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Hello world!

Here at AandEcoproductions, we're not stringent on the time period of writing our storygames, but we take them seriously. Writing a storygame is a long, enduring process that requires lots of creativity, revisions, editing, and testing before a game can be released, and we take this into deep consideration before posting any of our games (which is why, as of right now, we don't have any published games yet). But we are working on a few projects that we hope you will all enjoy in the future.

Our favorite storygames to play are not always the role-playing games, but the adventures that allow you to dictate the path of the story- a great example of these types of games are the Princess Pretty storygames in the "love and dating" genre. An example of this game would be:

She opened the door to find none other than

1. Her shrimpy, whiny brother

2. A towering soldier, glaring with intimidation

Let us know if you have any game suggestions that fit this style- we'll gladly play them.

Happy writing!

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Martin Guerre

In the rural countryside of France, Bertrande de Rols sits by her window, steeling herself a quiet moment to gaze upon the moon and ponder her future while the baby sleeps. Her hand shakes as she writes in her journal,

"I cannot live with such shame and dishonor on myself and my family, if the court rulings discover my fraud."

Martin Guerre disappeared from the village without a trace six months ago, leaving behind wife Bertrande and their baby son. Bertrande fears for her safety as a woman and mother in a Catholic world which condemns the separation of partners for all eternity, regardless of the reason for separation. Even if the husband abandoned his family in the dead of night without a trace.

Will Bertrande wait faithfully for Martin to return home to his wife and family? Or will Bertrande decide to take her future in her own hands with the shifting of religious tides on her side? You will decide in Martin Guerre- based on the TRUE unfortunate story of one of French history's greatest mysteries.

The Tempest of Time: In Life and Love

PROJECTED DATE OF RELEASE IS: a very, very, very long time from now... due to the extensive research required for a successful edutainment game, this storygame will most likely be last of the current 3 in production

You shudder with the cold and wrap the thin blanket tighter around your small, frail shoulders, burrowing your head deeper into the floppy pillow. Thomas's beckoning words ring through your ears as if you heard the letters read aloud from his silky, beautiful voice. But then images of your stern father shroud your mind and you shake your head, turning to your other side in the top bunk bed in the ladies dormitory. You squeeze your eyes shut and try to force a dreary sleep to come upon you so you won't be so tired for work early the next morning in the noisy, filthy, dangerous factory.

In the Post-Civil War 1800s can a girl allow herself to fall in love with the man of her dreams? Or will she be forced to hold her tongue and submit to the power vested in a man's world?

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New Site Guidelines on 8/18/2015 5:25:49 PM

I just want to say a quick thank you for reminding all of us authors on the website of the intentions of CYS and the maturity and quality you're looking for in them. I must say that I just started with this website in the past month and though I loved it I knew I was going to have to be VERY careful with the immature and inappropriate content of many people's games I wanted to try out. So thank you and I can't wait to see some new and improved storygames out there, especially after the poor quality game clean up! -E