To The Mountain Hold! Part 1

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

To The Mountain Hold!

Part 1

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure for mature readers. Serious tone (mostly).

You'll need to use a random dice roller program or two 6-sided dice for dice rolls in this game.

If you don't have a pair of dice to do the rolls at home don't worry as there several online programs you can use.

Dice Roller Utilities

You start with 15 Colony Points. Take note of your Colony Points. As you escape and proceed across the wasteland you may incur losses on the way and will need to keep track of these. If you reach zero your colonists and rangers are gone and game is over. Additionally there are Time Points that elapse, you must aim to reach your safe haven in the mountains well before the start of winter! Mountain Hold Outskirts.jpg

You will have to make decisions based on not only your surrounding and the challenges faced, but on your own faction’s capabilities.

Oakley's Rangers - A militia force of ex-military, survivalists and preppers. They typify the essence of the volunteer warrior more than the state-driven soldier and are your main line of defense to keep raiders and other dangers out of harms way. Within the militia force there are:

The Scout-Rangers - self-sufficient, independent-minded and deadly marksmen.

Range Warriors – As above but more geared towards general, close-quarter fighting.

Armsmen - Armed guards of the internal group that are prepared and willing enough to survive the coming trials and hardships. These are the last line of defence against any attackers upon the vulnerable families and followers.

The Colonists - The most vulnerable followers, families, tradesmen, growers and artisan-types that are vital for the long-term survival.

To even have a chance of survival in the medium to long term requires those that can build, settle and work the land so that it produces everything the Mountain Hold needs. While there’s stored food and equipment it won’t be long before they are used up. Without growing food and harvesting resources life will be harsh in the long-term. That’s where your colonists come in and must be guarded at all costs. Only use them unless you are sure of what you are doing.

The Game Begins....

US Gun Law Idaho Militia.jpgThe dawn heralds the collapse of world infrastructures, cities become arenas of mayhem while governments across the globe fall apart. Out of the maelstrom of chaos diverse factions are forged and an intrepid new spirit begins to arise.
A small group of survivors desperately flee the collapse but are caught exposed on the highway.
Fleeing to a nearby settlement nearby it soon becomes clear their troubles have only just begun...



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