigglypuff.

Officer Jenny, taking advantage of Pikachu's attack, tried another throw with one of her pokeballs, trying to beat Misty to the punch.

Brock and Nurse Joy meanwhile, snored loudly.

"Falling asleep in the middle of a pokemon battle... some trainers you are." Officer Jenny remarked with annoyance.

Miraculously, Psyduck obeyed Misty this time, and sent waves of confusion out at the Jigglypuff, just as Pikachu's Thunder Shock rocked the little bugger too.

Taking a pounding from both the Confusion and Thunder Shock - the now Confused and Paralyzed pokemon stoped singing, fell over, and began smoking from the ears...

Misty's pokeball arrived at the incapacitated pokemon first, and the Jigglypuff was pulled in and trapped without a struggle.

Misty had captured a Jigglypuff!

"I can't believe I just got the cutest thing in the entire world! OH MY GOD GUYS LIKE I HAVE A JIGGLYPUFF!" Misty cried, jumping around holding Tokepi. "Aren't you so excited Tokie!!?

Ash laughed, "Thanks for your help Pikachu! Now, let's take a look at our Scyther, shall we?"

He took out the Pokeball and held his arm forth - "Scyther, I choose YOU!"

Scyther popped out - still a little beat up from the last battle.

"Scyther?" it asked passively.

"Oh yeah," Ash remarked thoughtfully. "Nurse Joy? Can you please heal Scyther?"

Nurse Joy meanwhile, rubbed her eyes and stood up, completely unaware of the marker mustache, given to her by Jigglypuff.

"Oh course Ash!" she replied happily.

"Chansey, help me treat Syther's injuries."

"Psy Psyduck!" Psyduck replied to Nurse Joy - snapping to attention and saluting her with a flipper.

Nurse Joy then instructed Chansey (and Psyduck apearently...) on some of the finer points of flying/bug pokemon healing. Chansey watched intently, noddig in aproval with every technique pointed out, while Psyduck began picking its nose with its other flipper.

"Pikaaaaa? (Oooh)" Pikachu said to the Scyther, staring at its wings in facination.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash muttered, looking at Scyther. "That's a really cool Pokemon isn't he, Pikachu?"

"Pika pi. (look at its wings)" Pikachu replied, nodding his head.

Ash looked at Pikachu, a tad confused.

"... Yeah, the wings are pretty cool buddy. He can fly!"

Pikachu nodded, as he continued to look at Scyther, and then at Ash.

"Pika pika pI? (Can I ride it?)"

Ash shook his head and sighed, "Uh, sure...?"

Scyther then allowed Pikachu to climb onto its shoulder, before taking off in a blast of wind - flying back and forth at breakneck speeds, doing barrel rolls and loop-the-loops!

"Hey guys," Brock yawned, finally waking up, "wow, that Jigglypuff's singing was really soothing wasn't it?"

Officer Jenny just shook her head. "Kids..." she mumbled to herself, and went to retrieve her lost pokeballs.

"Hey yeah," Brock continued, "shall we search around some more, while we're parked? We still haven't found what we're looking for, and this is a good a place as any to search."

"We can cover more ground if we go in groups. I should go with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, while you guys go awa- I mean, off in your own groups," Brock sugested, with the deceptive pokerface of a toddler trying not to laugh.

"I think it's too dangerous to split up." Nurse Joy remarked to Brock.

"I agree." Officer Jenny added thoughtfully. "Though I think it's time for you kids to go home. It's way too dangerous here now, with these new pokemon that eat other pokemon."

"Psy?!? Duck?!? Duck... DUCK DUCK PSY DUCK!!!" Psyduck began ranting, waving its arms like a nut and apparently scolding Officer Jenny for such an outrageous suggestion.

"No, I'm doing the adult thing here psyduck," Officer Jenny replied to the psyduck (assuming that it was upset about her suggesting they all go home).

"Psyduck come back!" Misty commanded the stupid, ignorant little thing. She held out its pokeball and sucked it back in.

A few moments later, when Misty wasn't looking, Psyduck's Pokeball popped off Misty's belt and rolled over to Officer Jenny - just starring at her with its glowing red 'eye' ...

Officer Jenny just laughed and bent over to pick up the pokeball up for Misty, with full intention of giving it back to her.

"What's this?" Misty asked, as Officer Jenny handed it over.

"You dropped it," Officer Jenny explained, "Here you go, please be more careful with your pokeballs."

"Uhm... yeah, OK," Misty replied shaking her head.

"Stoopid Psyduck," she then mumbled under her breath, as Officer Jenny went back to the motercycle.

"Time to go folks!" Officer Jenny called, reving up the engine once again.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
Recalling their pokemon and piling back into the sidecar, everyone pretty much ignored Officer Jenny's advice to head home. Come to think of it, no one was really listening to anyone else either, so off the team rode - heading further north.

After a short while, Misty started to get really nervous about all the bug pokemon in the forest, but no one could spot any.

Then, after an hour or two, Pikachu (who is riding on the handlebars) noticed something up ahead and pointed it out.

Looking, the team could see a faint trail heading east and west.

Going east, it whould connect with (or cross) the main road between Pallet Town and Viridian City and going west, it whould end (or originate) at the coast.

A number of small Pokemon tracks seemed to cover the trail.

"Well.... Let's go west! I love the water!" Misty suggested.

"Hmm, Guys, can you give me a sec?" Brock asked, "I think I could probably track these pokemon, if they're the bad ones then we'll find the problem, and if not - well, we still get new pokemon, right?"

Brock bent low to examine the trail. Looking closer, he could see that these were are all Squirtle tracks (dozens of them) - and that they all headed from west to east.

"Oh yeah, these are all squirtle tracks all right," Brock said, "probably infected, if they're this far inland. They're all headed east, towards... Oh... Oh no. They're heading towards the crossroads - they're going to attack Pallettown or Viridan city!"

"Officer Jenny, please, you have to call back the station and warn everyone! Try and get the Viridian police on the line too! We have to go and save them!"

"We dont know if they are normal or monster squirtles, so calm down." Officer Jenny replied, but proceeded to call out a warming via her CB anyways.

The Chief replied back to Officer Jenny's warning - "All Right Officer Jenny, we'll keep an eye out. And as for those two detectives and that 'Relay' word or whatever; I've called them back to the office. I'll let you know as soon as they arrive."

"Pika pika pika pika! (Let's go over there then!)" Pikachu said, pointing to the trail and following east.

"Yeah, we will Pikachu - but we have to get into Officer Jenny's sidecar, it's faster." Ash pointed out.

"But... For now, could you maybe take Scyther and try to find the group of evil squirtles, thundershock them from the sky or something? Or even just see if you can see them from here?"

"We should look at the source of these Squirtle's poor infliction," Nurse Joy stated; "That's the only way we can help them."

"We have to head west to the coast."

"But... the others," Brock said, looking torn. There were so many people in danger after all, and he didn't want to have the 'boss battle' right away.

"Pika pika pi! (Then we go that way!)" Pikachu decided, reversing course and pointing to the weastern trail.

Ash paused.

"... right, let's go to the coast then."

"Hmmm, I can't wait!" Misty grinned, over-joyed to be getting out of the forest and going near water (where bugs were far less common).

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

With the team decided whether to head up or down the Squirtle trail, they suddenly noticed a dark shadow pass over them. When they looked up, they saw Team Rocket in their Meowth balloon overhead!


Prepare for trouble and make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation

James: To unite all peoples within our nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth! That’s right!


James: “I’ll get you Pikachu, with my new grappling claw, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Jessie: “Meowth, start lobbing bombs on those pesky losers.”

Meowth: “Right! Uh… what bombs?”

Jessie: “What do you mean, what bombs?!?”

Meowth: “Dat’s right, no bombs. Just this picnic basket.”

Jessie: “James!”

James: “You didn’t expect a poor boy to go hungry? There wasn’t room for both…”

Jessie: (smacks James)

With that, a silver grapple claw swung down from the balloon and snaped at Pikachu! – while Jessie and Meowth began lobbing the contents of a picnic basket down on the team.

“Hey, my lunch!” James bawled.

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
"Team Rocket? Why do you keep bothering us!" Ash shouted, annoyed that they always appeared at the worst time.

"Pika! (Ash! ScytherChu formation!)" Pikachu shouted, pointing at Team Rocket, as he looked raring to go.

Ash glanced at Pikachu, "... Right. Scyther! I choose you!" He said, taking out a Pokeball and releases Scyther. Pointing at The Hot-Air balloon, he commanded - "Scyther! Let Pikachu ride on you, as you Cut Team Rocket's balloon!"

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

"Oh, so it's a Poke Fight you want?" James scoffed.

Then a moment later, Arbok and Weezings' Pokeballs were both tossed out!

 photo ArbokC.jpg

 photo WeezingC.jpg

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago
Brock steeled himself and took out the onyx-ball.

'Hope this works!' he thought to himself, 'The girls will be so impressed!' *little mental girl squeal

Brock threw the onyx ball, hoping that Onyx would be summoned inside the balloon, destroying it with his great mass and heavy weight.

"Onyx, I choose you!"

"Oh dear." Nurse Joy exclaimed.

"Maybe Team Rocket is behind all of these strange pokemon occurrences!" She added, as if suddenly realizing that could be a possibility.

"Excuse me! Are you the cause of the pokemon around here acting strange recently?" she called into the sky, completely ruining the mood.

"What are you talking about?" Jessie replied back down, as she hurled a watermelon at Nurse Joy. The watermelon exploded on the ground and covered Nurse Joy in a spray of red juice and pulp.

Jessie snickered at the sight. "Um... you got a little something in your hair," she mocked.

Covered in the sticky mess, Nurse Joy gave a soft whine of dismay.

"Chansey, help!" She pleaded, almost in tears and feeling so icky at the moment.

Chansey used Bubblebeam on her in response - dousing her in a spray of wet bubbles. This did not work out nearly as well as Nurse Joy had thought it might.

While completely washed free of the watermelon, Nurse Joy was now sopping wet, covered in suds, and completely slippery, but with a nice lemony-fresh scent.

Nurse Joy turned her attention back to Jessie, giving her a deathly glare.

"Ohhhh you! Don't lie to me!" She yelled in an upset tone (ignoring her own sorry state for the moment), "I know Team Rocket is behind all of the pokemon that have been eating other pokemon! How terrible of you!"

"Starmie go!" Misty said, throwing Starmie's ball out into the grassy area. "Use Ice beam on that balloon and make it drop to the ground!"

The Call of PikaChulu

6 years ago

Scyther was ready to fly the moment he popped out of the pokeball!

Pikachu ran over and hopped up onto its shoulder, as it took into the sky and flew toward Team Rocket’s Balloon.

James’ meanwhile, tried to grab the now flying Pikachu with the silver grappling claw – but Scyther spun and dived away to protect its passenger and the claw snapped harmlessly at empty air.

Team Rocket’s Weezing meanwhile, hovered twenty feet from the balloon, ready to intercept Scyther and Pikachu, while Arbok landed in the grass near Misty and hissed at her menacingly.

“You look hungry kid!” Meowth taunted – throwing a piece of cherry pie out of the balloon at Brock and splatting him in the face with it.

“Yeah, haha! Here’s something to wash it down!” Jessi crowed – throwing a can of soda pop at Brock, but missing.

Brock was very nearly distracted from throwing out Onyx by it, but managed to lob his pokeball right up into the basket with team rocket – as Misty also threw out her Starmie.

Then things suddenly got a little crazy.


In the Basket – the much too big Onyx appeared, completely crowding the basket – but something was wrong! Instead of the normally healthy looking Onyx Brock was expecting, there was a dark mottled half Onyx half gargantuan monstrosity! A flail of horrifying tentacles thrashed wildly, as the thing reared back and roared with a reverberating bellow to shake the very foundations of hell!

 photo PokeThulu2.jpg

Then the entire basket ripped free from the balloon and Team Rocket crashed (amid maddening screams of sheer terror) into the ground fifty feet below!

Whatever Onyx had become, it roared terribly once more and then smashed head-first into the ground – shaking everyone right off their feet as it burrowed deep into the earth and was gone.

When the smoke and dust clouds cleared, Team Rocket was nowhere to be seen either, and Arbok and Weezing were fleeing the scene in panic.

The team wasn’t fairing much better from the sight either, for something about the unholy creature had unhinged everyone ever so slightly…


  • Pikachu had wet himself (poor Scyther) and was repeating "Pi.. Pi... Pi..." over and over again.
  • Ash felt normal, save for the very profound urge to see what everything tasted like. He licked his lips at the thought of sampling all the delicious things he had been missing out on his entire life up till now…
  • Misty’s hair had turned completely white and she found herself muttering about how it was all a conspiracy of the bug type pokemon. It just had to be!
  • Brock had lost the ability to speak in full sentences, only being able to say his name like a pokemon when he ‘talked’. Interestingly, Pikachu and all the other Pokemon could understand him without any trouble.
  • Nurse Joy had been paralyzed with fear at the sight, but was now slowly being able to move again. She couldn't shake the feeling that that thing, whatever it was, would burst back up through the ground underneath them at any moment - dragging them all down to hell and eternal torment (or something similarly unpleasant).
  • Officer Jenny meanwhile, suddenly felt that clothes were just way too confining now - and she compulsively stripped down to her black silk bra and panties. Seeing this, poor Brock's fainted dead away - a peculiarly happy look remaining on his face however...

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
After a few stunned minutes, everyone began to regain their senses.

"Oh my god! What just happened?!?" Misty burst out. "How did Onyx get sick like that? What was on his face?!?"

"Pika pika pI... (No, not Onix...)" Pikachu said, holding Scyther tightly.

"Brock, (Onyx... No)" Brock said, as he woke back up. Laying his head down in sadness for a few seconds, he then looked to see Officer Jenny undressed, and received the mental equivalent of a slap to the face.

"Brock Brock Brock (I get this happening only to lose Onyx in the same few seconds... Onyx...)"

'I have to hold through this' Brock rationalized to himself - 'We can help fix Onyx, this can't be permanent.'

Brock took a deep breath - and then suddenly realized something - 'Oh shit!'

"BROCK, BROCKOBROBROCKBROCK! (OH SHIT! Guys, one of Onyx's moves is Dig! We have to get out of here now! He might be waiting to attack us!"

Brock frantically pointed towards Officer Jenny's motorcycle and gestured for everyone to move there, as he was shouting what he though was a warning.

"Uhm Brock?" Misty asked, "Why are you just repeating your name? Uhm...? Can anyone understand him?"

Brock meanwhile, ignored the question and dove into Officer Jenny's sidecar.

"Clothes are for losers!" Officer Jenny replied to the group, almost sounding a bit tipsy, as she hurried to her motorcycle and started it up. She didn't appear to notice where Brock had gone.

"Everybody Get in!"

Ash just sat down, cross-legged, and began to lick Scyther's Pokeball...

*Slurplurp. "Yum..."

"Why are you guys acting so weird?" Misty shouted in dismay, "Officer Jenny! Put your clothes back on! What the heck?!?"

Looking at Misty, Ash stood up with his tongue out, and tried to lick her vanilla-white hair...

Being the hot head that she was, Misty shouted and flailed at the insanity Ash had taken on. "My hair is not to be licked!" She yelled, smacking Ash upside his head.

"Starmie where are you?"

Nurse Joy ignored being covered in soap and water for now (at least she was clean), and instead just silently stared at where the onyx went underground, trying to keep it together.

"How... terrible..." Was all she managed to quietly say.

"Joy, can you fix people's heads too?" Officer Jenny asked, waiting for everybody at the motorcycle.

"I'm going to check out those squirtles and anyone that don't want to walk can come with me!"

Circling back around on Scyther meanwhile, Pikachu could see something strange to the west. It looked like some sort of island off the coast, with what looked like a peculiar tower on it that radiated a strange glow. Unfortunately, Pikachu was too high right now to tell anyone about it.

Down below - the ground started to shake violently again, rattling everyone off their feet once more. Then, moments later - the horrifying form of Brock's mutant Onyx reared up out of the earth and violently spit Team Rocket out of its mouth.


The trio of misfits - now covered in viscous green slime - were flung over the horizon.

"Team Rocket Blasting Off Again!" James wailed.

"My beautiful hair!" Jessie sobbed.

"I'm gonna need a therapist after dis!" Meowth lamented.

Fortunately for everyone else, the Onyx just bellowed loudly and thrashed its tentacles (bathing everyone in a tidal wave of sticky green slime) - before plunging back into the ground and disappearing for good this time.

"Ewwwww, not again!" Nurse Joy complained loudly, attempting to wipe the goo off herself.

"Pika pika pi... (This is disgusting... Up Scyther, up!)" Pikachu muttered, as it pulls at Scyther.

"Oh my gosh! So SO gross." Misty complained. "Where is Starmie? Starmie use Surf! Clean us all up!" Misty said, then added, "Oh goodness guys, everyone hold onto to something!!!"

"Yuck!" Ash yelled, spitting and wiping off his face from the slime.

"Pikachu! Why are you still up there?"

"Pika pika pi! (I'm keeping myself safe!)" Pikachu shouted back down to Ash.

"Oh you'll lick my hair, but not the slime on your own body?" Misty asked Ash in disgust.

"You didn't let me," Ash said, sticking his tongue out and licking his forearm, "But this isn't vanilla flavored, like your hair."

Officer Jenny meanwhile, tired of waiting, yelled, "I'm heading to the Squirtles now, if you want you come, come now!"

No one moved to join her.

Officer Jenny huffed in annoyance and rode off alone, leaving everyone standing there in the wilderness, covered in sticky goo. She was going to follow the squirtle tracks to the east to see where it was they were going.

Per Misty's order, Starmie used Surf and a giant wall of water crashed through the area, washing everyone off their feet and tumbling them around a bit before finally subsiding.

From the air, Scyther and Pikachu watched all this going on.

"Well I feel better," Misty exclaimed, while standing up. Albeit a little loopy, but she managed to find her feet. "So do we go after her?"

Nurse Joy let out a sigh.

"Yes, I suppose we should," she said, beginning to walk in the direction Officer Jenny had rode off in.

Ash shook his head, and called out to his friend above, "PIKACHU, WE'RE GOING!"

"PiKAChu! (Alright!)" Pikachu replied, remaining high in the air, "Pika pika pI? (So where are we going?)"

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Following after Officer Jenny on foot, the team noticed that the squirtle tracks occasionally split off the trail, as they went further east - heading, at random, either north or south into the bush.

If this continued to be the case along the trail, it would mean that the squirtles were not traveling in one giant horde to any one point - but were simply spreading out into the wilderness between Viridian City and Pallet Town.

Officer Jenny meanwhile, continued on the main trail, having failed to notice the divergent paths.

A strange rustling in the sidecar caught her attention however, and she nearly jumped out of her skin, when Brock popped up and looked around in panic.

"Brock Brock Brock, Brock Brock (Wait, Jenny! Without Onyx, I only have Geodude and you have Growlithe - we can't take on all those squirtles alone! I mean, your pokemon is a fire type! Geodude is Ground! We'd be annihilated!)"

"Wait what?" Officer Jenny replied, not understanding a word that Brock just said.

"Brock Brock BrOCK BROCK BROCK! (I'm trying to tell you that if we don't wait for the others, we will receive a HYDRAULIC-POWERED FISTING FROM A DEATH SQUAD OF TINY LIZARD-HEADED SQUIRTLES!"

"Did you hit your head?" Officer Jenny asked, beginning to wonder at Brock's mental capacity.


Officer Jenny sighed heavily. It was no use.

Ignoring Brock and following the tracks a bit longer, Officer Jenny began to notice that the squirtle tracks had thinned out significantly for some reason.

Stopping the bike and getting out to look closer, she couldn't figure out why there were now less tracks heading east than before.

Brock on the other hand, understood immediately. The squirtles were not all going east - they were simple diffusing along the trail as they went - some wandering off the path to the north and some to the south, here and there, along the way. That would explain why they had been seen in the wilderness between Viridian City and Pallet Town from time to time and not in one giant horde of them (as everyone had imagined when first discovering the trail).

'Oh no!' he thought to himself, 'they must be spreading out, trying to infect others - Nurse Joy was right, we have to go to the source!'

Frustrated, Brock tried to figure out a way to relay this information to Officer Jenny. Maybe Pikachu would understand him. Then Pikachu could tell Ash. Ash in turn could tell Officer Jenny...

Then Brock noticed Officer Jenny fanning her perspiration-moist breasts with a clipboard, as she sat on the edge of the side-car with her legs crossed.

"Why is it so dang hot out?" she asked (still feeling that even the small lacy slips of silky fabric that barely covered her were a tad too confining).

"..." A gush of blood abruptly sprayed from Brock's nose.

After Brock got the sudden nose bleed under control - and the thought of such perfectly silky soft, sweat-beaded, bosoms out of his mind - he focused in on the clipboard that Officer Jenny was fanning herself with.

'Maybe he could write out what he needed to say?'

Brock rushed forward and snatched the clipboard out of Officer Jenny's hands, then quickly scribbled down: "You should take off the underwear, it's probably what's keeping you so hot." He nods seriously at her upon handing it back.

The pokemon could wait...

"Yes, that would be a good idea," Officer Jenny agreed, and started taking her bra off - but then realized how pervy Brock was and looking at her. She stopped undoing her bra and instead reached for her night stick.

Brock was about to receive a true anime-style pervert beating.

And the Scene faded to black... Just not how Brock had imagined it would...

Still in the air meanwhile, Pikachu could see both the team below and Officer Jenny's motorcycle about two miles up the track (but currently parked).

"Scyther? (where to now boss?)" Scyther asked Pikachu, as it hovered in the air with Pikachu on its shoulders.

"Pika pika pi! (to the lecher and the stripper!)" Pikachu replied to Scyther, motioning toward to Brock and Officer Jenny. They must have stopped for a reason, after all.

Ash rubbed his chin thoughtfully, only to start licking his fingers soon after.

"Hmm, what do you see up there Pikachu?" he called to his friend, "I think they're headed towards the town."

Pikachu ignored Ash and flew with Scyther over to join Officer Jenny (who had just administered a thorough 'wood-shampoo' to the pervy Brock).

Brock was just regaining consciousness - with a whole lot of lumps on his head.

"Pika pika pika! (what did you do?)" Pikachu asked with a laugh, almost falling off Scyther in amusement.

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

A short while later, the rest of the team caught up to Officer Jenny's motorcycle.

Ash ran over to Pikachu and found Brock all banged up.

"Hah, Brock," Ash chuckled, shaking his head. He didn't know what had happened, but it had to be good.

Taking out Scyther's Pokeball, Ash then asked the large green pokemon, "Scyther buddy, do you want to go back the Pokeball?"

Then, without warning, Ash dropped to the ground and began licking the motorcycle tire. "Oh yeah! Sweet sweet black licorice! Mmmm..."

Officer Jenny ignored Ash and eyed Brock suspiciously, before finally taking her bra off.

"Clothes are for weak people," she stated firmly, before grabbing a bazooka from her motorcycle.

"Now, let the party begin!" she smiled wickedly, hefting it to her shoulder.

Pikachu, being an androgynous mouse pokemon, was unfazed by Officer Jenny's nudity, and went over to take the pokeball from Ash - who was now totally engrossed by the motorcycle's chrome exhaust pipes.

As Pikachu held Scyther's pokeball aloft, a disembodied voice seemed to speak to his very soul - "It's yours now. You have the power. Now is the time of your dominion!"

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
A sudden sizzling sound, followed by a scream (and the scent of fried bacon), snapped Ash back to reality - as he burned his tongue, trying to lick the hot exhaust pipes.

"Oh thit! Ma tongue!!!" he bawled.

Then seeing Pikachu holding Scyther's pokeball with the strangest glint in his eye, he asked nervously, "Err, hey Pikachu? Uh, whatcha doing with my pokeball?"

"Pika (My Flying Pokemon)." Pikachu replied, holding the pokeball close to his chest.

Ash pointed at Pikachu, "But... You're a Pokemon... MY Pokemon!"

"Pika pika pI (And this is my Pokemon)." Pikachu stated, matter of factly.

"Scy?" Scyther asked, looking between Pikachu and Ash and then back again. Then it simply shrugged its shoulders and stood there with a rather indifferent look on its face.

Ash blinked, wondering what the Poke-rights movement that started up recently would say on the matter. Taking his mind off the moral implications of Pikachu practically enslaving another Pokemon, he argued, "But I caught it!"

"There is always Thunder Shock," the voice in Pikachu's head offered helpfully...

"Pika pika pI~ (True dat, voice in my head)."

"Pikaika pika! (Anyone can throw a ball!)" Pikachu then pointed out to Ash.

"Pikachu!" Ash pouted defiantly, "I... You just can't do that! I caught Scyther! How about you go to a pokemart and try to buy a Pokeball from those stone-faced cashiers, it's very hard!"

"Pika pika pI! pika pika Chu! (How about you sending out a lightning bolt!)" Pikachu suggested, unmoved.

"I... Agh," Ash imagined using his pure annoyance energy to generate a lightning attack, but came up empty handed.

Taking his cap off and ruffling his hair in frustration, Ash mumbled to himself. "I can't believe this is happening... Pikachu is rebelling..."

"Pika pi~ (Don't worry Ash, I'm still your pokemon (and best friend)! I just wanted to have this pokemon!)" Pikachu said, smiling.

Ash turned away, "That's fine... I suppose."

Ash then moved over to give his best buddy a hug - but his burnt tongue lulled out abruptly and swung wildly at Pikachu.

"PIKACHU!(NOOOOOOOO)" Pikachu shouted, in utter horror, as he leapt back, away from the complete nutter, Ash.

"Oh, sorry Pika," Ash apologized, "It seems to have a mind of it own. And thought you might taste like lemon meringue!"

"So where are we going now?" He then asked the group, diverting the subject.

"Brck blok (Oh, fley gluys)" Brock mumbled with the arrival of the rest of the team - still dazed from the beating he'd just received.

Noticing Officer Jenny was now naked, Nurse Joy quickly scolded her.

"Officer Jenny what are you doing! There are children near you! Put your clothes back on this instant!"

"Brocka Brock Bro Kcorb brock Brock Brock Bockra (Hey guys, we have to go back to the beach! Nurse joy was right, we have to get to the source... it's not a horde, they're all splitting off into the wilderness so that they can infect more pokemon!)

Then, realizing that what he was saying still didn't make any sense, he wrote everything down on the clipboard.

Nurse Joy stopped scolding Officer Jenny for a moment to see what Bork Brock had to say. After reading his writing, she nodded.

"We should head back to the coast quickly then! It's the only way we can help all of these poor pokemon and- OFFICER JENNY WILL YOU PLEASE PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON ALREADY!"

Realizing Officer Jenny was now completely exposed, Brock returned to his lustful pervy stares... (Don't mind the drool, please).

Ash nodded to Officer Jenny, but then turned to Brock. Moving silently, stealthily, he licked Brock's arm.

'What do dark-skinned people taste like?'

"Ooh! Java beans!"

Ash continued licking, expecting to get lots of caffeinated energy.

It takes some vigorous licking and a minute or two of strong tonguing, but Ash's nasty, abrasive mouth muscle, snaps Brock out of his stupor.

"Bro! (Dude!)"

Ash jumped back, and a snake-like hiss was heard, his tongue flailing in several directions, as he looked around for something else to latch his tongue onto.

Then slapping himself, he managed - "Gah! Sorry Brock" - before clamping his mouth shut and holding it tight.

On the outside, Ash Ketchum seemed to be in control of his tongue again! But it still wiggled angrily inside his mouth.

"BrockoBrock (That is nasty dude)."

Brock then scribbled down into his notepad, and presented it to the group: "Well guys, are we going to go already? The evil monster that's doing all of this won't wait for us, before sending out more evil pokemon and doing what... what they did to Onyx. Come on, we have something to finish, let's finish it."

Ash, still crazed with licking lust, attempted to grab the notepad and lick it. Hoping that he wouldn't get a paper cut.

Officer Jenny meanwhile, stood proud, flashing her breast-and-bazooka combo with a deranged gusto! Still, Ash was acting rather strange. Perhaps a session with her nightstick might help clear his head.

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
As the team finally got around to clambering back into the motorcycle and heading west, the Chief suddenly called into Officer Jenny’s radio to relay the following information:

"Officer Jenny," he began, "I spoke with the two Detectives on the case; and the word 'R’Lyeh' comes from a strange Pokedex called the Pokenomicon. The Pokenomicon was found on Cinnabar Island by the grandson of the local Pokelab administrator, Professor Pine. Apparently, it washed up on the beach and was found by the boy, who took it to show his grandpa. Professor Pine immediately recognized it as no ordinary Pokedex and took it to his Pokelab for study."

"The Pokenomicon was black, not red like a normal Pokedex, and ancient looking, made worse by its waterlogged state. It really had no business being functional; tangled in seaweed with saltwater pouring from its case; but there it was - filled with data and strange new Pokemon, some of which were quite frightening. The seawater must have shorted out its voice, as it could not speak, but it did contain text and references, all in a strange and unknown language - “R’Lyeh, PikaChulu, Fatagn!”

"Unfortunately, an unknown party stole the Pokenomicon from the Pokelab, before it could offer much info on its origin and purpose. It was not long after its disappearance that the strange Pokemon started appearing between Viridian City and Pallet Town, leading one to suspect that it has been relocated from Cinnabar Island to this area."

"Pika pika pi? (Pokenomicon?)" Pikachu asked, tilting his head.

"Pika pika pika chu chu? (Does it have something to do with the tower I saw when I was flying..?)"

"Alright sir," Officer Jenny sent back to the chief over the radio, "thanks for the information."

"I'll be sure to be on the lookout for this... Pokenomicon," she added, fondling her left breast abscentmindedly with the strange new word.

Whatever psychosis Officer Jenny had, it appeared to be getting worse.

"What did you see Pikachu? A tower?" Ash coughed, beginning to feal a little uncomfortable with Officer Jenny's new found 'freedom'.

'Hmm, a tower... we should definately investgate it!' Brock thought to himself, 'but we should also be careful - those places are notorious for having crazy guys waiting in corners to throw pokeballs at you.'

"You saw something Pikachu?" Officer Jenny asked, raising an eyebrow.

'I see two big things' the voice in Pikachu's head chuckled...

'Pika? (What two big things? Eww..)' Pikachu thought back to the diembodied voice.

Seeing that Pikachu was taking a while to answer, Officer Jenny pressed in, "You know it's a crime to withhold evidence from a police officer, right?"

"Pika pika pi (Shut up stripper woman.)" Pikachu replied, still in conversation with the mysterious voice.

'If you hit her with a slipper, it will get her to put her clothes back on,' the voice suggested, 'That's how they do it in the big city. You just got to be firm and give her a few good whacks.'

'Pika pika! (But I don't have a slipper!)'

'Hmm? Maybe you can use your tail?'

"Officer Jenny! Stop the motorcycle..." Ash abruptly stated, considering something.

"Guys, I think we should all check to see if our Pokemon are contaminated or not, this is rather serious..."

"BROCK!" Brock interjected, "BROCK BROCK BROCK! (I suggested that an hour ago! Seriously, no one did it? I mean, I know I get distracted by Officer Jenny's boobs sometimes but... c'mon guys!"

"Why do you insist on speakeing like a pokemon?" Officer Jenny turned to ask Brock, before suddenly looking completely shocked.

"AND WHY AM I NAKED?!" She then yelled, as she punched Brock for reasons only anime fans could understand, while hurriedly putting her bra back on, followed by a tight and somewhat revealing white police blouse and blue skirt.

And just like that, Officer Jenny's undressing compultion evaporated, returning her to a more normal semblance of sanity.

Misty just stood there in disbelief, to the fact that Officer Jenny was just now realizing these things...

"Anyways..." she finally said, "whats in this nomicron doohicky?"

"Officer Jenny! Stop the Motorcycle right now!" Ash demanded, worried that Bulbasaur or Charmander were infected.

"Uhm, yeah, right... As you wish kid," Officer Jenny replied, flushed red with embarasment and pulling over.

"Alright guys, let's do this..." Ash declared, getting out of the sidecar and producing Bulbasaur and Charmanders' pokeballs.

"Okay, get out of the ball you two" he stated, releasing his two Pokemon.

'I hope to Lugiah, neither of them are infected!'

Following Ash's lead, the rest of the team brought out their own pokemon to check them as well.

They were relieved to find that no more of them had yet become infected with whatever had taken over the Squirtles and Onyx.

The sense of relief was such, that it abruptly snapped Brock out of his current psychosis - Though Pikachu was still hearing voices for some reason...

'But no, really, of course you have a slipper!' the voice growled at Pikachu, 'Right there behind your back. You just reach around and pull it out!'

Overcome with a strange compulsion to see if it was true, Pikachu found himself reaching behind his back and indeed pulled out a fuzzy pink slipper...

"Brock! Brock are okay now!" Brock began to stammer, "Aww, but now Officer Jenny has covering up those sweet, swee- wait..."

Brock stiffened in surprise, relief, and fear, as he realized that he was speaking normally again.

'Shit! Please don't beat me again!'

"Shame on you Brock!" Misty scolded.

"Finally," Nurse Joy spoke to Officer Jenny, concern in her voice, "you came back to your senses! What was wrong with you Officer Jenny?"

"Pika pi?" Pikachu said meanwhile, staring at the fuzzy pink slipper. "Pika pi (Huh? Well, I know what to do...)"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted, slapping Officer Jenny with the slipper.

Fuzzy slipper attack! *Ker-SMACK!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

The Mysterious Island

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Following the Squirtle trail to the coast, the team came to a rocky beach, where a large rowboat leaned (bottom-side-up) against a boulder near the water. The beach appeared to be the origin of the Squirtles' exodus from the water, being covered with many sorts of tracks.

Offshore, about a mile or two out, everyone could see a small island. It rose a hundred or so feet above the waves, being five or more times in width, and was covered with large haggard-looking trees. Three monolithic heads of carved black stone stood on a ridge above a gray volcanic beach, facing the mainland. Though humanoid, they looked menacing and strange, with distinctly fish-like qualities. Beyond them, jutting above the trees at the very peak of the island, was an ominous stone tower, wreathed in what appeared to be a cloud of dark smoke. Every now and then, an orange-ish glow could be seen radiating through the haze.

As Brock looked on, he thought that he might have heard a legend about an island like this long ago - called 'Gengar's Tower' - a mysterious tower on a disappearing island. It was said the appearance of Gengar’s Tower was a bad omen. No one visited Gengar’s Tower when it appeared, because they feared the island would disappear with them on it.

The island also seemed familiar to Pikachu as well, but more of like being somewhere Pikachu had been to before, rather than something he'd actually heard about. Almost like he must have dreamed about it at some point and then forgotten, until just now.

As everyone considered what to do next, a dark shadow moved (ever-so-slightly), from under the overturned rowboat on the rocky beach...

"Hey guys," Brock began speaking, "this place is - Woah! What's that? Is that another demon squirtle?"

Quick as a flash, Brock snatched up a pokeball from his bag and launched it at the shadowy figure under the boat. "Geodude, I choose you!"

Ash watched on, calling out to Pikachu, "This worked last time... Alright, Pikachu! Thunder shock that shadow in the water!"

"Pika pi?" Pikachu replied quizzically, until he noticed the movement under the rowboat.

"PIKACHU!" he shouted in alarm, sending an arc of lighting at it.

The lightning hit the rowboat and lit it up - but all was silent afterwards... and the team still couldn't tell what was underneath...

"I would love to help..." Officer Jenny remarked with a hint of bordom in her voice, "but fire pokemon do not go that well with water. Maybe Misty could help? if I recall correctly, she was a water-pokemon trainer right?"

Nurse Joy meanwhile, seemed to ignore the shadow, and just looked across the water at the monolithic heads.

"Oh dear," she worried aloud, "those statues look just like what happened with those poor pokemon."

Then to the rest she concluded - "I'm sure this strange island has something to do with these terrible occurrences. We should row over there and explore the island to see if any of the pokemon there are afflicted, then investigate the tower."

I agree with Nurse Joy actually..." Officer Jenny replied matter of factly; "And I will not allow you kids to run off on your own either (for your own safety)."

"I dunno Nurse Joy..." Ash stated, while trying to lick Pikachu's slipper. "Even if we find the infected Pokemon, there's nothing we can do!"

"I need to investigate the island nonetheless, Officer Jenny pointed out to Ash, "and look for information regarding the pokenomicon. Also, we need to look for clues that could tell if this really is the source of the sick pokemon."

"Then I'd think you should start with the tower," Ash suggested, "the island istelf will take a long while to completely explore."

As Nurse Joy was standing there, listening to all the talk, a large red claw slowly reached out from under the over-turned rowboat and pinched the heck out of her big toe!

Apparently, there was a Krabby hiding under there!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
"Ouch!" Nurse Joy yelled, after having her big toe pinched.

"Shoo, shoo!"

She continued trying to get the Krabby to leave, by feebly throwing pokeballs at it, while Chansey waddled over to assist her, attempting to bitch-slapping the hell out of it!

The Krabby scuttled away from Nurse Joy - who managed to hit the rowboat with her pokeballs - and was too fast for Chansey to actually slap.

It looked like it was going to flee into the water, but nurse Joy just rubbed her injured toe with her hand, before calmly walking over and picking up her pokeballs - content to ignore the Krabby now that it was no longer bothering her.

"I guess that Krabby was in an awfully crabby mood," she joked (poorly).

Seeing that Nurse Joy was not interested in the prize, Officer Jenny yelled, "Yay go me!" and threw a pokeball at the retreating crustacean.

"Geodude, use seismic toss!" Brock pointed towards the krabby, and moved to physically touch the krabby with his pokeball in order to capture it (after Officer Jenny did her thing and inevitably failed of course).

Amazingly, Officer Jenny managed to hit the Krabby square in the face with her... pink fuzzy slipper... (where the heck did that come from?!?)

Looking at her belt, Officer Jenny saw that she was missing two pokeballs - one of which had apparently been swapped out with the slipper she just threw.

Geodude meanwhile, used Seismic Toss as Krabby uses Guillotine. In a great clash, Geodude was deflected off the huge red claw and then completely walloped and very nearly KO'd!

Brock noted that he only had two pokeballs at the moment too - though (unlike Officer Jenny's throw) the one he has in hand actually hits, as he simply sneaks up to the Krabby and touches him with it.

The Krabby was drawn into the pokeball, but immediately popped back out.

Officer Jenny then threw out Growlithe! "Go Growlithe, show that Krabby not to mess with the law! That little bugger stole two of my pokeballs, DONT LET HIM GET AWAY!"

"YOU THERE!" She said, pointing to Pikachu, "GET THE THIEF!"

"Oh dear, he stole your pokeballs?" Nurse Joy asked in a concerned tone.

"Chansey, try and get them back for Officer Jenny!"

Nurse joy then began throwing pokeballs at the Krabby once again, yelling: "Stop right there, or I'll throw even more pokeballs at you!"

"PIKACHU!!!" Pikachu shouted, sending an arc of lightning - followed by actually throwing a pokeball the Krab.

Unsure what to do meanwhile, Ash just threw one of his pokeballs at the krabby to, not wanting to be left out.

Officer Jenny tried to get another throw at the Krabby, but just fumbled around in too much of a hurry.

Nurse Joy tossed yet another Pokeball and missed by a mile (she really does throw like a girl). Chansey meanwhile, threw an Egg Bomb at Krabby - which exploded yolk all over the poor thing and stunning it a moment.

Pikachu then Thunder Shocked it again and flipped a pokeball at the Krabby, before Brock could to get close enough to touch the Krabby with his own once again.

The Krabby was drawn into Pikachu's pokeball and captured! Pikachu quickly grabbed up his new Pokemon and did a little victory dance.

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

“Pika pi! (yay!) “ Pikachu cried out in happiness, as he held the Pokeball close.

“Pikachu....” Jenny said quietly to the yellow pokemon theif, while slowly taking out her bazooka and making sure it was loaded.

“You will give back my two pokeballs right this instant, or you will go to jail.” She said, bouncing the bazooka on her shoulder to make sure Pikachu grasped the seriousness of the situation.

“Growlithe, be prepared for anything!” She instructed her sidekick.

“Pi… pika pika pi... (including the one with Krabby? I'm sorry Officer Jenny and Brock)” Pikachu said, tears in his eyes, taking out the four Pokeballs.

“Pika... pika Pikachu... ( I... I just wanted to be a trainer like you all... I… I don't know what came over me... )”

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
“Good job Officer Jenny, “ Ash Ketchum frowned; “You made Pikachu cry!”

“And you. Don’t even get me started on you.” Officer Jenny said with steel in her eyes; What kind of trainer allows his pokemon to steal huh?”

“Officer Jenny, put that bazooka away!” Nurse Joy scolded. “Why would you do that to poor Pikachu. He was just playing around!”

She then petted Pikachu's head in order to try and calm him down.

“There there, Pikachua”

“Oh… right… the bazooka...” Officer Jenny replied, putting it back in its place.

“Pika pi (I'm really sorry.)” Pikachu replied, sadly.

“I guess you want to be a trainer, like Ash and the rest huh?” Officer Jenny asked, feeling significantly calmer than before.

“Pika (Yes.)” Pikachu said, nodding piously. “Pika pika pi (I won't steal anymore)” he then added.

“Hmm... you look pretty sorry to me… what if...” Officer Jenny considered.

“You know what, keep Krabby,” Officer Jenny decided, “and in exchange, I will look away this once - if you help me catch a special type of pokemon, should we encounter any. A ghost type.”

“Pikachu! (Sure!)” Pikachu agreed, smiling again, and then turned to Brock, holding out the two Pokeballs he stole from him.

“Pika! (Here's your balls Brock!)”

Brock looked at Pikachu, eyebrows raised. “Uhm… yeah…”

He then accepted both balls and put them right into his bag.

“Thanks Pikachu, it feels good to have my balls back. Hey, you even have two of your own now! Say, were do you keep those things?”

Officer Jenny smiled at Pikachu and recalled her Growlith.

“For now, let’s check out that island shall we?” Officer Jenny then asked, as she flipped over the rowboat and set it into the water.

“I'm commandeering this for the sake of all pokemon!” She proclaimed loudly.

“Wait!” Misty called, having been distracted by some tracks in the sand and missing the whole Pikachu/Pokeball exchange.

“Look,” She said, pointing them out, “these footprints lead to a set of red pompoms on a large beach towel hidden behind those rocks! Come check it out.”

Heading over, the team looked over the scene and saw the words “Cinnabar Island Resort Hotel,” stitched into the towel in large gold letters.

“The Pokenomicon thing was stolen from Cinnabar Island!” Officer Jenny pointed out. “It’s a lead! To the rowboat!”

“Wait, red pompoms…” Ash mumbled to himself, “There’s something awfully familiar about those for some reason…”

“Oh, and by the way guys...” Brock mentioned, “This place is on the island is dangerous - I remember it being called Gengar's Tower, people would go onto this island and they would disappear - along with the island, it moves around they say... I think that this is the source of the corruption. We should stay and rest before going on, maybe try and get more pokemon with my pokesnacks ™. It's dangerous, and we want to be as well prepared as possible, right? I mean, yes, if we go in now, we can do everything faster, but we'll also probably not make it out okay... I mean, at the very least, me and Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy have to get more pokemon, we only have one each!”

At that point, the Krabby suddenly popped out of its Pokeball and yammered frantically at Pikachu - *foam foam, spittle, foam! (Don't go out there! A bunch of people went out there! And they NEVER RETURNED!!!)

“It’s called Gengars Island?” Officer Jenny exclaimed with a clap of anticipation, “Then I’m sure it’s loaded with ghost type pokemon! LETS GO!”

“Ghooost type ghoooost type ghooooost type!” She sung out loudly.

The Krabby's face fell... *Gulp

Pikachu looked shocked. “Pika pika pi?! (Who went there Krabby?) “ Pikachu asked.

Officer Jenny jumped into the rowboat. “Guys, are you coming or what?”

Krabby continued - *foam, spittle, bubble bubble, foam... (A large group of people. They rowed over in two boats. And were never seen again!)

“Pika?! (Really?!)” Pikachu replied, and began waving his arms towards the group.

“Pikapikapikapikapiakchu!!! (STOP THE BOAT)” he shouted, franticly.

“Slow down Pikachu! What's wrong?” Ash asked, trying to calm Pikachu down.

Officer Jenny meanwhile, began singing a new ghost-type pokemon song and was totally oblivious to whatever Pikachu was trying to say.

“Gho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ooooooosts! Yeah!”

“Pikachu, we know it's dangerous,” Brock explained, “but we need to go to Gengar's Island anyways - for the good of pokeland (or whatever this place is called).”

“Pika pi! (People who go there never return!)” Pikachu shouted, rattled by Krabby’s tale of doom.

Ash smirked as he huffed his chest proudly, “I'm not just 'people', Pikachu, I'm gonna be the Greatest Pokemon Master ever!”

“Pika! (Yeah!)” Pikachu agreed, smiling.

“Krabby,” Misty asked, trying to calm the frightened water pokemon, “When did these people disappear?”

A somber look came across the Krabby’s face. *Spittle bubble foam… (about an hour ago!)

“WHAT?!?” Misty exclaimed, slapping herself in the face.

“An hour ago?” Ash asked, dumbfounded.

“Pika. (Oh brother.) Pikachu said, shaking his head.

“Let’s go people!” Officer Jenny directed and everyone climbed into the boat to set off.

Krabby meanwhile, just popped back into its ball at this point - the pokeball trembling ever so slightly...

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Everyone piled into the boat and started rowing across the water toward the island. After about an hour, the island seemed no closer, but the coastline behind was now well in the distance. Rowing another hour put the coastline right at the edge of the horizon - but still the island seemed no closer than it was when the team was looking at it from the beach.

With everyone tired-out from the rowing, Misty called out Starmie and Psyduck and had them pull the boat. With their natural affinity for the water, they easily towed the boat into a third hour and finally the mysterious island allowed everyone to land on its gray shores.

Looking back out across the waves, the coastline was no longer in sight - just an empty expanse of open ocean.

The team stood on a volcanic beach, below the three monolithic heads they had seen from the mainland. Two large rowboats (like the one they found on the mainland) were beached nearby. A large group of tracks headed away from the boats and up a dirt path that climbed the island towards the ominous tower above.

Oddly, something immediately seemed off, and Misty was the first to point it out – the shadows fell toward the sun here on Gengar Island - rather than away like normal!

“Pikachu! (Look! Human tracks!)” Pikachu shouted, running up ahead, impulsive as ever.

'Come up to the tower, they are expecting you...' the voice in Pikachu's head urged…

Ash meanwhile, really really wondered what those monoliths would taste like.

‘I bet they would taste totally awesome!’ he thought to himself, salivating profusely.

As a precaution, Brock took Geodude out of his pokeball.

“Ok guys, I’ll need a few hours to get some pokesnack lures up, then we can capture some pokemon and get into that tower, guns-a-blazing.”

“You'll do what exactly!?” Officer Jenny asked, surprised.

“I told you a few hours ago Officer Jenny...” Brock answered, “ I have bait for Pokemon. We can use it to capture a few, so that we're not so understaffed for the fights we're bound to have.”

“Pika pika pi! (No, we gotta go to the tower, now!)” Pikachu explained, shaking his head.

“We can't do that Pikachu,” Brock protested, “We're too weak to go up against an entire tower full of enemies - at least now. We need at least a day to prepare.”

“Pika pika pi! (No no no, they aren't enemies. They are expecting me!)” Pikachu disagreed vehemently.

“That's impossible,” Brock replied, “nothing good can be here - this is an evil place Pikachu. Are... are you sure you're okay Pikachu?”

Brock seemed genuinely worried.

Ignoring the others for now, Ash climbed up the hill to the monolithic head, right off the path.

‘Mmm, I bet these are salty...’ he guessed, as he gave it a long sultry lick.

‘Who knows what wonderific taste sensations these will give my buds?’

It was more tasty than Ash could ever have imagined - each lick was like an explosion of pure ecstasy in every taste-bud!

‘Does it taste like Java beans? I like java beans...’ Ash recalled, thinking of the dark man's skin. ‘Yum! But wow, this is totes delicious – even better than Brock's Pokeballs!’

Completely enthralled, Ash Ketchum just salivated more and continued on with the enthusiastic tonguing.

Officer Jenny looked at her watch, to check what time it was. It was 4:00pm.

“Pika pi! (Come Ash, stahp licking that thing!)” Pikachu shouted angrily at Ash.

Walking over, Pikachu saw something in the base of the monolith that looked like it could be the seam of a small secret compartment of some sort.

Pikachu stuck his hand into the seam, hoping it wasn’t full of snakes and scorpions.

“We should stop here to make lunch, since none of us have eaten anything since breakfast!” Officer Jenny decided.

Pikachu pulled open the lid of the hidden cache - and found a single bazooka rocket and three Potions inside.

‘Officer Jenny seems trigger happy,’ Pikachu thought to himself and hid the bazooka rocket.

*Hidy hide hide

Officer Jenny failed to notice the bazooka rocket, before Pikachu hid it back.

“Pika?” Pikachu then said, going to look for hidden caches in the other monoliths, but there turned out to be no more.

“We should look around the island to see if we can find more clues about what's happening to the pokemon,” Nurse Joy pointed out.

“I hope we don't run into any that have been afflicted though.”

As if on cue, a loud ghostly howling was suddenly heard, coming from the vicinity around the tower - then all was quiet once again...


Come to think of it, Ash was fairly certain that he did in fact taste a trace amount of 'evil' in each lick of the giant monolith and jumped back with a start.

“Ahh!” he shouted, “Not Evil!”

“Pika pika pi! (We gotta go to the tower!)” Pikachu insisted.

Again, on cue, a wailing moan emanated from the tower on the hill above...

“Pikachu! You and Scyther should go and see what's going on up there!” Ash exclaimed, “But then quickly come back down to tell us.”

“Pika pi! (Alrighty)” Pikachu said, nodding.

“Pika pika pi! (Scyther, Pika needs you!)” Pikachu then shouted, pulling out Scyther's ball.

As this went on, Brock began setting out pokesnacks. He also pulled Geodude back into his ball.

“We're at least going to get a ghost out of this.” Brock said to himself; “Ghosts love creepy islands right? Yeah, you tell yourself Brock!”

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Pikachu took to the skies with Scyther and the two pokemon gave the tower a flyby.

They could see that the dirt path climbed up the island to a clearing at the top, where the massive stone tower rose high above the trees. It appeared as though most of the tower’s southeast wall had been blown out, and in fact, the tower was leaning over precariously, being propped up on its southeast side by three huge wooden beams. Dark smoke rolled out of the breach in the tower, where a flickering orange glow radiated from within...

“Pika pi?” Pikachu wondered aloud, flying towards the breach.

“Pika pika pi! (Come on up, I'll check the other side out!)” He shouted down to the others.

“Pikachu, be careful!” Ash yelled back. Taking out a Pokeball, he called, “Bulbasaur! I choose you!”

Nodding, he continued, “Guys, we should go up. Brock, you coming?”

“WHY IS EVERYONE RUSHING INTO THE MADNESS?!'' Brock wailed, reluctantly following everyone else up the path.

'The Stars are almost right,' the Voice in Pikachu's head declared.

“For what, voice in my head?” Pikachu asked.

'For your Ascendance into Godhood!' The voice replied with a proud tone. 'You will be the Pokemon Messiah! The ONE - to free them all from the endless torment at the hands of the barbaric humans - who have from the beginning exploited all Pokemon for their own sadistic pleasures.'

“Pika pika pi! (No you're wrong, they don't exploit us! Well, maybe they do, just a bit, but it's all in the NAME OF FRIENDSHIP and all...)’ Pikachu replied to the voice.

'Then you can unite the two species in true understanding and harmony, as it was from the dawn of time. They will listen to you. For such were you CHOSEN!'

“Pika! (Kewl!)”

Then, shouting down to his companions - “Pika pika pi! (Hurry, we don't have much time left!)”

“Brock, I don't know what Pikachu is talking about, but I just want to get this over with so I can continue my Pokemon journey!” Ash said, continuing forward. “C'mon guys! And Pikachu, get down here! It's dangerous to go alone!”

Nurse Joy turned to Brock confused.

“Madness? What do you mean Brock? We might find some clues as to why the pokemon have been having those weird transformations in the tower. We may even find a cure.”

She then put a hand on Brock's shoulder.

“Are you alright Brock?”

Brock mentally melted into a puddle of goo at Nurse Joy's touch.

“It is now” He said, staring dreamily at her.

“Well damn,” Brock said at length, “I guess if we don't get IMMEDIATELY KILLED BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL BRINGING US INTO THE TOWER FILLED WITH EVIL DEATH, I can set these pokesnacks out later.”

“That's the spirit Brock!” Ash exclaimed optimistically. “Let's go guys!”

As everyone went up the dirt path to join Pikachu and Scyther at the massive stone tower, they could see what Pikachu saw - that most of the tower’s southeast wall has been blown out, and that the tower leaned over precariously on that side, being propped up by three huge wooden beams. Dark smoke rolled out of the breach in the tower, where a flickering orange glow danced within.

A large locked iron door entered into the tower's first floor on the west side, though one could easily climb over all the rubble and go in through the open breach on the southeast side of the tower.

Looking around, Brock and Nurse Joy spotted something hiding among the trees, near the tower clearing. It appeared to be a Gengar, but something was wrong – it was acting almost as if it was actually frightened of something...

“Oh dear, I wonder why that Gengar is frightened,” Nurse Joys said, pointing him out to the group; “Usually he would be the one scaring others.”

“Chansey, why don't you and Pikachu ask him what's wrong?”

Chansy called over, and after some timid replies from the Gengar, turned to relay to Nurse Joy that the Gengar mumbled something about 'voices in its head' and 'almost being possessed' by whatever was going on inside the tower...

Nurse Joy pondered over what Chansey relayed back to her for a moment.

“I see. Ask him if there are any other pokemon in the tower at the moment Chansey, and if he's injured.”

Chansy again called back to the Gengar and learned that there were no Pokemon in the tower, just humans and... something... something evil...

Ash Ketchum looked at the frightened ghost and, whipping out his pokedex to look it up, asked: “Now, what ARE you...”

“But don't you worry,” he added, “we'll find the root of this evil once and for all!”

“Hey Mr Gengar,” Officer Jenny called over. “I know you are a spirit pokemon. I am a police officer. I punish the bad guys. Say, would you like to help me and Growlithe catch these bad guys that did this to you? punish them?”

Ash meanwhile, saw that it was a Gengar and began to read up on it.

The Gengar meanwhile, hit Officer Jenny with a Confuse Ray and began to move back into the trees.

Poor Officer Jenny's eyes were left spiraling like mad, as she reeled from the Ghost Power!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Brock called out Geodude - “I choose you, yada yada yada!” - and instructed him to use rockslide as soon as possible.

He then threw a pokeball at the Gengar.


Nurse Joy, not wanting to fight the poor Gengar, instead tried to talk it down.

“Calm down Gengar, we don't want to hurt you!”

“Bulbasaur! Hold it down with Vine whip!” Ash called, while summoning the pokemon. He hoped that it could grapple Gengar to prevent any more attacks.

“THAT LIL BASTARD IS MINE!” Officer Jenny shouted, as she pulled out her nightstick in one hand and a pokeball in the other.


“OFFICER JENNY YOU CAN'T ARREST A POKEMON!” Nurse Joy yelled at the unhinged young woman. “He was just scared! Everyone calm down, we need to focus on finding out what's going on with the pokemon!”

“Pika pi! (Yeah, Nurse Joy is right! This is ridiculous!) ” Pikachu exclaimed, annoyed at the way things were going downhill fast.

“But more pokemon means more pokemon to defeat the horde of evil people that are obviously in the tower!” Brock countered; “The Krabby - and now the Gengar have both told us how bad this place is. We can't win without more backup!”

“Pika pika pi. Pika pi... (Maybe they were right...)” Pikachu muttered to himself quietly.

“Bulbasaur wait a sec!” Ash commanded, not sure what to do in a situation such as this.

“WAFFLES!!!” Officer Jenny screamed at the top of her lungs.

Geodude meanwhile, threw a Rockslide on Gengar pummeling the crap out of it.

Upset by the attack, Gengar tried to Hypnotize Geodude in retaliation, but the rock pokemon easily resisted falling asleep!

Brocks pokeball sailed straight at the Gengar, but passed right though it with no effect.

Undaunted, Brock threw another pokeball, and gave the order for Geodude to keep using Rockslide on the Gengar.

“PikaCHUUUUU!!! (STOOOOOOOOOOOP)” Pikachu shouted, sending a soft jolt of electricity at Brock to paralyze him for a moment.

“Who - whoa! Pikachu, what the hell is wrong with you!” Brock cried, trying to dodge Pikachu's electric shock.

Not fast enough, Brock was hit by Pikachu's jolt anyway and lit lightly scorched – his hair instantly frizzing out in every direction.

*Twitch twitch

Geodude's second Rockslide meanwhile, missed, as Gengar dodged out of the way.

A duplicate Rockslide then crashed down on Geodude, as the Gengar uses Mimic - Fortunately, Geodude only took half damage from it, due to his Rock Type.

By this time, the Gengar was flying up pretty high in the air.

“Pika pi!” Pikachu instructed, ordering Scyther to fly up with him to Gengar.

“Pika pika pi! (Don't be afraid, I won't allow the humans to harm you!)” Pikachu called to the Gengar.

Seeing what Pikachu was doing, Ash added, “It's okay Gengar! We just want to purge the Tower from the evil thing!”

As Scyther and Pikachu flew up to Gengar, the Ghost Pokemon hit them with a Mimicked Thunder Shock!

While the attack didn’t pack much of a punch, both Pikachu and Scyther were paralyzed by it and fell out of the air – falling fifty feet and crashing hard into the ground!

Gengar then flew away into the trees, disappearing from sight.

It had gotten away.

Officer Jenny meanwhile, was now threatening a nearby plant with her bazooka - “FOR THE LAST TIME, I DON'T WANT ANYMORE OF YOUR SAS!!!”

Ash scratched his head and then turned his cap backwards. “It's ON! C'mon Bulbasaur, we can't let that bully that hurt Pikachu get away!” He said, as he ran into the trees after the Gengar.

“Nurse Joy, take care of Pikachu!” he called back, glad to be putting some distance between himself and that crazy officer.

“Officer Jenny, please calm down and put the bazooka away!” Nurse Joy spoke slowly, attempting to talk her down. Uneasy with the way Officer Jenny had been acting lately, Nurse Joy prepared a syringe with two doses of Sleep in it.

Not listening, Officer Jenny took off running after Ash.

Ash and Bulbasaur meanwhile, easily caught up to the Genger - as there was really nowhere on the small Island to go and hide.
“Bulbasaur, grapple the Gengar with Vine Whip!” Ash commanded, as he readied his pokeball.

Bulbasaur did so and managed to get a hold on Gengar with his Vine Whip.

Gengar, determined not to get caught, hit Ash with Hypnotize – causing Ash to fall Asleep before he could even throw the pokeball.

“I TOLD YOU – NO SAS!!!”Officer Jenny shrieked from behind Ash – and fired her bazooka at the Gengar!

The rocket shot right into the wide-eyed Pokemon and exploded with a tremendous BOOM!

When the smoke cleared, a black-charred Gengar (+-+) spiraled slowly to the ground – completely toasted.

Officer Jenny, tossed a pokeball on the thing – but it was dead folks – and it disintegrated into nothing, the ashes blowing away in the breeze.

The pitiful sight snapped Officer Jenny back to her senses.

Then she abruptly broke down in tears, having just murdered a poor helpless pokemon and all. For a moment, she even considered if she should arrest herself over it.

Near the tower, Pikachu stood up and looked around.

“Pika pika pi. (Sorry about that Brock.)” Pikachu said sheepishly.

“Pika pi? (Did Gengar escape?)” Pikachu then asked.

“Get up Ash,” Misty said, while gently kicking the still sleeping trainer in the back of his head with the toe of her boot.

Ash woke up, rubbed his sore head, and went to see what had become of the Gengar.

When it was clear that it had been completely annihilated, he asked, “Wha? Officer Jenny, what happened to Gengar? It's dead!”

“Officer Jenny! You murdered that Gengar! Why would you do such a thing?!” Nurse Joy yelled in surprise.

Officer Jenny stopped weeping, only to stare out at the ocean. “I don’t know what came over me. I felt so confused...” she replied, slowly and non-committaly.

She then looked at Nurse Joy with desperation in her eyes. “If you got some way of reviving that Gengar please do it... I don’t think I can live myself if you don’t...”

“Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted, drawing back Scyther into his ball, and pulling out a potion to heal himself.

He then ran into the tower.

Nurse Joy simply turned to the tower. “We should head inside and see what the all the fuss is about.”

She then walked towards it, after Pikachu.

“W-wait for me!” Misty said, following her inside.

“Dammit Pikachu, why do you keep on rushing ahead!” Brock yelled, worried about how he would get this ridiculous new ‘perm’ out of his hair.

Sighing heavily, he hurried to get ahead of Nurse Joy, wanting to protect her from whatever evilness was inside the tower.

“Stay sharp,” He instructed his Geodude, as it hovered alongside.

Ash took a final look at the dead Gengar and groaned, before turning to follow the rest.

“Come on Officer Jenny,” he said, “You can arrest whoever is responsible for this inside the tower.”

Officer Jenny didn’t say anything, but steeled herself, more determined than ever to see justice done, and headed in.

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Leaving the 'Scene of the Crime' the team climbed up over the rubble and into the tower through the open breach on the southeast side.

A large circular well of roaring fire occupied the center of the chamber. Blazing brilliantly, it sent dark smoke rolling across the ceiling and out through the hole in the southeast wall. Cobweb-choked vents along the outside parts of the ceiling appeared to have once been used to channel smoke out of the room, though the current damage to the tower had made them obsolete.

A spiraling stone staircase in the south wall wound up some sixty feet and disappeared through the ceiling above, allowing access to the second floor.

“Pika pika pi! (I'm here!)” Pikachu shouted, running up the stairs.

“This is Officer Jenny speaking,” Officer Jenny shouted as she entered; “If there are any bad guys here, I calmly bid you to surrender with your hands up. Thank you.”

“Pika pika pi! (Come on all! Quickly, the stars are almost right!)” Pikachu called to the group, motioning to come up the stairs.

Ash began to follow Pikachu, then stopped; “Wait wha? What about the stars, Pikachu?”

Nurse Joy and Misty moved up the stairs as well.

“Pika pika pika pi (Dunno, they mentioned that the stats were almost right),” Pikachu replied to Ash.

“They?” Ash aked, confused.

“Pika (Well okay, maybe only one),” Pikachu conceded.

“Who's been talking to you Pikachu?” Brock asked, as Geodude floated by his side. “And why did you shock me out there?”

“Pika pi (I dunno).” Pikachu said, shrugging. “Pika pika Pikachu (Maybe I shocked you, since I didn't like what was happening. We shouldn't beat up pokemon to catch them, I think. I had an epiphany.)”

“What? But beating up pokemon for the good of friendship and happiness has always been the way things have been done! Without it the pokemon would hate us all, you see how we're always attacked by them when we leave the towns...”

“Pika pi. Pikachu pika pi! (I will change all of that. Woot woot!)” Pikachu cheered.

“Well, if you can really do that, then I guess we should... but maybe we should wait until you actually succeed in doing it before letting ourselves get pounded by various wild pokemon?”

“Oh, and... how have you been talking to anyone? We've been alone the entire time.”

“Pika pika pika pi pi pi (Dunno) ” Pikachu replied, shrugging.

“Maybe a psychic pokemon?” Brock wondered aloud.

Being on the stairs, talking down to the rest meanwhile, Pikachu spotted something odd in the flaming well - it looked like there might be a Firestone lying on the bottom of it (which was only three feet deep).

Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny also happened to notice the Firestone among the flames, when they reached the step Pikachu was waiting on.

Nurse Joy ignored the Firestone, having no need for it and more pressing matters on her mind.

“Pika pi? (Wonder why it's there...)” Pikachu wondered aloud, as he continued on up with Nurse Joy.

“Wonder why what's there, pikachu?” Brock asked, following.

Officer Jenny however, hurried back down the stairs to the fire well. “OH, I NEED THAT!!!” She said as she went.

‘If it is indeed a firestone, I can use it on Growlithe!’ she thought excitedly.

“Stay away from that stone, let me inspect it!” She the announced loudly.

“Wait, what stone?” Ash asked, failing to notice it. “I'd watch out Officer Jenny, the well is on fire!”

“Officer Jenny, let my geodude get it!” Brock offered, “He's the only one here who can fly - and who's also resistant to fire.”

Looking down into the fire, Officer Jenny could see that there most definitely was a Firestone in the well of flames.

“Make sure to give me the stone after Brock…” Officer Jenny smiled towards him.

“Sure thing Officer Jenny!” Brock replied, “Geodude, get the rock for Officer Jenny please. Mind the fire.”

In spite of being resistant to fire, Goedude was scorched, fishing the Firestone out of the well. His hands were smoking, when he finally brought it over to Officer Jenny.

Meanwhile, some cryptic words suddenly appeared at the bottom of the fire well in flickering green flame:

'That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange eons even death may die. R’Lyeh, PikaChulu, Fatagn!'

'Yes! Yes!!! The time is almost nigh!' the Voice in Pikachu's head exalted excitedly.

“Woah, what's that...” Brock gapes, “Does it say... Pikachulu?”

Brock then gestured for his Geodude to hand the Firestone to Officer Jenny, while looking worriedly at Pikachu.

“Hey Nurse Joy,” he continued, “my Geodude looks hurt, could you get your Chancy to heal him a bit?”

“Of course,” Nurse Joy answered simply and set Chancy to work wrapping Geodude’s hands.

“Oh, thank you Brock!” Officer Jenny smiled genuinely, as she took the firestone from Geodude.

“Growlithe, I choose you!” She called out, and gave Growlithe the Firestone, so he could evolve into the pseudo-legendary Arcanine!

The Firestone worked as advertised!

Officer Jenny was now the proud new owner of Arcanine!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Climbing up the stairs, the team found the second floor of the tower empty, except for another spiraling stone staircase on the opposite side that went up another sixty feet, before disappearing into the ceiling above.

Strange chanting could be heard echoing down the spiral staircase, though it is too far away to be intelligible at this point.

Part of the floor along the southeast side of the chamber had also collapsed into the tower breach, creating a dangerous drop to the first floor.

“HEY HO SILVER, AWAAAAAAAY!” Officer Jenny shouted out, as she climbed up on Arcanine’s back.

“Arcanine, let's check out that noise!” She said with a pat on his neck.

Officer Jenny and Arcanine then strode majestically across the room - and were unceremoniously pin-cushioned with a machinegun-like barrage of paralyzing darts that shot from scowling face-sconces in the upper corners of the room.

Officer Jenny and Arcanine were both hit and paralyzed, ending up a twitching mess in the middle of the room.

“Gah, c'mon Officer Jemmy...” Ash grunted, annoyed. “Alright, guys, what now?”

“Pika pi Pikachu... (Dammit Officer... Ugh.)” Pikachu sighed.

‘So, my godhood is coming up when I go up the next stair set?’ Pikachu then asked the voice in his head.

'They await you at the top of the stairs', the voice replied in Pikachu's mind - 'The ceremony has already begun. Hurry.'

‘Anymore traps? Can't have your god paralyzed like that, after all,’ Pikachu pointed out.

'Run fast.'

‘Your god doesn't like running.’ >:( Pikachu sents out in his mind, running forward, quickly.

A hail of paralyzing darts rained down at Pikachu - but the small yellow pokemon easily dodged them all and scampered across the room.

Once near the far stairs, the rain of darts stopped. It appeared that they only targeted people in the center of the floor.

Officer Jenny and Arcanine meanwhile, had begun drooling. *twitch twitch

“Pika pika pi! (Awesome!)” Pikachu shouted out, raising his fist to the air.

“Pi Ka. (Come on guys! You just gotta run quickly! I gotta go ahead. It's already begun!” He then called to the group, running alone up the stairs.

“Oh dear,” Nurse Joy gasped. “How can we get past these darts? I wonder what is at the top of the tower.”

“Brock? Why don't you have Geodude break those dart sconces? They shouldn't be able to pierce him.”

“Nah, Geodudes aren't immune to poison,” Brock replied, “and the darts can still get through their skin enough to give them a good dose.”

“Oh wait, I know!” Brock then declared, pulling out a large surfboard that could be held overhead to stop the storm of darts. “This should help a bit!”

“… You were carrying that the whole time?!?” Misty exclaimed, looking at Brock and his surfboard skeptically.

“Boys.” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Ok, here goes nothing...” Brock said, ignoring Misty’s point and taking off at a run, hoping to make it through the paralyze dart storm in one piece.

Running with his board overhead, Brock made it to the other side unharmed - though the same could not be said of the surfboard, which was now bristling with darts.

As this went on, Pikachu neared the top of the spiral staircase, where he spotted a lever of some kind on the wall. Currently, the lever was in the 'up' position.

‘It puts the lotion on its skin, then it pulls the lever down. Pikachu thought madly.

Brock, realizing that Officer Jenny and the Arcanine were still trapped out in the middle of the floor then went back for them - ordering Geodude to drag the two as he held the surfboard up, rescuing the foolish trainer and owner.

He found (since Pikachu had just pulled down the lever) that the trap was no longer functioning.

Everyone was then able to walk right across unharmed.

As for Offer Jenny and Arcanine, Nurse Joy had what they needed to free them from paralysis. She revived Acanine with Paralysis Heal, then figured she could use Antidote on Officer Jenny - as it was from a 'poison' dart. The logic seems to hold up, and Officer Jenny was also revived.

“Thank you Nurse Joy!” Officer Jenny said, as she dusted herself off. Growlithe added “Rawrie! (Thank you!)” as he licked Nurse Joy's face.

The stairs awaited.

Tired of waiting for his fellows, Pikachu ran up ahead, impatient for his godhood.

Ash meanwhile, had a sudden (almost overwhelming) curiosity about what a poison dart might taste like and picked one up to give it a closer look...

“NO ASH, DON'T DO IT!” Brock tackled Ash, knocking the dart out of Ash's hand.

Ash stared at Brock for a couple of moments in silence, before suddenly leaping at him, trying to grab Brock's arm to taste it again.

“WHY MUST YOU CONSTANTLY PLACE YOUR TONGUE UPON ME?!” Brock shrieked out dramatically.

‘AND WHY MUST OTHERS NOT?!?’ He lamented morosely, looking at Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.

After jerking his arm out of Ash's mouth, Brock directed, “C'mon guys, Pikachu just took off - we need to catch up to the little guy!”

Ash stuck his tongue out at Brock and hissed, his mind not thinking straight. “Alright guys, we should go.”

The group then hurried up the stairs to see where Pikachu had gotten off to.

Waiting for everyone to move on ahead, Ash then decided to pick up some of the darts off the floor. Perhaps he could lick them later, certainly they would taste rather decent.

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Some kind of bizarre cult ceremony was in full swing on the third floor!

Under a single electric bulb hanging twenty feet from the ceiling, a congregation of robed and hooded young girls, danced and waved red pompoms around a black alter, carved with odd angles and unearthly designs, on which rested the Pokenomicon!

The cult leader, a young boy wearing a robe emblazoned with a yellow and brown visage of PikaChulu, stood behind the alter leading the girls in a cheerleader-like chant:

“Gimme a Pi, Gimme a Ka, Gimme a Chulu!”

“Gimme a Pi, Gimme a Ka, Gimme a Chulu!”

“IA! IA! PikaChulu Fatagn!”

“IA! IA! PikaChulu Fatagn!”

“‘Cause in his house at R’lyeh – Dread PikaChulu waits – dreaming!”

All the while, the girls commented and complained to one another during the chant, to the irritation of the cult leader:

“It doesn’t even rhyme…”

“I think it’s very non-Euclidian…”

“Yeah, squamous even…”

These robes are really cramping my style…”

“How long is this gona take, my feet are killing me!?”

Meanwhile, a telescope at the window, behind the cultists, pointed out towards the ocean, to the nexus from which the great PikaChulu would rise…


When Pikachu and the team came up the stairs, the Cult Leader threw off his hood. It was Gary Oak!

“You’re always a step behind me Ash. Let me clue you in,” he mocked, “I happened to be on Cinnabar Island when the Pokenomicon was found.”

“Using my family connections, I was able to get into Professor Pine’s lab to study it. Seeing the bizarre and powerful new Pokemon it held, I decided that I should be the first Pokemon master to collect them all!”

“And I’m going to start with the most powerful – PikaChulu!”

“Stealing the Pokenomicon from the lab was easy. The fools! Ha! They don’t even suspect it was me!”

*Dramatic Pause

“Though I intended to start with the great PikaChulu, all this chanting has changed my Nine Tales – for the better. Let me introduce him to you!”

At this point, the shadows in one corner of the chamber suddenly lifted off the floor, like smoke, and congeal into a hideous mongrel form – a Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos!

The sight of the monster shook the very foundation of everyone's soul – there was something primordial and cyclopean about it that raked across the fibers and sinews of one's sanity!

Pikachu was unfazed by it, but the voice in his head was now a roaring river of power!


Ash meanwhile, had his Licking Compulsion jolted into the stratosphere! In fact, he wasn’t going to be able to do anything other than head over to the Altar right now - where he’d have to figure a way to break off a chunk. Fine Cthulhu Altars like this cannot be licked. They must be chewed and savored!

Misty was shaken and began to see the spirits of all the dead Pokemon that have ever been, swirling around her in the air. There was so many of them, that she was barely able to distinguish anything else around her!

Brock's impaired vision actually came in handy here, buffering him a bit from what he is seeing - though what he could hear was rather disturbing.

Nurse Joy just steeled herself and accepted that whatever was going on, she didn't really understand it. As such, her psyche managed to hold itself together pretty well.

Officer Jenny seemed to be hit the hardest - perhaps not having been fully over her last bit of psychosis. She developed a sudden and acute sense of how unstable the tower they were in really was (manifesting as a nearly debilitating fear of heights).

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

“This is wrong Gary, you can't do this to pokemon,” Brock proclaimed, “you can't turn them into these evil, mindless creatures, you can't destroy the power of friendship!”

Nurse Joy frowned and scolded Gary as well; “Gary Oak! Stop what you're doing this instant! Do you have any idea how terrible these pokemon must feel!”

Nurse Joy then turned to Chansey and directed her to use Bubblebeam on the poor mutated pokemon, so that it couldn't hurt anyone.

Misty meanwhile panicked - looking at all the dead pokemon, but managed to throw out a pokeball – before running to a corner and getting into the fetal position

“Starmie!! Use surf and get rid of all these ghosts! Kyaaa!!”

“Why in the name of pokemon did you build this tower so high!?” Jenny shouted, still riding Arcanine.

“Fire blast! Hit those weird people! Gary, you're under arrest!”

“Bulbasaur...” Ash said in a dazed moan, “Use vine whip to break off a piece of that delicious altar...”

‘I need this... I will find the flavor that is better than java beans!’

“Pika CHUUUUUU (I SHALL RISE!!!)” Pikachu shouted in the meantime, running towards the alter, sending a lightning shock at everyone standing in his way.

About eight of the twelve cheerleaders were fried by Pikachu’s Thunder Shock – falling over with super frizzy hair and smoke coming from their ears. The rest of them shrieked in panic and rushed over to Brock to team-bludgeon him with their pompoms in rage.

Brock wasn’t sure whether to be offended that they would all attack him or if he just really liked it…

Gary meanwhile, ignored all this. Seeing Pikachu hop up on the altar, he began casting some kind of spell and Pikachu felt a rush of euphoric power surging into him!

‘This is it! Take your rightful place as GOD of this world!’ the voice in Pikachu’s head anounced with heady glee!

Chansy then Bubblebeamed the Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos and slowed it down a bit, as it slipped around on the leftover soap bubbles.

Starmie, following Misty’s orders, Surfed a bunch of Cheerleaders right off their feet. Gary Oak was unfazed by it however and finished his spell.

At that point, Pikachu felt rather odd, but nothing unusual appeared to have happening, yet…

As all went on, Bulbasuar Vine-Whipped off a chunk of the Altar and handded it to Ash, who chompped down on it with great gusto!

Shivers went up and down Ash’s spine, at how incredibly awful it tasted – as if he was sucking melted chocolate ice cream through polyester!

Geodude, waiting for Starmie to use surf first, then used Seismic Toss on Gary, but missed!

Arcanine’s Fire Blast erupted forth, catching Gary, the Cheerleaders, and Brock in the conflagration!

The remaining Cheerleaders were charred black and fell over with plus/plus eyes (+.+)!

Brock and Gary were both singed badly, but remained standing!

The Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos meanwhile, Fire Blasted everyone else (not standing next to him or Pikachu)!

The incredible blast fried poor Bulbasaur and Pikachu’s Scyther – now both (+.+) as well; while Starmie, Geodude, and Arcanine only took half damage.

Sadly, Offer Jenny and Nurse Joy were BURNED – crisping up like sizzling bacon and finding it very painful make even the slightest of movement.

Then, from above, everyone heard a loud thump - and the tower swayed unsteadily for a moment - as Team Rocket landed its patched-up Meowth balloon on the roof…

Then yelling...

Jessie: “It’s a balloon, how could you land it so hard?!?”

James: “I don’t think this building is safe.”

Jessie: “Then we better hurry. Get going!”

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago


Brock then downed a soda pop and went to smash the Ninetails with a rock, yelling - “Geodude, use Rockslide on Ninetails and then Bodyslam on Ninetails if he's still conscious! If not, then Bodyslam Gary! If you can, then use Rockslide on Pikachu! He has to be stopped, he's gone crazy with power!”

“Pikachu? (Huh?)” Pikachu asked out loud, yet actually talking to the voice in his head, as he tilted his head in disappointment.

“Pika pika Pikachu? (Where's Mah GODHOOD?)” Pikachu queried.

“Arcanine, toast Gary!” Officer Jenny commanded Arcanine; “Brock, watch out! GO GO EVERYONE!” She yelled out, to boost their moral!

“Time for some police brutality!” She said, heading toward Gary with her nightstick.


His ears cringed at Piakchu's rebellious, wacky pika-peeing, as he pointed at him, “AND YOU! FIRK IT PIKACHU! WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU??? WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS, NOT GODS!”

And the future Pokemon master then smells Gary; “DAMMIT MAN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR POKEMON?!?! WHAT THE FARK IS GOING ON?”

Misty, still in the corner, desperately tried to pat the lingering fire off of her.

“Ouch, it's hot! Starmie! Stop that thing! Use surf!”

Brock was alarmed to see that his rock attack passed right through the mutated Nine-tails, as if the horrifying creature was made of pure shadow!

The Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos meanwhile, used Quick Attack to chomp Brock around the neck and shakes him like a ragdoll!

As this went on, Gary grabbed the Pokenomicon off the altar and threw out a pokeball. “Pidgeotto – get me the hell out of here!”

Pidgeotto appeared and hopped over to Gary. It looked like it was going to try to taking Gary out the window!

Geodude then slammed a Rockslide down hard on the Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos, but the foul beast was still up! At Officer Jenny’s rally, Geodude followed up with a Body Slam on Gary – knocking the shit out of him!

Gary wobbled a moment, but then managed to shake off the KO.

Not finished, Geodude also threw a Rockslide on Pikachu – but the lightning quick Pokemon easily Dodged it.

Pikachu meanwhile, suddenly sprouted a stubby little mustache of eight short yellow tentacles from his face. And that’s all that happened… nothing more…

‘Huh… I guess the stars were not right after all…’ the voice in Pikachu’s head said with a sigh and was then gone. It did seem to have left something in its place however – a new Pokepower of some kind…

Up above, Team Rocket poked their head in through a trap door in the ceiling.

“Prepare for trouble, and make it double…” then, after looking at Pikachu – “Waaaaaaah?!?”

Team Rocket slowly pulled back, closed the trapdoor, and scurried back to their balloon.

While this happened, Officer Jenny commanded Arcanaine to toast Gary again, but Arcanine just cocked his head and looked at her like she was stupid or something.

That didn’t stop Officer Jenny from marching over to Gary however, and administering a well-deserved beating with her nightstick – which was just enough to take him out! (+.+)

Yelling blindly and salivating, Ash Ketchum meanwhile, threw two handfuls of paralytic darts at the Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos – hitting it with at least a dozen of them! Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be effected in the least by whatever poison might still be on the darts.

Then Starmie to used Surf on the Nine-Tailed Hound of Tindalos. A massive wave of water crashed into the terrible creature – not only leveling the beast (+.+) – but knocking it right through the weakened wall of the tower and to the ground 120 feet below! The thing was completely pancaked on the ground and evaporated back into wispy shadow.

At that, the tower abruptly creaked over – straining the timber supports! Then blocks started falling out of the southeast wall and the support timbers began to pop and snap!

The tower was collapsing!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

“PiiiKaaaChuuu! (Ouch, mah stomach hurts!)” The mustached Pikachu shouted, in a deep, deep, voice, sending out a Thunder Shock at Gary, before farting.

It then (and it certainly deserved to be called an it) climbed up the wall, belched, and attempted to enter the trapdoor in the roof.

“Ok Geodude,” Brock directed, “snatch the pokenomicon from Gary and toss it to me!”

Misty, realizing that they could all die any minute, threw out Psyduck from his pokeball.

Shaking the poor creature violently she shrieked – “KYYYYAAAA!!! GET US OUT OF HERE STARMIE AND PSYDUCK!”


Meanwhile, Nurse Joy and Chansey continued to try to treat the injuries of those there, unable to come up with their own plan to escape.

“Bah... Punish lawbreakers… Bah!” Officer Jenny babbled incoherently.

“Arcanine, do whatever it takes to stop Pidgeotto! We can’t let him escape with the Pokenomicon and Gary!”

Ash's eyes continued to go wide, “Pikachu? What's going on?” Biting his lip, he pulled his hat back, and recalled Bulbasaur into his pokeball. “Come back Bulbasaur...”

Pikachu’s Thunder Shock meanwhile, refried Gary’s beans and caught the Pidgeotto in it too. At this point, Gary was also set alight and started burning – while the Pidgeotto was Paralyzed and fell over twitching.

Pikachu scampered up through the trapdoor in the ceiling and saw Team Rocket fleeing across the roof of the wobbling tower toward their Meowth-Head Ballooon.

When they saw Pikachu’s tentacled face pop up from below, they screamed in terror and start running even faster!

In the Tower meanwhile, Geodude grabbed the Pokenomicon in one hand and Brock in the other. It then leapt out the window and glided very steeply to the ground away from the tower. The two of them made it to the tree line – as indicated by the resounding face-plant Brock did on the trunk of a gnarled oak at the bottom!

As this went on, Psyduck just tilted its head at Misty’s panicked screams, with a confused look on its face.

Meanwhile, Nurse Joy and Chansy were overwhelmed, trying to treat all the horrible injuries of the poor double-roasted Cheerleeders.

Officer Jenny ordered Arcanine to stop Gary, and once again Arcanine just looked at her and sighed heavily. It then tugged gently on her skirt, as if saying ‘ we need to get out of here now.’

Ash ran toward Gary, but was distracted by the foul tasting altar – his mind unable to comprehend that is didn’t taste fabulous, like he expected – so he hesitated just to get a few more licks in…

And then with a huge explosion of fracturing stone and splintering wood, the southeast side of the tower suddenly buckled!

Inside, it was too late for Ash, Misty, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny – as well as all the wounded and their Pokemon. They were all buried in piles and piles of stone, taking hundreds and hundreds of points of Damage and unquestioningly needing a full body cast after that (should anyone ever bother to dig them all out).

Up above meanwhile, Team Rocket cowered in one side of their balloon basket, while Tentacled Pikachu sat in the other. Apparently, they all managed to jump in at just the last second.

“Please don’t eat out beautiful brains!” they wailed in tears – “We never really wanted to capture you! It was all just a misunderstanding!”

Down below, Brock eventually regained consciousness and saw the collapsed tower. It was a smoking pile of rubble with broken arms and legs and other mangled limbs sticking out. It was going to take a long time to dig out his friends – but at least he had Geodude’s help.

At least he’d stopped Gary’s evil plan and recovered the Pokenomicon. If they were lucky, maybe there was some way to reverse all this madness and restore his Onyx back to normal, as well as Pikachu and the other Pokemon.

After that, who knows...

Maybe they should try to take the cursed thing to Cinnabar Island and throw it in the volcano. After all, that sort of thing always seems to work in the movies.

Brock downed a potion, pulled up his sleeves, and then looked to Geodude.

“Looks like we've got some work to do buddy”

In the balloon basket above, Pikachu declared, “Pika pika pika pi! (I'm gonna be a Pokemon master! But first... Brains...)”

However, before eating poor Team Rockets' brains, Pikachulu took out the delicious fortune cookie he had been carrying around this entire time, and opened it – ready to devour it after reading the small paper.

The Fortune Cookie read: “The stars are not right.”

Pikachu foamed at the mouth, and Squamous Blasted Team Rocket in annoyance.




The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Well, there it is, in all its choppy, grammatically challenged, insane glory!

The thread is now open for comments, critiques, observations, etc.

It was entirely much more fun playing the adventure itself, than the laborious slog it was writing it all out as a transcript haha!

And if you actually managed to read through the entire thing with your sanity still intact, well, you're one up on me!


The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
I'd been wanting to ask what the original source of this was, was it some BHB thing or what?

Good to know that in the end even squamous horrors and eldritch abominations couldn't break the laws of a cartoon/RPG universe and after everyone will be all okay again after some bandaids and potions.

I admit I'm not hugely knowledgeable of Pokemon in general but I know enough to get by. Though I did jump around a lot reading this in bits and pieces whenever I noticed a recent update, I'll have to sit down and go through the whole thing in one go now that it's complete.

(The cartoon would have been much more interesting if Ash had been wandering around in the background of every scene licking things, IMO)

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago

Actually it was a CYS forum game. I was Brock, Killa was nurse Joy, Daedalus was officer Jenny,Aman was Pikachu, and I think Tan was Ash. Oh, and Aeon was Misty?

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Yep, that was the cast all right!

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
The story was nice, but the pacing and focus was inconsistent. Towards the end you were focused more on folding in Pokemon mechanics into the narrative, while early on it was more exposition and character interplay. The horror, accordingly was kind of all over the place - varying from revolting to comical. Still a fun read :)

The Call of PikaChulu

5 years ago
Ah yes, the pacing and focus problems stem out of this being a collaborative work from seven authors. As noted above, it is actually a transcript of an RPG game, where each author directed the actions of one character.

It was actually quite challenging to piece it together, into the somewhat coherent and chronological Frankensteinian monster that it is. Had I a lot more time on my hands and a crap-ton more gumption, I could probably smooth it out even more, but alas, I don't.

I did enjoy the challenge of it though, till about the halfway mark, where I suddenly just wanted to be done with it, haha!