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Don’t mind my picture, it has a mind of its own.


The Second Battle of Bull Run

This is for a history project. I didn’t have as much time on it as I would have liked. I don’t usually write non-fiction stories so hopefully it isn’t more shit than my other shit stories.

¿Have fun?


This Is a story all about how Michael Jackson is very nice.

I didn’t write this, a friend did, they just don’t want to make an account so without further ado I present HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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HELLO, I LIKE RAPE! on 6/6/2019 12:43:18 PM

HELLO, I LIKE RAPE! on 6/6/2019 12:41:07 PM
And that, my friends is what you don’t do. Keep in mind, you have no power here. The admins have it all. That is how our creativity thrives, so try not to fucking threaten this site. You have the maturity of a third grader and you will not go very far by threatening the site. It’s like the squeaky kid from Call of Duty who goes “If you kill me again I will hacker you!”. You have just thrown yourself directly off of a cliff into a fucking exploding volcano. Goodbye, you’re stay was short.

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/31/2019 2:27:42 PM
Jacoder23 voted for his own story in first, which didn’t greatly affect his ranking, besides pushing him above peebis and into third place. Although it looks like Peebis should have gotten third, if Jacoder23 didn’t vote for his own story, Peebis put his own story second on his list. Grower didn’t say that you couldn’t vote for your own story but I just wanted to point out the four who did so we can point and laugh.

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/31/2019 2:14:34 PM
I accidentally clicked post, ignore this but not the one below, thanks!

The DUEL Stories - May 2019 on 5/31/2019 2:01:17 PM
By voting for your own story, you fucking degenerate

Let's Start Over... I’m a cowardly faggot! on 5/31/2019 1:59:25 PM
Not sure why you need a second announcement thread but ok. Noobs generally get some slack so you should be fine, just don’t be annoying to anyone who has been on this site for awhile and you’ll be good. Don’t tag EndMaster, whatever you do. Moving back to the annoying point, I get that you’re against cursing, but this is an Internet forum and most of us live in countries with free speech laws. Get with it or get the fuck out (or you can just ignore it). To respond to your question, no you can’t edit after publishing, admins can so get help from them. Or you can also unpublish the story, edit it then republish it. Anyway, the name BluePony worries me, if you are a Brony, don’t mention it on this site and you’ll be fine. Nobody on this site is gonna stop cursing anytime soon, so keep that in mind and tread carefully. Good luck with your story :).

Phrases I don't understand on 5/30/2019 12:47:00 PM
Ohh I thought admin and moderator was different, my bad.

Phrases I don't understand on 5/30/2019 12:39:38 PM
Nothing about moderators, either I should join Mayana in the blindly gang or the only thing there is the site founders, admins, and an outdated list of personal trophy holders.

Contest Idea on 5/30/2019 11:36:52 AM
I feel like we need the word coroner to dissect this corpse of a statement. @MrTrickyC We need some translating here. It will be harder than your other missions, this is Fisted Dave after all. I believe in you soldier.

Phrases I don't understand on 5/30/2019 11:14:19 AM
Since we’re asking nooby questions, who are the moderators?