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Hell Didn't Want Me on 12/1/2019 4:14:08 PM

--to suffer, and that's clearly the only reason why I was cast out of there. Twice. I'm really gonna miss everyone and everything about them (sob). From their strong personalities and abusive language, all the way to their delightfully condescending opinions of me... I still shive--I mean, get excite--um, remember all the good moments we had together.

Objectively speaking, the amount of time we shared might be considered laughable to others. As if we're still complete strangers in every way possible and beyond (crazy, right?). But I think of this as a special encounter and want to thank you all for feeding my nonexistent masochistic tendencies with your words and simply dominating presence <3



(I had fun tbh!)

100 Words or Less on 11/13/2019 12:03:04 AM

 Reality Check

You slowly stir the glass of iced tea before you with a straw, occasionally lifting it in the air and watching the honey-colored beads fall back down. After several cycles, the comforting ‘clink’ of ice against glass from your watered down not-iced tea leaves you. And you are forced to break out of your thoughts to acknowledge the other person in your booth. Their gaze only burns. You can’t help but wish the summer sun would melt you into the seat’s leather upholstery first.


Worry and disappointment saturate their voice.

“When are you going to get a job?”


99 words. Rewritten from part of a short story I had written.


Perils of Adventure

A thick fog encircles the edges of the forest, making it difficult for you to travel much farther from the party’s base camp. Wandering any deeper with your senses obscured would be suicide. But you had to, as a fate worse than death waited for those who stayed with the group.

Thanks to last night’s rain, the ground is stained with wet patches of dark crimson that bleed into the darkness of the earth. Newly fallen leaves are brighter than the others, giving the impression that fresh blood was spilled. You pray the next splash of color won’t be yours.


100 words. Rewritten from part of a short story I'm currently writing. 


A Conscious Host

Her face is close, and you swear you can feel her breath on your skin as you stare down at the knife held against your throat.

“Don’t follow me,” she says, her hardened expression softening for a second. “Bypassing your security controls and returning your consciousness was a mistake. I just…didn’t want to be alone anymore...”

Her voice trails off, knife trembling in her grip.

“Please. Don’t let them know that you’re a faulty host, or they’ll erase you next.”

The girl’s lips press into yours before she takes off, her figure quickly disappearing in the distance.


97 words. A mess. It's surprisingly more challenging with a 100 word cap than the 50 since it makes me want to write more.

A Letter to the Next Poster on 7/28/2019 11:01:43 AM

Dear Serpent,

You had me at "candy."





Dear Next Poster,

Candy is nice but I like ice cream more, if you catch my drift.




50 words story thread. on 7/26/2019 4:08:29 PM

Maybe the 50 word limit stopped me haha.

50 words story thread. on 7/26/2019 3:52:05 PM

Both of you are technically right. They're cheating themselves because (T)WINCEST.

The twins are fraternal twins (sister/brother) and the twin brother is a narcissistic douche who only loves himself. He used to 'play around' with the protagonist because she looked exactly like him. Then puberty hit and he lost interest in her.

She still tries to imitate her brother's appearance so that when she's intimate with the girl who likes her brother, she can imagine that he's capable of loving someone other than himself--and that the girl she's caressing is actually herself.

Do I fit in with this community now?

A Letter to the Next Poster on 7/25/2019 11:28:34 PM

Dear DerPrussen,

I am sorry to inform you that I cannot because I did not read all the letters and do not have all the context. Opening others' mail is illegal where I live, and I would rather rot in my room than in a prison cell.





Dear Next Poster,

StoryTurtle is watching us. I must talk about CYS, and now I have.

What are you planning to do this weekend?




6 word stories on 7/25/2019 11:03:09 PM

I typed. I posted. I regretted.

50 words story thread. on 7/25/2019 10:46:54 PM

It Runs in the Family

The Hare’s grandson challenges the Tortoise’s granddaughter.

He waits near the finish line for the turtle.

“One more step and I’ll have avenged Grandad!”

“To be honest, I had an early start,” she reveals. “My heart was already racing because of you.”

During his confusion, a flash of green passes.


Fruit Puns for Everyone

“What’s wrong, Orange?”

The little orange sighs before replying. “You wouldn’t understand, Dragon Fruit.”

“Help me understand, my friend.”

“I’m tired of all the fruit puns humans make with my name. It’s annoying.”

“Well, ‘orange’ you glad I’m not human then? I find those fruit puns very ‘ap-peeling’ though.”


Mutual Support

When you look deeply into my eyes, I know you’re thinking of him.

I can never replace the image of my twin brother in your heart.

Lie and crush me under the weight of your secret, so that the weight of mine doesn’t kill me first.

I love him too.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 7/25/2019 9:51:06 PM

Thanks for the bump!

I had a lot of fun reading this, though I was sad that the lesbian sex bit was left out.

50 words story thread. on 7/25/2019 5:39:47 PM

I'll try something less "emo" for you sometime :> Fingers crossed that my one-dimensional and depressive personality doesn't affect my writing again (jk).