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Well, I'll start off with this: I'm pretty new to this place.

New not in the sense of time with an account; in that area I'm not so much a newbie. And as far as games (Or game, you could say) go, I'm O.K. in that area as well, considering my first one ever is currently a five. What I am new to is the forums and such...as a matter of fact, I haven't even posted there. So I haven't really been inducted in the community. Will I ever be? Possibly, but definitely not before I finish a second game, which could take a while.

Anyway, that's about it. Oh, and...hi mom!

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A Crazy Dimension Called Life

This is a somewhat comedic story about you, living in a cheap apartment in the outer section of Salt Lake City, Utah, where things quickly stray from the ordinary. It is my first make-your-own-adventure game, and I hope you enjoy it.

Update (3-6-07): Edited some spelling errors, as well as the believability of some options, along with the addition of a new path, which can lead to a new way to win the game.

Another Crazy Dimension Called Life

Yes, a sequel to the game "A Crazy Dimension Called Life". Again you play you, albeit in a different life, in a tiny apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah, where once again the cross hairs of fate focus in on you and quickly warp your average life into something completely out of the ordinary. I hope you enjoy it as much as (Or, if you hated the last one, more so) than the first one.

This story, once it gets to being made, will put you under the constant watch of Slade Zypher, one of the world's most persistent and talented long-ranged snipers, who has been hired by someone to take you out. It'll be you're mission to escape from him, find out who hired him, and get both the contractor and Zypher either killed or put in prison. Will you succeed? You'll just have to find out.

Original projected finish date: 3-1-07

Revised projected finish date: 6-15-07

New projected finish date: After "Another Crazy Dimension Called Life" is finished.