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OFFICIAL official CYS Discord on 3/14/2019 9:04:49 AM
Well guess I saw this coming! Anyways exams finished a little over a week ago, so no excuses now for me :P But I'm actually not participating in the flash fic threads for a reason other than procrastinating (okay mostly just that). After realizing that I can't write stories longer than 500 words without losing focus I've decided to just bite the bullet and make an attempt at making a storygame with actual planning and well-thought out ideas since I've always struggled with that. What's the butterfly thing? Haven't exactly been active for a while.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:42:01 AM
Nah, like what sabley said I think that they've all just been hidden. We can still (probably) access them directly by URL but can't see them.

Edit: Got it off of my profile.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:11:41 AM
Shoot I meant searching for a forum post.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:00:31 AM
Well that explains it. For a second I thought alexp suddenly became active again. Also Bugs & Problems, and Creative Corner show up completely empty for me. Did they not have any posts old enough that they'd be saved over this time warp glitch? Edit: It seems that searching for a storygame with nothing entered into the forms just brings up a list of the most recent posts. The actual ones from 2018 that is. Including a completely dead thread from Spartacus.

Post Photographic Evidence of Holiday Cheer on 12/23/2018 11:04:01 AM

My family's two parols, Filipino tradition during Christmas.

They also got some sort of fancy snow globe that shoots air so the snow globe just keeps "snowing".

Crazy people be CRAZY!!! on 12/16/2018 8:03:49 AM

9 months? That can't be a coincidence. He must an unborn child who will only be trackable once he is born!

Truly, these disgusting scammers will use everything at their disposal. Even using (unborn?) children.

50 words story thread. on 12/14/2018 10:17:40 AM

As I head home at midnight, I await
My kids' joy at gifts, and soon-to-be-eaten cookie plate.
The towers become familiar houses.
Now lit, trees draped by light.
As I approach, I see a sight.
Tripped wire turned fire.
My house a prison for my family, died without a fight.


Haven't been active... at all for the past few months. I just had to focus on academics for a while, my exams are over and my Christmas break is coming soon so I'll likely have more time to spend here now.

Contest SHAME 9: Ninth Level of SHAME on 11/2/2018 11:23:31 PM

I'm guessing that I can unpublish my storygame now? Because damn will it need a lot of rehauling.

If I join another contest then I'll need to learn time management and timezones first. :P

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 11/1/2018 1:10:46 AM

Nvm I'm a big doo doo head

BZ's Creatures of the Night Contest! on 11/1/2018 1:09:37 AM

Welp I'm an idiot