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Here's the link for the in progress thread for Guide to surviving the apocalypse ep.1: In The Pines





"It takes actually surviving through a terror-filled or horrifying experience, to write a realistic and gripping horror story that truly haunts your readers."-breezy134

"Because kids are dumb."- Mizal


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I'm bored

If you are bored out of your mind right now. Then welcome to the ultimate boredom killer! In this game lies many mini games and short stories to choose from. This is definitely more storyGAME than STORYgame.

(Add Concious/Unconcious and Destroy Google+.)

The most expansive storygame ever.

Are you sick and tired of linear storygames? Well then you came to the In this game, no two playthroughs are alike. You can be going on many many different adventures.

This game is based off of my other series "Bob the chicken." It was also a sandbox kind of game just like this. But this will take it to the next level!

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Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 11/19/2017 4:59:14 PM

Me:"I agree this guy's a creep..."

You: People who use their power like this are highly creepy...

Hmmmmm... I feel like you just really wanted to abuse my permission of letting you call me wrong and fucked up.



Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 11/10/2017 8:08:23 PM

Well o'right then. It's just that it seemed like you were comparing them as equal levels of scum. We're in agreement then. ?Steve and Malk are faggots.

Morgan's All Purpose Argument Thread on 11/10/2017 8:01:29 PM

I don't want to sound rude. I do respect all these new gender norms. I'm just confused as to the reason pronouns are so important to everyone all of a sudden. It really is only a word and I don't why people can get so offended when they are misgendered. I understand that some people aren't happy with the identities they are born with, and they by all means have the right to change it as they please. But how do words like he/she/them/it etc. change who that person is? Why is that one change in a word so important? Those words are just labels created to distinguish certain things. They don't mean shit about who you really are as a person. I just get sick of it when some people get fed up when people accidentally misgender them, especially in cases where the gender messes with grammar (like them/they). I always try my best to keep up, but the list keeps updating so frequently so it's going to take people time to adapt to these changes in grammar and identity. Any idea why these small words are held to such high importance?

Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 11/10/2017 7:43:50 PM

To be honest, these allegations don't sound too extreme. Sure, he's a weirdo, but in all the cases (at least that I've heard of) he asked for consent. He asked a woman to blow him backstage, she said 'no', he fucked off. He also asked two women if he could jerk it in front of them. They said yes because he thought he was joking, he thought they were serious. The women fucked off and he didn't force them into anything. I agree this guy's a creep, but people seem to confuse that with sexual assault.

This really does not seem to be that big of a story in my opinion. Unless of course there's some kind of update on this that I've missed. In that case, please yell at me and tell me how wrong and fucked up I am.

Question about Fan Fiction, rules and ideas on 5/16/2017 12:35:40 AM

Message I got today. Made me laugh. on 5/16/2017 12:32:27 AM

Lol Didn't know 'fam' was an acronym for something.

Steve demands attention! on 4/17/2017 9:59:08 PM

1. I am fairly left wing. Though I do not know much about politics, I agree that we should support the people in our communities who may be struggling. I feel everyone should have an equal amount of opportunities to succeed.

2. Abortion has always been a tough one for me. I don't have too strong of an opinion regarding its legality, but ultimately I feel that the mother should have a fair window of time to make a decision before the fetus develops too much. (Maybe like 5 of 6 months max.)

3. I was lightly raised as Catholic up until I was seven or eight, then my family stopped going to church. When I say lightly, I mean that we only said grace on holidays and we maybe went to church like once or twice a month. So maybe a 2 out of 5 on the religious scale. Now I am a 0. Outright atheist. "God" had let me down so often, and had been debunked and disproven by science and reason so frequently that I was lead to believe he a) Doesn't exist, or b) Is so cruel and unforgiving that he isn't a leader worth worshipping.

4. I couldn't care less where people stick their dicks. Just do what makes you happy. I'm straight as far as I'm aware.

5. I really don't get why transgender people care so much about pronouns. "He, she, it, they" who gives a shit? They're there to extinguish certain people and things apart, doesn't change shit about who you really are. Wanna be a guy who fucks guys? Sure. Wanna dress like a woman, collect my little pony figurines and Bratz merchandise? Knock yourself out. But don't get mad if someone calls you the wrong pronoun because they are just pointless words that don't mean shit about who you really are. And no. I don't think I would.

6. Watched the show 13 reasons why about a week ago. I really liked it even though it started out weak with cringy, typical, Life is Strange-esque teenage angst bullshit.

8. I feel that if there's anyone who is going to start WWIII, it's Trump and Hillary. Before he stupidly decided to launch the largest non-nuclear bomb ever in an attempt to "fight ISIS?'' but instead angered his own lapdog, I thought he might get through the term without fucking up too much stuff. But now, I'm confident that we may indeed be on the brink of WWIII. Actually this time! But yeah, fuck him. he is Satan.

9. I do not support the Islam religion. Note that I did not say the people within that religion (which is the conclusion most people jump to when I tell them this). Islam, at least I feel, is a harmful and hateful religion which Islamic people seem to cherry pick the good qualities out of. But at its core, the quran promotes pedophelia and terrorism. Even if the majority of Islamic individuals do not believe in all that, they are still part of a religion that endorses that, and the rest of the religion is tied to that. If one part of your religion is wrong, then how likely is it that the rest of it is right?

10. I have failed.

11. I'm gonna leave politics out of this question and just answer personally in the order I like these. 1.The UK  2.Canada 3.Mexico (the tour guides have a fun sense of humor there) 4.France 5.Germany

12. I think someone who has consistently been in and out of prison for doing terrible things and is a repeat offender should be put to death. Especially for rape and murder. If they're going to be doing these things, then why do we even need them here? EDIT: Also this law can strike more fear in the minds of criminals.

13. Gun laws in the US are stupid. It's easier to get a driver's license than it is to get a gun license. By getting a gun to protect your family, you are just piling on to the problem. You have a significantly bigger chance of getting a loved one killed than by saving them with it. And regardless, whoever is intruding your home is gonna be buying way more guns than you.

14. If the family or loved ones of the patient agree to it, I see nothing wrong with wanting to end their pain.


So there you have it. Now you have to come up with another compliment for yet another annoying little shit!

Sonic's motivational thread. on 3/19/2017 3:04:10 AM

I think I'll stay home regardless, but sure.

Jokes My Dudes on 3/19/2017 2:56:59 AM

What do you call a flying Jew?



Why do black people only have nightmares?

Because the last one who ever had a dream was shot.


How do you kill a one-legged fox?

Make it run around Canada.

Sonic's motivational thread. on 3/19/2017 1:37:57 AM

You bet your ass