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I like Stray Kids (and 3RACHA), Seventeen, Day6, BTS (as well as J-Hope, RM, and Agust D), Got7, TXT, and a few other K-pop bands. I'm also a fan of Homestuck (currently re-reading it), and I have several original characters.

My Spotify Playlists (If I could change my username on Spotify, I would):

• (akita souuund- My overall kpop playlist)

• (nut- My absolute favorite songs in existence, mostly K-pop, there's like two English songs)

• (only englishy- English songs I like, most of them I was obsessed with before I liked K-pop) (The playlist also really needs to be edited, I barely know half of the songs on there, haha)


Make Some Friends

I have several characters with developed personalities (some more than others). This is basically an introduction for each of them, and the one you seem to like the most also gets to spend some time with you. This is literally just a wholesome story where you get to meet new people. If you want to know what a character actually looks like, go ahead and ask me because i designed and then drew almost every character myself. If you have any other questions, I encourage you to ask them, no matter how long ago I made this story. I would love to hear what you think!