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Hullo there, i just created this profile so give me time to fill it up YA CUNTS.

kthxbai= okay thanks bye 

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Hullo Hullo on 8/18/2018 12:58:30 PM

Oh yeah, i forgot about joining your discord and i haven't opened up discord since i initially joined. Didn't even know i was kicked sorry about that. Probably for the best anyway because i don't own a microphone at the moment.

Thanks for the kind words though. I hope people aren't as kind if they write a review about my first story game which will probably come out by Christmas, otherwise I'll be thoroughly disappointed!

Hullo Hullo on 8/7/2018 2:38:06 PM

Hullo hullo my doods, i was born and abused in England AKA: the land of the lads. I randomly stumbled upon this website, read one or two suuuper cool stories last year but before i decided to create an account i forgot what this website was called just after i cleared my Google cache so i literally lost the website for a year or something which sucks.

BUT ANYWAYS i found this scrumptious website again and thought i might as well get into writing now at the ripe age of 18 (nearly 19 btw therefore i'm a big boy now) so when the time comes where i find myself on my deathbed at 90 years old; surrounded by my peasant children and grandchildren listening to them drone on about how they will create new and improved, highly sophisticated robots who can shit for you in more ways than one. I want to interrupt them and say "but can you write tho" and when they respond with a smart ass answer like: "no, my robot friend just creates a VR space which lets meh draw in the terd(3rd) dimension and animate it in teh fourth dimension " because they were raised on medically pedicured cabbages or some shit. I would be like "HA... peasants" and then proceed to drift of into the sunset which would probably be alot bigger now because elon musk colonized mars in 2030 and i was stupid enough to say "HUUR DUUR, if a few astronouts can live there then SO CAN I" without fathoming the fact that the thing which would ultimately  lead me to my death would be a robot malfunctioning while wiping my ass. 

wow that actually turned out to be a great rant of fuck all because i don't know what  to talk about... OH YEAH; i haven't actually written a story before so any advice on what to do before/during a story  would be greatly appreciated.

k thx bai