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lots of people can play your game

18 years ago
If you want lots of people to play your game, like they play mine. I suggest going on message boards and posting a link to your game. I posted my insult eminem game on the eminem message board, and now I have all these infidels who play my game, and leave me bad comments, see for yourself, I did it only a couple days ago. To find out how to to link just cut and paste, under add game afetr you log on to your games page.

re:lots of people can play your game

18 years ago
What's up Binnie?
Hey I tried to do exactly what you suggested here and only got one lousy extra comment on my game...! Any other suggestions to get people to check it out??

March more than meets the eye

18 years ago
theres more than what appears, checking around on stats we see that 32 visitors on the first day of links played your games all the way through they just chose not to leave a comment, however one did leave a comment on their web site at fun school or something Alex has the link, to show you. Any way Alex will fill you in.