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Just a regular guy who enjoys a good storygame. 


I think to become a good writer it is essential to master 2 things: story, and articulation. To have a good story with bad articulation is painful to read, and having no real story but good articulation doesn't have much substance. Put them together and what do you get? BAM! A fun to read story.

Also, to be able to see if these are both in check and to edit them accordingly, I also think it useful to be a good reader. Read your own word creation with an open mind and see if it reflects the message you wish to put out.


It really can take a while to complete, which is my main issue, so last, and certainly not least, I think it good to enjoy the process. Have some fun, and put some passion and heart into your work. That can certainly reflect in the final outcome.


Not completely sure why I wrote all that but I find it fitting. Anyway, ciao.


Fallout the Town Over

It's a warm, sunny day when during school, news breaks out that a nuclear bomb has been dropped on a city miles away from from you. You and the rest of your classmates are ordered to stay put and wait until further notice. The staff try their best, but nobody has been told what to do in the event of nuclear war in decades!

[Idea in the pipeline but not my main focus]

The Mystery of the Mountain

The Mystery of the Mountain follows the adventure the protagonist takes to discover why strange things are beginning to happen in the Pine Mountain range, and why it feels familiar to them. What was once a strange interest soon becomes a demanding obsession that cannot be ignored.


This storygame's setting mixes some modern technology with a more old fashioned lifestyle.


Although it is primarily story based, there are play style options that can be just as important as narrative decisions.

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STATS Page on 10/3/2021 11:40:58 AM

I must admit I'm pretty new to the coding and computer-ey kind of stuff so it would probably take me a few to figure it out, but otherwise I think I could do it. Just a tad bit overwhelming

Hi am a new person on 10/3/2021 8:21:52 AM

Although I'm not a completely "established" story writer here yet, I think I have some valuable contribution when it comes to the writing and refining aspect.

I recommend editing, editing, editing, editing. For me, most of the time what I write first does not end up being the final copy, but more a rough description of the main ideas or events I want to convey. Like the "facts." It's from editing it the right way it becomes like having an "experience" through the words.

My mindset when editing is to read it as if I wasn't the one who wrote it at all, and just get what the words are putting out, independent of all the stuff I already know about the story. Get what the words are saying as if you don't know anything about the story already, because that's what a new reader is going to read. I like to view it in the story viewer even to really get a feel of the whole experience. Then when you get into the editing, and really having the ideas you want to put and jumping into that world, it's like painting in a sense.

Oh, and have patience

STATS Page on 10/1/2021 2:16:42 PM

Hey guys, I'm making a storygame where stats play an important role in what the protagonist can and can't do, and need a way for the player to be able to see their stats throughout the game.

I noticed in The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost by Avery_Moore that they were able to create a STATS page next to the GO BACK and RESTART buttons that show how your stats continuously change throughout the story, and I was wondering how they did it.

I figure if I could manage that, it might be easier than making a bunch of different links at the bottom of every page to show their stats in that specific moment, and more aesthetically pleasing than just putting them on every page. Thanks for any help