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Hello! I am JTtheSlicer. My old account is JTtheCreator. I've been active for over 2 years.

I am an amateur story writer, animator, artist, and musician.

~~Common Questions Everyone Asks People!~~

Favorite color is light blue.

I live in Texas.

My favorite genre of movies are horror/thriller (I know they aren't the same thing, they are just equal).

My favorite genre of music is experimental.

I love animation.

~~Now for progress on stories!~~

Nothing yet.





Arena of Bones

A basic RPG game taking place in an arena.

Test I

Just a little test.

September, 12, 2034

Decided to explore around. What else can I do? Everything reeks in here. I don't know what it is. It smells like if a mustard bottle exploded and was left rotting for 35 years. Definitely not good. Reminds me of my old basement, when I wasn't in this god forsaken place. 

Found somethng. A computer. It took about 20 minutes down a dark moldy hallway. It lead to an empty room, except for one thing. The computer was on, which doesn't make any sense since there is no electricity. It's brand logo is worn away. The black & green screen illuminated the room. I looked for a while. I found one game in the C: drive. I played it.


Please fullscreen the game

The Belko Experiment

It's another normal day at work. But as you get your desk ready, the intercom comes on. "Hello. If three people don't die in the next hour, there will be consequences. Good luck."

Based on the movie "The Belko Experiment".

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Please help I would appreciate it.wink