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Hey...well this is my first attempt at writing so i hope that u give me ur honest reviews (even if they were harsh), and hope that u will enjoy this story as i did while writing it.

Ps: sry for any mistakes i'm not native english speaker


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Hey everyone !!!! on 11/17/2018 3:33:18 PM

Thank you so much, and when you have some spare time please check my first project...it is not that much actually just the first page but any advices will be appreciated.

Hey everyone !!!! on 11/17/2018 3:29:20 PM

Thanks for pointing out my mistakes, I've tried fixing them and hope that you will try to read it this time and give a review about it, hope you enjoy it....


And yeah you're right about the "omg" LOL , that was embarrassing.

Hey everyone !!!! on 11/17/2018 2:15:08 PM

Hey guys, i am just happy fo finally found such a great community where many people around the globe share the same passion as me. Well i think i should start with an introduction, i am aze a 20 yrs old male, i ve been reading CYOA from 16yrs i guess, my first story was something from the cog community, back then i ve thought cog were the only community interested by CYOA stories and tbh, there was time when i ve found myself bored af because their stories start looking all the same,many fake choices but no real story...i was losing hope, until i ve found accidently about CYS 6 months now, and my first story to read here and immediately get me hooked was "Necromancer" by Endmaster .......It was life changing, it changed my whole view toward this kind of games and from then i was reading and following many other great writers here such as : mizal, ogre11,steve,..etc and the list goes on LOL.

i am not a native english speaker, and never wrote something myself, but i ve always had many ideas , i ve started writing the first page of a project today, and wanted to know if some1 could read it, and see if there is some hope in me as a writer, or i should just give up and settle for reading XD.