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Hello! I am JTtheSlicer. My old account is JTtheCreator. I've been active for over 4 years.

I am an amateur story writer, animator, artist, and musician and I don't like my English teacher.

~~Common Questions Everyone Asks People!~~

Favorite color is light blue.

My favorite food is Chicken Parmesan.

I live in Texas, but I don't have a country accent.

My favorite genre of movies are horror/thriller (I know they aren't the same thing, they are just equal).

My favorite genre of music is EDM, but I also like 8bit, rock, alt, and rock opera.

I love Eddsworld and animation.

Anime is my favorite genre of TV show.

~~Now for progress on stories!~~

Night of the living bed 0%

Rainy Day .5%

The Haunted Mansion .1%

Note : Haven't done much (obviously).





Doom : Hell on Earth

You are a space marine in the year 21XX and your mission is to wipe out all demon spawn.

Night of the Living Bed

A weird story about zombie beds in a world full of beds.

WARNING : This is very random humor. If you don't get it I understand (because I don't either).

Rainy Day

It was a rainy day like always.
But something felt strange.
Something felt... off.

The Haunted Mansion

A game about going through a haunted mansion.

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Please help I would appreciate it.wink