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Just a regular guy who enjoys a good storygame. 


25% creating, 75% editing.


Fallout the Town Over

It's a warm, sunny day when during school, news breaks out that a nuclear bomb has been dropped on a city miles away from from you. You and the rest of your classmates are ordered to stay put and wait until further notice. The staff try their best, but nobody has been told what to do in the event of nuclear war in decades!

[Idea in the pipeline but not my main focus]

The Mystery of the Mountain

The Mystery of the Mountain will follow the adventure that the protagonist takes to discover the secrets of why strange things are beginning to happen in the Pine Mountain range, and why they feel connected with all of it. What was once a strange interest becomes a demanding obsession as more and more happens and is uncovered.


This storygame's setting is a mix of some modern technology with a more old fashioned lifestyle. Depending on where you are in the story, you may get more of one than the other.


Although it is primarily story based, there are play style options as well that can be just as important as narrative decisions.



Just for fun, I might as well mention that it was inspired by a dream I had one night. I was able to expand upon it and create this. Anyway, enjoy.