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Huge horror, and fantasy fan, also a nerdy, geeky anime fan, and I really enjoy gaming, writing, and reading.


A Typical 80’s Slasher

An all new 80’s horror classic, re-defining the genre of horror for years to come! An all new: A Typical 80’s Slasher coming to theaters this spring! Starring: A ‘Typical’ Group of Teenage Friends, A Psycho Serial Killer, Some Alcoholic Beverages, and Some ‘Teenager Activities!’



Rated R for Violence, Strong Language, Substance Abuse, and Brief Nudity.

Written by: CrazyCraz3R

Directed by: YOU!

Tales of the Living Dead

Several small towns just outside Evans City, Pennsylvania suffered their own minor outbreaks, originating from the tragedy that is one gruesome night in October, 1968. What happens to those who may fall victim to this night of evil? They become the living dead.

Test your fate, luck, and skills in a classic horror movie reimagined as a choose your story.

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Need help with writing a Zombie apocalypse story on 5/21/2019 12:27:25 PM

Yes! Indeed it was.

Need help with writing a Zombie apocalypse story on 5/21/2019 12:19:53 PM

Hey, I’m also writing a Zombie Apoc Story. I’d love to help you out. I have about an hour a day, and now that summer is rolling up... I may have a lot more time. Now I’m not the most experienced or the best writer, but at the least, I figure my services could be used and then edited as seen.

What Up My Partay Peoples! on 2/28/2019 10:32:36 AM

Hello, I’m Tyler O, or CrazyCraz3R. I love writing stuff and drawing (not great at either) but I LOVE choose-your-own-adventure stories. I’m also a big horror fan, and I played the Dead Man Walking, and I super enjoyed that! Whenever I get free time in school, I work on my project, a quite lengthy slasher cyoa. It’s going to be similar to Friday the Thirteenth and the classics. You get to pick a character who gives you a special item, then your group of three friends. Each ‘group’ gives you a different storyline to play. There’s the group that takes camping seriously so you go far out into a state park and camp. There’s the realistic friends group who go camping in an actual camp grounds, and there’s a third group that are just party people. They will be at a large cabin in the middle of the woods. (Y’know rich parents of a friend own it and they take a trip then everyone and their dog swarms to it for dope and booze.) 

I recently got into PSVR where I played Until Dawn Rush of Blood, which was fantastic, and spark my memories playing the original Until Dawn game. That has helped spark some though and developments into my work. I don’t claim it will be the best thing ever seen, but rather something fun you can try out. There’s several endings, and each friend group will have different ‘difficulties’. I suppose one could see what I mean. (Hardcore Survivalists, Generic Campers, Easy Partiers)

This will hopefully be of the greatest on here! I take a lot of pride in my work, and my recent boyfriend has given me the encouragement to continue on! (I also got to borrow a keyboard attachment for my iPad so I can work on this MUCH MUCH easier. 

Side Note: I feel like my class hates me now for pecking at my keyboard. X)

Anyway, nice to meet everyone! I look forward to publishing my piece. I will make a disclaimer about it, as if it copies any work, it would be coincidental. The only things I’ve played on the site so far are the zombie apocalypse cyoa’s. Take care everyone!