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I realized that my Trump profile pic was turning me into an asshole on the forums so I changed back to my original. Can't let that stuff get to your head.

Trump is back, bitches!!!

Hopefully the terrible president is gone for good.

The gloom fills my entire being. My soul burns with satisfaction. The gristly powers of my overlord trickle unto me.

I have made the right decision.

My world revolves around you, Master.

I shall do your bidding.

I shall bring on destruction at the wave of your hand.

I will be the instrument of your internal darkness.

I am your puppet, do with me as you will.

I am a servant, eager to fulfill your commands.

I am the clay of forbidden power, and I await to be molded by your sinister hands.

You hold the strings of my life in your grasp, temporaryaccount.

Here's the link for the in progress thread for Guide to surviving the apocalypse ep.1: In The Pines





"It takes actually surviving through a terror-filled or horrifying experience, to write a realistic and gripping horror story that truly haunts your readers."-breezy134

"Is there a reason why all the posts I see from you are shit?"-Killa_Robot

"Until I get deeper..."- MasonJarGuzzi

"Because kids are dumb."- Mizal

"To shine bright like the sun, first you must learn to burn like it."- Adolf Hitler 


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I'm bored
If you are bored out of your mind right now. Then welcome to the ultimate boredom killer! In this game lies many mini games and short stories to choose from. This is definitely more storyGAME than STORYgame. (Add Concious/Unconcious and Destroy Google+.)
Kirby's adventure
Lost in Pong
This is my contest entry for GMB13carat's fanfiction contest.
The most expansive storygame ever.
Are you sick and tired of linear storygames? Well then you came to the In this game, no two playthroughs are alike. You can be going on many many different adventures. This game is based off of my other series "Bob the chicken." It was also a sandbox kind of game just like this. But this will take it to the next level!

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Ah, okay. No biggie then.
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what part?
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Uhh... sure?
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FUCK YES BROTHA!!! This site will be more divided than america over the last year...
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Locking this for you. No need to thank me.
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Mothafokin lock!
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The community trophy looks sick as hell. The only thing is that it doesn't include a description of what it is about along with the other trophies when you click on it. Also, what is the "order" box on the profiles now?
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Great job with these updates JJJ. Was worried about the site for a few minutes there. lol.
Quirky Character Questions! @_@ on 1/9/2017 2:24:54 AM
I don't see how having a scar portrays any character at all. Next to everyone on the planet has or will get a scar or bruise/mark.