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Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 7:53:12 PM


Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 7:49:54 PM

True, very true. Welp I think my the website I used was preety credible, but you can disagree if you want to. That's something that we can agree to disagree on.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 7:47:53 PM

Okay, I was the Davefaster account from a while back. Got banned in 2018 I think. 

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 7:46:46 PM

No he's a more idiotic version, they share the same ideals. We have concentration camps in America, and Trump has openly supported the concentration camps in China. The only difference is we live in a different world than the 1940s and Trump is stupid.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 1:08:14 PM

 I'm sorry if I sound that way, but you do have to do something though. You can claim your against police brutality and all, but if you haven't done anything ( I'm not saying you haven't ). Than you're in the wrong, silence not taking action is on the side of the opresser. I mean voting for someone who's openly condoned white - supremacy and police brutality is in itself racist. That's all I'm trying to say, I only came here to clear some things up that I saw and knew where mis-information. I'm not saying go vote for Biden or go do this or go that. What I'm trying to say is that you have to do something anti-racist, like signing a petition on or holding your friends accountable, or abstaining from voting for a racist. 

If not I'm not comparing you to Hitler. I'm comparing you to the people who supported him.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 12:58:33 PM

I mean were talking about racism? That's like saying that I should be open to believing Hitler was correct? There are certain things that yes I will be open to changing my view, but when it comes to human rights that's a no go.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 12:56:25 PM

Okay I will respond to all of your points, my bad If I cherry picked some it was hard to format my response, but I would hope you would give me the same respect. You too also cherry pick some of my statements and only respond to certain ones. Like how you ignored the point I made of how not all anti-racist people are violent, after calling us all violent cultist. I would like an apology for this to please.

Firstly, I will humbly apologize for calling you a psychopath indirectly. I did somehow liken you to my father and then call him a psychopath. I wasn't meaning to set a trap and then pull the rug out from under you but I somehow did. I won't assume your personality you sound like a very respectful and bright human being. 

You are kind off right about the mountain & the rock analogy. I don't plan on writing every citizen in America a personal letter on how to change. The only reason I decided to stop by at CYS and write, was because I just could not look away from the misinformation being spread. I just wanted to stop by and show people how the information they were spreading was incorrect, and how they could fix it. Because I consider you lot for some reason, as friends, and I'm always preaching to my in life friends to always hold people accountable whenever they make racist comments. So I just decided to practice my preaching. Yes it is an uphill battle but there are a lot of us, too. Hopefully one day I myself can become a respected influential person, with a platform where I can spread my "deep thoughts" but for now CYS will have to settle as my stomping grounds. 

I also don't plan on living a life where, in the name of enjoying my life, I ignore the cry of help from my fellow brethren. I personally feel as if there is a middle ground. Where you can help lift the mountain but also live your own personal life, and I hope that one day I find that balance.

No, you are incorrect in assuming that I would refuse to be a doctor or a teacher. I know that my dream job is a job where I'll be able to impact many people's lives. I personally feel as if making music, creative arts, and maybe even running for a political office would be the way for me to make the biggest impact on people's lives, but believe me I would not mind settling down to be a teacher, or a therapist. I feel as if those jobs would fit me very well also. So no you are incorrect but I won't hold that against you because I did make it seem like I would refuse to pick a normal job as my career.

Um, I would ask that we live religion out of this. My religion is my religion, and I know my God exists. Yes it might seem that I'm giving up my individuality when I allow God to pick my life path for me, but God created me and knows me inside out. He know's things my pet peeves, my flaws, and my strengths. He even knows things about me that I don't know. So I trust God to choose my life for me because I know that he will guide me to a life that best exemplifies his glory, and makes me happy. It's like the good dictator theory. I personally would be okay with someone being the dictator of my life, if I knew they love me, are very knowledgeable, and only wants the best for me.  So yes it might seem I'm giving up control over my life but I'm okay with that as long as someone who knows all is the one governing me. 

Um, yeah ignore the whole 80 hours a week thing. My Dad wants me to be a doctor and I see no point in being one, so that was a little bit of my emotion taking control sorry bout that. Like I said earlier I would rather help people learn how to take care of themselves, and lead healthy lives. Than heal people when they are sick. 

Ah, the Hitler card. You kind off completely ignored my point though. We don't need statues that where literally built to subjugate the African American community in fear. To remember slavery, just like we don't need statues of Hitler to remember the holocaust. 

When it comes to racism, you are either for it or against yes. That's just common sense you can't be in the middle ground when it comes to human rights. I said not to condemn them, if my child was taking part in the riots, you better be sure Imma punish my kid, but I can't condemn and speak from others, because you don't know their experiences. I mean MLK literally said the same things that I'm saying so are you comparing MLK to Hitler? 

Lastly, I did call around 30-40% of the people in my country rats, so what. Being American does not make you a good person. Just like having a daughter doesn't automatically means you can't be a sexist. There are a LOT of racist Americans out there, just like there are a LOT of racist Asians, and Africans, and Europeans. The only difference is that 92% of racist Americans are self-absorbed, hypocritical, ignorant, a-holes who refuse to see how their actions are detrimental, and racist. 

I mean the same people who would vote for Trump, are probably the same people who would've voted for Hitler during WWII. I mean Trump has openly praised Hitler, calling him a "genius", and "great person." So I don't get what your point is? 

I too hope we can continue this intriguing discussion

From your neighbor across the pond, Deep Thoughts.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 12:12:30 PM

I didn't write them I copied and pasted it just so you guys could see the enormity of his racist comments, these aren't even close to all of them.

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 12:10:59 PM

Yeah, it does sound awfully specific...

And I meant creepy by touchy, and a little bit starey, not molestery. Like he's always trying to unrobe kids with his eyes, not actually physically unrobe them.

Also I have to ask how Trump being racist, and self destructive makes you want to vote for him more. Do you really want to see the end of humanity, I thought that was just your site name? 

Deep Thoughts With Black Thots on 8/7/2020 12:07:07 PM

One question, you said stuff about sex trafficking, how has Trump a known sex trafficker helped stop sex trafficking in your area.

Also Trump didn't even build the full wall he built about 76 miles, of a 500 mile wall.