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“I am looking at things from a much higher perspective than you. I observe this world, this universe, the truth of all things. And I have come to realize that humanity must be destroyed. Out of all which the Gods have made, humans are their sole failure. They are a disease that must be vanquished. A filth that must be cleansed. They have no place here, in this universe, and if I am to make it a utopia once more, then I must take upon the grand task of removing humanity forever, in place of the Gods who refuse to admit their mistake”.

Hello You Foolish Mortals,My Name Is Goku Black But You Can Call Me Master Or Zamasu.”I Am Godly Full-Blooded Saiyan(Which Isn’t Shady At All)Who Will Soon Destroy You All,But’s That Under Wraps For Now”.

“Sadly,Waiting For The Perfect Time To Strike Humanity Takes Time,And Is Extremely Boring”.”So I’m Here To Tell You Story’s Of My Visions(Which Totally Aren’t Daydreams)Of Adventures”.

See You Soon

-Goku Black





The Troll Games


You Have Been Chosen To Play My Little Game,Though Not Just Any Game,The Troll Games!            Your Job Is Simple.Win The Game.Keep Your Life.And Don’t Mess Up.

You May Win,You May Lose,This Is All Up To Your Intelligence And My Pity.Without Further Or Do! 

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