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Do whatever.

Hero Zero

A game in a magical RPG world with superpowers. What's not to love? Nick embarks on a journey as a disappointing slob of a person as a magic-less, hopeless virgin lad who is anything but a hero.

Unfortunately for you, the player, who is trying to make him into one.


I need to take a shit

The beautiful journey of a man in a blue shirt who goes through trials and tribulations, hope and despair, love and hate, to get to that shiny bowl to take a dump.

New York Times (20XX): Best game ever, touching and moved me to tears.
Suspicious publication: Game of the lifetime

Author note- Don't expect novel game play or story. If you survive playing it, kudos to you!

Idiot School

Good luck losing a couple of IQ points. You are a narcissistic guy named Micheal, a sane guy in this school of students who study in the absolute worst school in town. AKA, the pupils are mostly idiots.

Considered a comedy (horrible jokes), mystery (I try not to have plot holes) and whatever I want. Really linear. First game, there's no need to take this game seriously, feel free to give criticism as I want to improve.

Stay Alive, Jack

Jack can't catch a break. He keeps getting himself into stupidly weird situations which threatening his life.

You are his ghost great-grandfather who has to keep him alive.

Non serious, probably made quickly too.