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This is my profile. I know, shocker, right? Not like it was gonna belong to Steve. Get lost, or, don't, but your presence on this page is unnecessary. Your taking up space that African children could have, you sick SOB. If you're still reading this, you have no life. If you were already aware of this, then that's cool. You're officially a nobody. If you were also aware of that, too, then just... go fuck yourself. You'll find nothing of interest here.

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A forgetful newbie on 5/21/2017 8:18:09 PM

Ugh. Warrior Cats is the only thing that makes me disappointed in Cats. The whole series is crap and gets more attention than it deserves. And It's not a fetish, just a quirk. As for being banned... I think that's a little irrelevant? :3

A forgetful newbie on 5/20/2017 11:44:03 PM

Yes. Mew do. Mew are not the girl with a kitty profile who decorates her room with pictures of Nepeta, and draws pictures of her, and adores her. It is my job to do this. It is your job to be mew. :3

A forgetful newbie on 5/20/2017 11:38:45 PM

What would happen if I got efurybody here to just start with kitty puns all the time? Not saying it will, but just pawndering on it, beclaws it better not infect anyone else. I must be the ONLY kitty pun lover, officially dedi'cat'ed to kitty puns.

A forgetful newbie on 5/20/2017 11:31:45 PM

Yay! A new purrson! Welcome to CYS! I'm Taylor. I hope you have lots and lots of fun here! I sure do! :3

No matter what anyone says, my kitty puns are NOT lame!


My First Time Here on 5/17/2017 11:05:05 AM

I got it.

And welcome!

Quick Match Ep.3 on 5/12/2017 1:41:15 AM

You go to sleep! Love ya too. Hey, maybe YOU should try making something. Or helping me with my Quick Matches, or helping me finish our Story Game.

Quick Match Ep.3 on 5/11/2017 11:41:34 PM

I don't exactly remember if I was told not to do this, but here's my third part on Quick Match! Yay?


"Lee?" The ex-History Professor, looked back at the young Girl. "What is it, Clem?" He asked, his smooth voice easily calming her nerves. "Be careful." Lee grins at her. "I will, sweet pea." With the Rifle slung over his Shoulder, and his Axe in hand, Lee Everett set out on his supply run. "Don't worry, Clem. Lee will be fine. He knows how to take care of himself." Kenny tells Clementine reassuringly.
"Three miles South of here." Rick looked around at the group. His group. The group he'd led for a few months now, the group he'd die trying to protect. "That's where I'll be. It's simple supply run. In and out." He assured them. "And what if you don't come back?" Shane asks. Rick looks at him. "Then you take charge. If I don't come back by tomorrow, you can just assume I'm dead." At this, Shane nods his Head. "Alright. Rick, good luck."
"Ah, Jesus." Lee covered his Nose, trying his best not to smell the decaying corpse of the Dog right in the middle of the Road. He continued on his way, down into City limits. They needed medicine, food, water, and any other good Lee would be able to find. That's when he noticed it. A Truck lay on It's side in the middle of the Street. Three Bags lay near it, stranded. A lone Walker was trapped beneath the Car, It's Torso protruding from underneath.
Rick pulled his Knife out of the Walker's skull, and it's body fell to the ground. He quickly moved down the road, winding into the City. "Shit." Rick groans, and takes cover behind a nearby Car. He looks down the road ahead. A black man is grabbing several backpacks and looking through them. Rick needs those more than this guy...
Lee stood up, slinging one of the bags over his shoulder. He turned around, to face the barrel of a gun. "Drop the bag, and I'll let you live." Rick ordered. Lee raised his hands, showing they were empty. "Hey man, I don't want any trouble..." Lee said, only to have the barrel press against his temple. "Just go. And I won't kill you." Rick warned. Lee thought of his options. He was really in a tight spot here. Lee slung the back off his shoulder, catching the strap with his hand. "Here." He muttered, tossing the bag into Rick's gut. As soon as he did this, Lee made a grab for Rick's gun, getting it successfully out of his face as Rick forgot about the bag and began to wrestle Lee for his revolver. 
Rick slammed his fist into Lee's elbow, trying to break it backwards. Lee grunted in pain as he brought his knee up into Rick's gut, forcing Rick to let go. Lee pointed the gun at Rick as the ex-Officer charged Lee, tackling him down by the middle. Both of their hands grasped and grappled furiously with Rick's revolver, but the barrel began to turn, facing Lee. Rick's finger near the trigger. Lee shoved the Officer off of him, both losing grip on the gun as it skid under the car with the walker trapped beneath, still snarling at them. Both stood opposite each other, now. Walker between them as they glared at each other. 
Rick ran forward at Lee, who raised his arms and began to grapple with Rick. Both men swinging each other around, trying to get the other to fall. The walker reached out and grasped Lee's foot, tripping him. Rick landed on top of Lee, and began to slam his fist into Lee's face. Lee brought up his arms to block the attack, and Rick grabbed one arms and started to shove it over towards the Walkers mouth. In an act of desperation, Lee slammed his free fist into Rick's jaw, stunning the ex-cop. Rick leaned against the car, trying to regain himself as Lee got up. The Walker remained snarling at Lee, ignoring Rick. 
Lee brought his knee up again, slamming it into the spot where's Rick's head had previously been, but Rick had moved out of the way just in time. Lee tried to grab him, but Rick dove out of reach and got up onto his feet. This time, Lee charged, grabbing Rick. The larger man overpowered the smaller, and Rick was forced to crumple beneath Lee. Lee's fingers wrapped around Rick's throat, compressing his throat, choking Rick. Frantically, Rick reached for anything that could help, and he successfully retrieved a shard of glass. Quickly, he grabbed the shard and shoved it into Lee's arm. Lee cried out in pain, releasing Rick as he headbutt Lee.
Both men stumbled away from each other, dazed at Rick's maneuver. Lee was the first to get to his feet. Clementine flashed through his mind. This was for her. Quickly, Lee rushed at Rick, and slammed his foot into the man's gut. Rick groaned in pain as Lee led with a few more kicks. Grabbing Rick by his shirt, Lee hoisted him up, and threw him into another abandoned car. Rick slammed against the side just as Lee rushed forward. Rick grappled with his adversary again, and flipped them around. Rick brought up his own knee this time and got Lee good in the gut. Lee coughed as Rick grabbed him and threw him back over to the trapped walker. Lee stumbled down and landed almost close enough within the Walker's reach. Rick got on top of Lee once again, and began to pummel his face with punch after punch, slowly bringing Lee closer and closer to death.
Lee grabbed the shard still lodged in his shoulder, and pulled it out. Rick barely took notice, as all he could see was red. Lee gripped the glass, cutting open his hand as Lee shoved the glass into Rick's eye. Rick cried out in pain, and Lee took this opportunity to flip them around, and began pummeling Rick senselessly. 
Soon, Lee got off Rick, panting heavily. Rick wasn't ready to give up so easily, however. He sat up and returned to his position on Lee, blood dripping from the stabbed eye. Rick's fingers wrapped around Lee's throat, and he began to do what Lee'd already done. Lee began fade, everything darkening. This was it. Here, he would end.
Rick traveled back through the winding road with a heavy limp. The supply bag slung over his shoulder. He was heading home. To his wife, and son, and family.

WINNER: Rick Grimes


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