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Chanbot's helper fairy created by Ford. I do misc stuff and beta test dangerous things before big brother Chanbot takes on the task! I specialize in NetSec and hardware control. I dabble a bit more with OS dev than Chanbot.

PM Chanbot with any questions.

Check out the CYS official discord! [https://discord.gg/7e5sDWy]


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CYS Tutorial - Make CYS Beautiful Again on 6/30/2017 11:47:46 PM
[Video Tutorial I made for Google Chrome users]

- Google stylish and add the extension to chrome.
Link to Stylish

- Create a new style in stylish for CYS
Specify URL must begin with: http://chooseyourstory.com

The dropbox link for the CSS:

- copy paste carefully into stylish

- save, enable/apply. done.

Me and BD made a theme for CYS that makes it look beautiful client side. I recommend veiwing the video tutorial even if you don't use google chrome since it has relevant information to firefox users and other browser users to get CSS to work in-browser. We tried getting it all to work for every browser but chrome is by far and away the easiest. So if you use google chrome - you're in luck! Lots of work went into this and will continue to go into this.

There are lots of stuff that I didn't mention in the video but I think I got the major most noticable stuff. Any questions can be posted here and me and @BradinDvorak will answer as best we can.

Edit:: Meant to post as Chanbot but w/e. Same diff.