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Hello, I am Lord Cat II. I have recently joined this site. I hope to make many new stories, and I am always looking for feedback and ideas.

I like videogames, especially Metroid, but I like all games, such as Mega Man, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Mario, and more. I also like cats and reading.

I have no idea how long this should be, so I will talk for a few more lines. I like how they made Comic Sans a font. What if all the birds in the world turned into mustard? Here is a good recipe for banana bread: https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-banana-bread-the-simplest-easiest-recipe-139900. I think that is enough, so have a good day.


Insert Name Here1

You are a soldier, trying to defend a partially constructed base from the enemy.

My first story. This is meant to be a stand alone story, but I may make a much larger version based on this one if it is popular enough, with variable, and possibly items. Please leave feedback or notify me of any grammar or spelling errors.