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Hello! Just another person who enjoys stories, particularly those of the choose-your-own variety.

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You've lived this more times than you care to count - she is always just out of reach. Again and again, Empire's massacre sweeps the town, leaving streets dark with blood, houses crumbling to flames, and no survivors.

Yet, no matter what you do, nothing changes. 

Every time she dies, you are thrown back into another time loop, still more determined to save her life at any cost. As you become more and more desperate, you begin to realize that you may be fighting against fate itself. 



Note: There are three epilogues that, together, complete the story. 

Edit: republished to add quotation marks. 


In the mirror you see the face of a killer. 
Don't the ends justify the means? 

Upon your ascent to the throne of the Empire, you find yourself dealing with all sorts of precarious situations. In your palm lies not only your own fate, but that of the Empire itself. Between brewing wars, lurking assassins, and the strengthening Resistance, there's no shortage of complications to deal with. Will your reign meet an untimely end? Choose between love and power, honor and duty, life and death.