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The Blue Jam Monologues

This is a story game I've formed out of the monologues that appeared in the radio series 'Blue Jam'. I love these monologues and I wanted to put this up here because I like this site. For people who've already listened to the radio show this isn't going to interest you as while I have added the links between the pages I haven't changed anything else because I'd rather kill myself. For people who haven't heard of this I hope you enjoy as this is really just a way to introduce people to these in hopes that they'll go check out 'Blue Jam', even if only a couple of people read it. 

I have put these monologues together to form some branching stories that I hope make sense but be warned it still isn't really much of a game and more of a loose artsy tale from the point of view of an insane man in London. There is an actual ending to the whole thing that I didn't want to write in as it really is best listened to if you actually care. If you feel like you were born dead through your own arse I hope you read this and get a taster of this show.

(Some light graphic imagery)

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Wondering about first story thing rules and shit on 12/14/2017 1:58:33 PM

Thanks for the reply, yeah I'll just call it derivative work and leave a link to the full transcriptions if anyone wants them.

Wondering about first story thing rules and shit on 12/12/2017 8:01:22 PM

Fork me, is there anyway i can get around that do you think? I don't want to take credit for it or anything also it was originally on the radio and it was never written anywhere.

Wondering about first story thing rules and shit on 12/12/2017 6:56:50 PM

Hi, I'm new and I'm making something that's a bit unconventional. Basically I've transcribed some monologues from an old British radio show and arranged them into a story game. I've tried to make it a kind of experience that's the tiniest bit more interesting than if i just put them somewhere on the internet but ultimately I didn't write, or especially edit (as I'd rather kill myself) any of these monologues. The reason I'm doing this is i just want to share out my love for these things and introduce them to the handsome people of this website.

I don't know if this would be fine, would it be fine?

(I have one monologue to finish but I put it on sneak preview mode (which I think means you can read it right?) so you can check it)