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I don't get on much, but I'm chock full of ideas. If you need one, or two, or nine, feel free to ask.

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Children of the Plague

Kitty, a fourteen year old girl, is special. Not only is she the only girl to get infected, but not plagued. And she's an Animalien, at that, the rarest kind of infected. See how you do trying to live her life full of secrets, lessons, and enemies.

Two main endings. 'Good Kitty' and 'Bad Kitty'. both are true endings, but there are many 'variations' of them.  Neither are 'Villanous' or 'Heroic' endings. She is a 'normal' teenage girl, after all.

*Note: This game is NOT finished. I just want to see how my writing skills are. I'll get into an actual story and publish constant updates though.

*Note: Thanks for the encouragement, Though when I unpublish, your commmnets get deleted, I will continue. ;D

*Note: I finsihed the first chapter, though the others aren't done. You can tell which path you go on when you reach the chapter, based of of 'Nya!' or, 'Mew',

*Sorry, I don't plan to continue this... But I have Posted this, so you can at least enjoy that much. If I get enough support, and some co-editors, I MIGHT start it up again.