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Just a person trying to create an interesting story. Move along.


Facing a Fall

An empire spanning across countless stars of the galaxy is under assault by one of the greatest threats it has witnessed. The enemy consumes any life it encounters and had cleansed the galaxy of civilizations for many millions of years. It is reasonable to think that they will do the same to an empire that happens to be their next feast. For Mir-Xalan, who leads the empire, deciding between action/inaction and fighting in a losing war are excruciating dilemmas.

Aspects to Note:
- You will be able to customize some of Mir-Xalan's beliefs. Mir-Xalan may be a religious, egalitarian xenophile or a xenophobe with materialist and discriminatory ideals. The beliefs that are held can affect what responses are available and how the story progresses.

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Good day (or night) everyone! I’m Steve. Though CYS and choose-your-own-adventure genre stuff have been known to me for years, it’s only recently that I decided to try cranking something neat here. Mind you, I’m the kind of guy that procrastinates and gets lazy a lot. :|