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Can You Survive The Hunger Games?

You are Mia. A girl from district 12. You have few talents... But those skills could save your life someday. On the day of reaping for the annual 24th Hunger games, YOU are picked.

Note: The characters in here are not based on the book. The plot of the story in this game is not the same as what might have actually happened in the 24th Hunger Games.

Entity 123


You play as a spoiled 12 yr-old boy named Theodore. You live in the small town of Greenville.


You're parents are sick with how you treat others like scum. They make the decision that they should send you for help and betterment. You get sent into a mountain village with a guru who has an interesting history. There are rumors about a monster- Entity 123 who has been haunting the village since the dawn of time. You have 2 weeks to get better. If you don't- well let's hope it doesn't get there.

I Must Confess

Character Information:

Name: Abbela (Abby) Grace

Age: 16 (10th grade)

Story information:

This story takes place in the country of Rewop. The year is 3096, but no one cares much, as everyone is focused on finding out what their secret power is, and honing it. Abbela (Abby) is your average teen, who wants to find out what her power is as much as everyone- maybe even more. You control her story. Does she ever find out what her secret power is?


Diary- Be careful what choices you make. Abbela writes several diary entries within the story. At the end of the story, you will be able to read her entire diary. (The content will vary on your decisions)

Texting: Skipping a Party


You are a 21 yr-old woman, named Angelica Rose. Right now you have been invited to your best friend's birthday. You are just plain lazy, and you find yourself looking for an excuse to get out of it and take your hourly naps.


-Every choice is important. If you decide to leave abruptly in a conversation, something bad might happen

-You can use a thought bubble to find out what "Angelica" is thinking as she writes, or receives texts

The Lost Stories

The War of the Meadow