CYS Website Guidelines

by IronPanther

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CYS is a pretty relaxed place to visit, with a wide range of personalities, and that's something the community prides itself in. We're not an uncivilized bunch and do hold ourselves to a reasonable standard. Posting in the forums, publishing a game, or even leaving a comment mainly requires common sense and an open mind. That being said, there's a handful of guidelines worth following to ensure you have a good experience here.

1. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) photos of any kind. This includes porn or any other inappropriate material. Mature writing is allowed, but try to keep it in the PG-13 to R range and do it with tact, to enhance the story. You can find a good article on mature writing here. Anything that's so lewd you need to ask if it's crossing the line, is probably not allowed.

2. Using vulgarities is allowed within reason. For storygames, just make sure to set the appropriate maturity level. When in doubt, lean higher for the rating or ask in the forum. While posting, it's a matter of not getting too excessive to the point of swearing simply for the sake of it. Try to keep comments on stories productive and clean.

3. No racism. Whether it's race, ethnicity, gender, or even religion, blatantly trying to offend people in that manner is not allowed. This doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have your opinions. This simply means we want all types of people to feel welcome here.

4. No flaming or harassment. We are a writing site. Criticism and debates aren't discouraged, and playful bantering is fine if it's kept reasonable. People are going to have differing perspectives and senses of humor, which is a part of life. However do not stoop to the point of belittling or being overly offensive. This includes via PMs or storygame comments. 

5. Stay on topic when posting. If someone posts a topic about one thing, and a number of people go on tangents or start bickering about something else, it can entirely derail a thread. If you need to have a heated discussion with someone specific, send them a message. And if there's a different topic of your own you want to discuss, make your own thread about it.

6. No Warrior Cats.

7. Follow the Minimum Site Standards for Storygames. You can find them here. The bar they set is easily reachable by anyone willing to put in the effort, even a novice. Don't forget to post in the Writing Workshop if you need any help with your stories. Many people are glad to assist.

8. No plagiarism. Only submit work that you've written. If you try to pass someone else's work as your own, it's only a matter of time before you'll be caught, since many members are versed in a wide range of reading. If you want to write a fan-fiction inspired by someone else's story on this site, please ask for permission first to help avoid any confusion. If you want to collaborate with someone, there's a co-author feature that allows it.

9. Put effort into your posts and comments. Make sure to use complete sentences and take time to form your thoughts, whether it's positive feedback or criticism. Things like "Wow", "Hi", and ":)" will probably get removed.

10. Use common sense. At the end of the day, most people already have a good sense of what's likely acceptable or not. Make use of that sense and don't cross lines that shouldn't be crossed.

For further advice on forum usage and etiquette, it's highly recommend you read the article located here. If you have any other questions that aren't covered here, head over to Newbie Central in the forums and ask whatever is on your mind.