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unpublished , coauthor

Welcome to the town of Brucksville, one of the founding towns of the Wild West ideology, get rich fast or die trying. Henry Lering is the definition of success, he came from a poor family in Kentucky and hopped a train out West. After investing in oil, Lering landed on the triple sevens. Just west of Brucksville heaps of oil was discovered, placing Henry as the richest man in the area. He had the power to do anything he wanted to. Fine clothes, fine wine and fine women were his for the taking. He was so rich that the local police turned a blind eye to his shady dealings. He had it all, until he died. Leaving behind a Widow with no children and a dying town. Enter You.


A new space program has been created and you are one of the lucky participants! Enjoy a ride on the all new space cruiser, which travels at speeds up to 50 km/s! Then, enjoy your stay at the Mars Resort, with everything from rocks to more rocks!

Nothing could ever go wrong on this journey. Even if something did we’d give you your money back guaranteed.

Good luck traveler!



unpublished , coauthor

......Print = Mission brief 3a

Receiver: Model 576.35b = authorized

“The terrorist group known as the rebellion is threatening imperial power. Infiltrate the group and put a stop to it. Good Luck Agent” script = end

Message Origin ...... tracing

Found = Meme Gang

Rebooting Programs ............................... success