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Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 12:58:28 PM

Lol you complain about the supposed "victim culture" of black people yet you whine about being a victim of the evil mods on your profile. Hilarious. 

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 12:27:09 PM

>Still, as to the statues, why should the state of Virginia start respecting his wishes now that he is Evil Racist anymore than they did when he was their hero? 

Why should anybody have a problem with it if the man himself didn't? 

>Memorials to the effect of 'the Civil War happened and effected this town in this specific way' rather than statues of random soldiers would probably be more interesting anyway. I mean they're rarely ABOUT the individual anyway. Sherman was a racist who committed war crimes and wasn't even really against slavery, and no one objects to having a big statue of him in Central Park. 

Sherman did not commit war crimes. The Geneva Conventions hadn't been created yet, but even if you take them into account, all of the property he destroyed was out of military necessity, in which case it is not a war crime according to the Conventions, 

Sherman might have personally been a racist, but the most important thing was that he fought, whether he opposed it or not, to end slavery, an oppressive institution that had been keeping millions in bondage. On the other hand, Lee was by all accounts a proper southern gentleman- but still he voluntarily fought for that oppressive institution, regardless of his personal thoughts on it. That is the most important dinstinction between the two. 

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 12:12:49 PM

I'm not talking about those kinds of people, I'm talking about the actual Neo-Nazis who showed up to cause trouble and run over people with their cars.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 11:37:06 AM

I guess if you don't mind being rightfully attacked for being a Neo-Nazi, then sure. 

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 11:00:58 AM

Brown vs BOE gave the federal government authority to intervene in affairs of the states. 

And this argument is irrelevant to this particular case anyway, seeing how it was the Charlottesville City Council that voted in favor of removing the statue.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 10:15:49 AM

Can you point out a law that forbids the federal government from removing statues of traitors?

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 9:28:08 AM

States' rights does not mean that the state governments can erect momuments to traitors of the federal government.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 9:05:39 AM

>I mean he died a respected US citizen and wasn't considered a criminal in any way. He did what was considered his duty and acted honorably by the standards of the time, back when those were things that mattered. 

Lee had his citizenship revoked for three years and had to ask for amnesty, which implies he was seen as a criminal by at least some important people. 

>And 'country they actively fought against' is meaningless in the case of a lot if Confederate soldiers. Plenty were drafted...and what about the ones who later joined the U.S. Army after the war ended? Some dumbasses vandalized a statue of one of the latter examples right after the violence at the rally.

That doesn't apply to Lee, as not only did he fight for the Confederacy, he refused an offer to lead the Union armies at the start of the war. 

As for soldiers who were drafted, they really had no choice and I don't condone their statues being torn down. 

>Lee himself wouldn't have wanted statues of himself hanging around

Then why not take the statue down?

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/18/2017 7:17:53 AM

And Virginia is within the United States of America, a country which Lee actively fought against.

Game of Thrones Season 7 on 8/17/2017 11:00:05 PM

Episode 6 leaked, going to watch it although it's shit quality.