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Hi, my name is Thomas La Homme. I'm a veteran of two Industrial bands. I'm also a poet.  I grew up with the old Choose Your Own Adventure and Endless Quest books in the 80's and have always been fascinated with the old text-based computer games like Zork.

My background has been in writing fiction, so my point of attack when writing story-games is always with an emphasis on the story. I feel that interactive fiction is a valued art form that can be viewed as a subgenre of experimental fiction. Since mainstream writers are likely to take this format and do something skull-crushingly boring, I see this as an opportunity to expand the form of "genre fiction". Whether of not what I write is any good is up for debate. Writing is always a learning process, so hopefully I'm getting better as time goes by.

Let me know what you think. 


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Featured Story Aphrodite's Orphan

A teenage girl living on a Venus out of 1930's Pulp Science Fiction must search the planet and other worlds with her robot tutor to find the killers of her parents.

This is done in the format of an Interactive Novel, so it's pretty far removed from the standard Dungeon Crawl format. This is more reminescent of the old CYOA books of the 80's and 90's, particulary T.S.R. Hobbies' Endless Quest Books. The characters have arcs which will be determined by the decisions you make.

Because this is set in an outdated version of the solar system, I consider this to be more a work of Fantasy than Science Fiction. Think Science Fantasy.

Also, there are elements of Hard Boiled Detective fiction and Film Noir. Like if Raymond Chandler or James M. Cain wrote about Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

The Dolls' Quest

Two sentient dolls who remember previous lives as a prince and princess in another universe, go on a perilous quest across the United States to learn more of their origins. My first storygame so any constructive criticism is welcome. Now with 30% fewer typos! Thanks to Mizal for editing advice. 

Time and the Twin Cities

A young man's coming of age as he navigates an underground fairy city where time runs slower and his hometown as it evolves into a metropolis over the centuries.

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Bloody Pain and Misery of the Booksie Writing Site on 4/26/2023 12:17:52 PM

Mizal, I'm not sure if it's a scam, but there apparently is a lot of bias and favoritism on the site. Be that as it may, I'm just trying to get my work out there in the public sphere so people can read it. I hope you've been doing well.

Bloody Pain and Misery of the Booksie Writing Site on 4/26/2023 12:16:05 PM

Entrepide, they got it back up, so no money lost. Thanks. The novel is the third Sword & Sorcery story about my character, Syndeeka, Warrior-Astronomer. It's like Conan if you took out the magic and replaced the barbarian warrior with an African woman who started as a prostitute, became an astronomer's apprentice, and then a sword-wielding itinerant mercenary. It's not really set in our world so she's not actually from Africa-- more a quasi-African kingdom. Here's the link for the first story, "The Inevitable Corpse Season". The Inevitable Corpse Season, short story by Thomas LaHomme (

Bloody Pain and Misery of the Booksie Writing Site on 4/25/2023 4:10:10 PM

Thanks for you concern. Looks like they fixed it. 

Bloody Pain and Misery of the Booksie Writing Site on 4/25/2023 1:16:29 PM

Hi, gang. This is Thomas La Homme. You may remember me from such storygames as "The Doll's Quest" and "Aphrodite's Orphan," and from the poetry advice I've doled out to the young people on this site. Well, I've been posting my poetry and Fantasy stories on the Booksie web site, lately. Everything was more-or-less okay, until recently when I tried to renew my Premium Membership-- where they take 40 bucks from you in exchange for giving you further "exposure" on this site. I don't own any credit cards, so I've used money cards. The use of money cards proved an issue when I tried to renew my membership. At first nothing went through, so I had to write to the site Warlord, Booksie Guy (he actually calls himself Booksie Guy) and he tried to suggest things I could do. Eventually, I deleted the old money card info and ran my new money card info through by itself and the damn thing finally turned over and I was pretty sure I was set for another year. Then this past Saturday, I checked my site and found I was no longer enrolled in the Premium membership. I've sent two messages to Booksie Guy and he's yet to respond to me. Maybe the site had a glitch or crashed. Maybe I should purchase another money card. Maybe I should close my account on Booksie and go through the laborious process of re-uploading all my stuff on another site. Or maybe I should drink a bottle of strychnine and curl into a fetal position. All this time, I've been working on a Fantasy novel and I've already written 105 pages. I'm very stressed out and heartbroken right now.

Comics!! on 4/3/2023 10:56:43 PM

Ancient? Pretty sure they did a reboot of "Roseanne" a few years ago. Also pretty sure there was a new film version of Dune out in 2021-- F.Y.I., I didn't care much for it, particularly the generic production design and the dreadful Hans Zimmer score.

Comics!! on 4/3/2023 12:58:32 PM

Can you draw the cast of the TV sitcom "Roseanne" acting out Frank Herbert's Dune? I'd like to see John Goodman as the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen eating a baby.


Let Robots Do the Writing on 9/17/2022 11:43:27 AM

Here's an example. How To Generate Ideas With Playing Cards -

Let Robots Do the Writing on 9/17/2022 11:31:11 AM

You don't need a computer program to help you with the story. But you can use random tables. When Philip K. Dick wrote his alternate history novel, The Man in the High Castle, he had characters sometimes make important life decisions based on how the sticks fell when using the I-Ching. He actually would use the I-Ching himself to decide where to take novel's story from there. The novel is now considered a Science Fiction Classic. There are plenty of RPG sites that have random tables you can print up for free!

Let Robots Do the Writing on 8/17/2022 11:26:55 AM

How about throwing some puppets in the mix? I'm thinking marionettes. 

some movies probably none of you need on 7/24/2022 11:38:09 AM

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a beautiful movie. The scene when the clowns need to chase a teenage girl who's just escaped from their spaceship so they fashion a balloon animal blood hound to pick up her scent... priceless.