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Last update 9:00 - 2-13-2017

This is my new Alt, I was B101 before this.

Currently, huge into the new movie; 'Logan' coming out March 3.

Hello to all. 

I am Taylor Boulet, the strangest 16 year old (probably) on CYS. If you want to debate on who's weirder, please send me a PM!

I'm a huge fan of many things, including Pokemon, Undertale, Halo, The Walking Dead, Homestuck, and many more.

QUICK MATCH- This will be changed weekly. Vote for winners by sending me a PM, and I'll take it into consideration.

Current Match- Asriel Dreemurr vs Goku



"Well..." Flowey huffed. "You really are that powerful..." Goku crosses his arms. "You said you were tough." Flowey grins. "Well, Omega or not, I think I have to go to full strength here." Seven Souls appear beside him. "You see these? You see that extra one? The Red one? I've been saving that for a special occasion. I'll have enough power to become the God of Hyper Death."

"You talk too much." Goku comments. Flowey's smile fades. "I'll enjoy this." He absorbs the Souls, and everything goes Black. A young Monster Child appears before him. Goku cocks his head to the side. "You? Well, I probably shouldn't judge by size..." Asriel looks at Goku. "If you really want to lose so badly, then you're ready to face..."

"ASRIEL DREEMURR!" A now tall, Monster stands before him. Marks etching his cheeks, eyes glowing white. Asriel grins. "Here's the real fight." Goku grins. "That's better."


Goku darts forward and begins slamming his fists into Asriel. 


"My turn." Asriel says, and Goku looks up in time to see a powerful blast of lightning slam him into the ground. Asriel appears behind him as Goku gets up, and dodges several more lightning Blasts, then another strikes him. "Now this is more of a challenge!" Goku grins. Goku darts in again, and slams into Asriel.


"Why can't I hurt you?" Goku asks himself. Asriel shakes his head, grinning. "Don't you-" Asriel stops as Goku is shrouded in momentary, blinding White light. Asriel covers his eyes, and when he looks again, He can see Goku with a red glow to him. "Let's level the playing field." He growls, and Asriel watches in confusion as Goku leaps into the air. "Kaioken time one!" He yells, and he becomes a red streak hurtling at Asriel, who easily dodges, adn Goku turns around and hurtles again at Asriel, who tries to strike Goku with lightning, but Goku disappears and reappears behind Asriel, slamming his leg into Asriel's back. Asriel hurtles to the ground.

Goku lands near where Asriel had hit, exiting his Kaioken form, and looks on to see what the Monster does next. Asriel stands up, and looks at Goku in surprise. "That... that actually hurt..." He mutters. "Alright. I'm done playing around." The Kaioken ended, and Asriel appears before Goku. "Chaos Sabres." Asriel mutters as they faze into his hands. Goku lunges, and is hit down into the Earth by one of the Sabres, and the other comes down as Goku rolls out of the way. But it seems the battle is about to end, as Asriel begins to attacks Goku with everything he has. Magic Fireballs hurl at him, Shocker Breaker strikes him, Chaos Sabres slice him, and Chaos Buster blasts him, and Star Blazing hits him. Goku can't make the time to react as Asriel begins to finally wear down. "WHY WON'T YOU DIE? WHY WON'T YOU LET ME WIN?" He roars, and Goku slams himself into Asriel's chest, throwing him back.

"KA!" Goku is in the air, arms pulled back, charging a powerful blast as Asriel stands. "ME!" The energy begins to charge in between Goku's palms. Asriel glares up at him. "What are you doing" 

"HA!" A Chaos Buster appears beside Asriel and begins charging up. "ME!" The blast is fully charged and both ends of the playing field. "HAAAAA!" Goku screams as he thrusts his arms forward, and the blast charges at Asriel, who unleashes the power of his Chaos Buster. The two beams slam into each other. Eventually, the beams relent, and disappear. "We're too evenly matched. Give up!" Asriel yells. Goku grins. "Really? I was just getting warmed up!" 

"KAIOKEN TIMES 2!" Goku yells, and dashes forward, slamming into Asriel. Asriel cries out in pain as he is flung away, and Goku hovers in the air. With a yell and another flash of light, Asriel looks up to see a Super Saiyan. Goku's hair is now Gold, and a light aura surrounds him. "You're not the only one with a final form." Asriel growls, and in another flash of light, the God of Hyperdeath is before Goku. Asriel raises his arms and powerful magical attacks streak at Goku. He dodges them easily. "Oh, this isn't my final form, and at this rate, I don't think I'll need it." He fires several blasts at Asriel, then appears behind him and clubs his fists over Asriel's head. "GAH!" Goku disappears again. Asriel looks for him, and Goku appears in the air, his arms raised above him. He's preparing a Super Spirit Bomb. Asriel watches as the ball of energy appears above Goku, growing quickly, and it doesn't stop. A large Skull that with horns appears beside Asriel. He prepares his Hyper Goner. Goku unleashes the power of the Super Spirit Bomb, but the Hyper Goner opens up, and the Super Spirit Bomb is sucked in. "What?" Goku cries as Asriel fires more blasts at him. Goku dodges each one, then another flash of light.

Super Saiyan Two. His now long hair flows behind Goku. Asriel narrows his eyes. He's been pushed to the limit... Goku thrusts his arm forward and a Golden Dragon bursts from it, slamming into Asriel. His eyes widened in shock and pain as Goku appeared beside him and began to beat the holy hell out of him, moving faster than the speed of light as his fists and legs pounded into Asriel from every direction, and finally, Goku flew into the air, then in a flash, slammed into Asriel from above, forcing him into the ground.

When the dust settled, Asriel was nowhere to be seen. Just dust, and seven Souls. Goku had now returned to his original form, and looked at the Souls as each one cracked down the middle, and burst into pieces, turning into nothing. "Wow! That was exciting!" Goku leaped into the air and flew away.



Next Match- Lee Everett vs Rick Grimes

Past Matches- Deathstroke vs Jason

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