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The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/25/2019 12:39:00 AM
1. E 2. A 3. I

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/24/2019 1:55:30 PM
Why, I did exactly the same! Though it was already in 3rd person.

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/24/2019 1:34:33 PM
I assume we PM our votes to you?

Tourney of the Chillen on 5/24/2019 1:13:52 PM
Uh, could someone give a timezone? Over here it's 1 am.

Tourney of the Chillen on 5/24/2019 12:03:49 PM
F. You didn't back it up?

Duel! Kind of! on 5/22/2019 1:03:57 PM
I think I'll join. Perhaps add another kid to the Happy-Fun-Fun Band. I did just start writing a storygame, and the first page makes for a decently coherent short story. One that leaves quite a few loose threads, anyway.

OFFICIAL official CYS Discord on 3/14/2019 9:04:49 AM
Well guess I saw this coming! Anyways exams finished a little over a week ago, so no excuses now for me :P But I'm actually not participating in the flash fic threads for a reason other than procrastinating (okay mostly just that). After realizing that I can't write stories longer than 500 words without losing focus I've decided to just bite the bullet and make an attempt at making a storygame with actual planning and well-thought out ideas since I've always struggled with that. What's the butterfly thing? Haven't exactly been active for a while.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:42:01 AM
Nah, like what sabley said I think that they've all just been hidden. We can still (probably) access them directly by URL but can't see them.

Edit: Got it off of my profile.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:11:41 AM
Shoot I meant searching for a forum post.

Time Warp Thread! on 12/28/2018 10:00:31 AM
Well that explains it. For a second I thought alexp suddenly became active again. Also Bugs & Problems, and Creative Corner show up completely empty for me. Did they not have any posts old enough that they'd be saved over this time warp glitch? Edit: It seems that searching for a storygame with nothing entered into the forms just brings up a list of the most recent posts. The actual ones from 2018 that is. Including a completely dead thread from Spartacus.