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Featured Story Dark Nights

The Question is back at it again in this sequel to Hard Night!

Gotham City was home to a myriad of vigilantes, and, in your personal opinion, the Huntress was the most interesting of them. So when you hear she's in trouble, of course you decide to give her a helping hand... Things escalate from there.

Second in the Questionable Tales series, a series of fanfiction storygames starring the Question. Featuring the Huntress as a guest star, Batman and the Penguin in cameos, and mentions of other Batman related characters.

Rated for violence, language, and sexual content. I make no claims of quality.

The Question, Huntress, the Batfamily, and all of Batman's villains are copyright DC Comics.

NOTE: An entry into EndMaster's 2018 unofficial romance contest.

Special Thanks to:

Tim36D - Playtesting, proofreading.
The Folks in the Villain Lair - Motivating me to write the story. Even if I didn't make it to 15k in the end.

EDIT 3/14/18: Fixed typos. Completely revamped Penguin's confrontation pages. Removed 'End of *chapter name*, start *chapter name*' links; they're just 'continue' links now. Minor additions to story, including a new page.

EDIT 3/26/18: Fixed some small mistakes that I noticed.

EDIT 4/26/18: Fixed background on title page, due to my usual image hosting site going down.

Hard Night: A Question Fanfiction

In this game, you play as the Question, Hub City's faceless protector. One night, what appears to be a normal drug bust goes south fast, and you find yourself with only two hours to live, an antidote to find, and a gang to topple.

Looks like it's just a normal night in Hub City.

First in the Questionable Tales series, a series of fanfiction games starring the Question. There's four endings not counting deaths: one bad, one bittersweet, one good, and one true ending. See if you can find them all.

The Question is copyright DC Comics. So yeah, don't sue me.

If you encounter any bugs, such as a page with no links or restricted links you shouldn't be able to access but for some reason can, PM me and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Also, if anyone has trouble with the antidote, PM me and I'll give you a hint.

Change Log:
Update 1. Worked out a bug where there were no links on the warehouse page after beating the gang. Thanks to ultraoverlord for pointing it out!
Update 2. Fixed two bugs, one where there was the wrong link on the 'Use their speed against them' page after going to the warehouse and lab and another where there are no links on the 'Anti-Hero' page after doing the same thing. Thanks to Mizal for pointing it out!
Update 3. Added 'part of series tag' and cleaned up description. Enlarged link on title page so it's easier to see.

Silent Night

A very questionable Christmas special.

It's Christmas in Hub City. One might expect that even criminals would take the night off, but you've learned the hard way that crime doesn't sleep. While the rest of the city is tucked into their homes in the company of loved ones, you're on the hunt in a silent city, making sure that things stay that way.

The Question is copyright DC comics. So yeah, don't sue me.

Author's Notes: Did I say I was definitely not going to write a Question fanfiction for this contest? Because what I meant was I didn't mean to but I had to squeeze something out before the contest's end. And with Christmas so fast approaching, what better than a Christmas special, eh?


Noir story in a cyberpunk dystopia. Four types of endings: deaths, bad endings, good endings, and one perfect ending. See if you can find them all, it shouldn't be too hard. Endings are tracked using the score variable: zero means death, one means bad, two means good, three means perfect.

Special thanks to:
Tim36D - For listening to me ramble on about the idea, making suggestions, and writing a few pages.
ISentinelPenguinI - For playtesting.

Finally, if you notice any bugs, please PM me and I'll get to work on them as soon as I can (though I do believe they've all been worked out, can never be too sure).

UPDATE 6/20/2018: Replaced the link for the music due to the video being pulled from YouTube.
UPDATE 2/3/2019: Minor edits, original link for music is back up so I changed it back. Added the Anti-Hero tag.

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Tips To Write Better Fanfiction
A simple beginner's guide to writing fanfiction.

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Remember that everything is symbolic, even the fanservice.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 2/15/2019 2:39:28 PM

Took longer than I was expecting, but chapter one is now finished. I already mentioned in the Discord that I had written another page recently, and today I finally finished the last two pages and wrapped it up, introducing the main antagonist in the process. I'll be continuing work soon enough, but for now, enjoy the first chapter.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/29/2019 3:38:17 PM

The line about the german remains was a mistake, yeah. Gonna fix that up when I get back to writing this.

Anyhow, glad you enjoyed it Corgi.

Interesting comments 3 on 1/29/2019 3:24:40 PM

More like IQ level two bajillionmillion. That man will be the one to cure cancer.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/26/2019 3:13:26 AM

Think I'll listen to your suggestion. Thanks, Ford.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/26/2019 2:49:32 AM

Not sure if this is sarcasm or Ford being actually genuine for once.

Crazy people be 2 CRAZY!!! (pt 2) on 1/26/2019 2:11:36 AM

Welcome to the site. Thank you for adding nothing of value to this thread.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/25/2019 7:45:55 PM

Think Ghost was just asking why he'd approach someone who looks like a woman when he thought he was looking for a man, lol.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/25/2019 7:17:38 PM

Thanks for the feedback!

I should probably cut down on the money a bit, maybe just a few thousand euros and a much smaller cut of the treasure, but the Fox's comment on him being able to do it himself was meant to both illustrate how new Daniel is to this whole thing, and also her own cockiness in her abilities. I also should probably include a throwaway line about the figure that Daniel spotted having short hair, thanks for suggesting that.

And yeah, that's a typo. Thanks for pointing it out, especially considering that while reading to find it I also came across another error.

Seekers of the Imperial Seal on 1/24/2019 10:49:10 AM

Not sure why my story would be related to two stories I haven't read by a guy I've never heard of, but hey, at least you enjoyed it.