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Harry Potter: The Ten Thousand Years

Hermione Granger's two beloved friends of her whole life got murdered by evil Lord Voldemort. His "death" was an intelligent, powerful and cruel trick that had been planned for years to be set on Hermione's pals. But to make this happen Lord Voldemort had to die right after. That was the instructions.
But why didn't you-know-who pick Hermione to get killed?
The young, cunning and clever witch is breaking apart when she decides to go back in time with a little lust and love with her side. Draco Malfoy has been following her... And he wants her.
How will the trip go? Will the whole destiny change? It's up to you. You'll read this story. You'll know. Welcome to a world of Harry Potter fanfiction.


~From The Comeback Of Harry Potter: The Ten Thousand Years~

19 years later and exactly a week, Ronald died because of Voldemort. This is great; thinks Harry. Now he has the chance to spend his time alone with Hermione. But will Hermione like Harry's personality?
Good luck.

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