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I'm just a regular guy trying to find my place in the community. I come from Serbia, a small country in Southern Europe (I'm not going to judge you if you've never heard of it, because seriously, a very low percentage of people have). I like playing video games (a lot), especially story-driven ones (like Life is Strange and The Walking Dead), but I still like other types of games too (Uncharted, Remember Me, Nier, Steins;Gate, The Last of Us, Resident Evil...). I like reading comic books as well (mostly Dylan Dog). I'm definitely not keen on playing or watching sports though. I also like drawing, writing (duh), and listening to music from my favorite games. Some people might call me a nerd or geek, but I'd like to think of myself as a media explorer. And, well, that's pretty much it. Send me a message if you want, or just read trough this profile without saying a word.

The only thing that matters is that you enjoy your time :)       


The Other Side

In this game you play as a normal teenage guy trying to survive his high school life, while being tested by fate itself along the way. It is about relationships with his friends and family, and the endless branching realities all forming around his choices. It also features a lot of horror, science fiction and drama. So basically, it features almost everything. Now let's see what you're capable of, shall we?


- At certain points in the story you will encounter "Puzzle Rooms". They are short sections in which you will be able to find and use items. However, you will NOT (for the most part) be able to carry and use them outside the rooms. And be very careful, in each "Puzzle Room" you'll be able to find one "hidden item" - an item that can, when certain actions are met, trigger different paths in the story and lead to more endings, good and bad. So be thorough, read carefully and search everywhere for them! Also remember that they can ONLY be found within "Puzzle Rooms".