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Flame: Nucleus Series

In a world where everything has gone almost wrong, you are Keet, a survivor with the superpowers of pyro-kinesis/generation and invulnerability to fire.

1/4 of the surviving population has a superpower of some kind, with zombies, mutated creatures and aberrations roaming the world. But when superpowers start to go destructive, and the nefarious I.C.A. doing something with the zombies, what will you do? Change the world, or leave it as it is?

Path To Victory (Worm Fanfic)

You are Fortuna, a resident of Earth [REDACTED].
One day you Trigger, gaining the superpower to accomplish almost anything if its possible.
What will you do now with this power, since someone tells you that the one who gave these powers will one day end the world?

Silent Forest

You are a camper, who's car broke down in the middle of nowhere. Night is falling and you are certain that you are in the fabled Silent Forest.

An inhuman scream echoed in the distance. What ____ you __ now?

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Whelp, I didn’t notice the font is like that on mobile, I was using the computer and it looked good. Now it’s not not not not not okay.

Text alignment on 8/3/2020 8:55:22 AM

How do you make text snap to the centre or the right side? Or is there no function for that and you need to do some scripting, because I am trying to make a title page and want to snap the TITLE to the centre.